Sunday, December 12, 2010

Digvijay Singh

I do not want to repeat what Digvijay Singh has told day before yesterday and do not want to comment on his so called reversal on his statement on the death of Mr. Karkare during Mumbai terror attack. I can simply say that Digvijay Singh is a politician so much stupid and brainless that Congress Party is using his this quality to divert the mind of opposition parties from the demand of JPC (to investigate into 2G spectrum scam) to the so called communal character of BJP and thus break the unity of opposition parties. In fact Digvijay Singh has no chance of winning election in his home state MP and neither any hope of getting any berth in central cabinet. In frustration Mr. Singh has gone senseless and brainless.

Mr. Digvijay Singh is the mask but the voice coming out of his mouth is that of Kapil Sibal , the shrewd advocate. Mr. Digvijay Singh has the backing of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Pranab Mukherjee and so many other prominent leaders of Congress Parties who are bent upon rejecting the demand of JPC and who are also afraid of growing unity of opposition parties which can at later stage pose a threat to existence of the government. They are trying to save Mr. Manmohan Singh who is badly trapped in 2G spectrum scam. Leaders of Congress Party understand it well that they cannot save the image of clean Manmohan Singh and Congress Party in the Supreme Court.

It s not once or twice but on many occasions, Mr. Digvijay Singh and his other several colleagues like Antuley and Mr. Chidambram have tried to tarnish the image of RSS and BJP in the name of Hindu terrorism and for this purpose even used the killing of ATS chief Mr. Karkare. They have been trying to portray death of Mr. Mr.Karkare as act of Hindu organization and as repercussion of arrest of Sadhvi Pragya and her associates. Congress party leaders are least bothered of adverse affects of their dirty vote bank politics on ongoing probe into 26-11 Mumbai terror attack. They are always indulged in dirty vote bank politics and using all good or bad means to break the unity of opposition parties to rule this country.

Congress party is totally failure in performance under the leadership of Manmohan Singh and hence left with only one alternative to weaken the growing popularity of BJP and NDA .Due to this reason they always try to tarnish the image of BJP by hook or by crook.

Even Wikileak have told in their report that Indian government used Mumbai attack to tarnish Hindu organization and that too without bothering the fact that it helps Pakistan in continuing their resistance in arrest of planner and executors of Mumbai terror attack. Even wife of deceased ATS chief Mr. Karkare has condemned the act of Digvijay Singh and she has clearly retorted by saying that the person like Digvijay Singh of Congress Party is engaged in vote bank politics. She has rather blamed Congress Party of showing disrespect to honesty, sincerity, devotion and sacrifice of her husband Mr. Karkare for the cause of national safety and national image. She has added further that she being her wife was not aware of any threat or any phone call threatening her husband’s life was received by her husband on or before the day of Mumbai attack. God only knows how Mr. Digvijay Singh can talk about about phone threatening received by Karkare.

It is true that Sadhwi Pragya was arrested in connection with Malegaon blast and there was a natural anguish in the mind of hard core supporter of Hindu organization. But leaders of BJP never intervened and resisted probe going on against Sadhwi Pragya. It is also true that even BJP leaders had a great respect for honesty and sincerity of Karkare and they were also shocked by killing of Mr. Karkare in Mumbai terror attack and this is why prominent leaders of BJP also visited the home of Karkare to show their sympathy to the weeping family members. It is unfortunate that that mad like person Mr. Digvijay Singh is using the said visit of BJP leaders to substantiate his vote bank politics of the death of Karkare. Such type of mean minded advocacy can also come from the mind of advocate turned politician like Kapil Sibal.
I think every Indian will condemn the act of Digvijay Singh.

In fact if Congress Party really does not support the line of action of Mr. Digvijay Singh they should immediately expel Digvijay Singh from the party who has been repeatedly using Karkare as a weapon to attack BJP and NDA and who is sending wrong message to the world on the matter of Indian fight against terror and fight against Pakistan.

At least media men should try to expose the bitter truth of person like Digvijay Singh and try to show the International community that India is honestly fighting against terrorism and making all possible efforts to expose and punish the culprits who were directly or indirectly behind Mumbai attack.

danendra jain

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