Saturday, January 8, 2011

Politics of Flattery

Simple solution to all problems India is facing is to make judiciary and police department effective by providing them all required infrastructure and adequate manpower to deal with the cases they have to handle so that none of the cases remains pending for more than three months . They must be capable in either awarding punishment or in acquittal of the accused.

It is necessary to create fear in the mind of evil doers by punishing top ranked corrupt officers and ministers who perpetrate evil work, irrigate and promote the culture by taking support of his flatterers and yes-men. For this purpose they misuse the delegated powers of posting and promotions invested in them.. These powers of posting and promotion have to be changed and the concerned law must be made seniority based and fully transparent so that corrupt officers cannot manipulate the posting and promotion as per whims and post all flatterers at key posts .it is very sad that In the existing system honest and devoted workers are shunted away and posted at the most critical place because perpetrators of corrupt practices do not want to see any impediments in their path.corrupt officers and corrupt politicians who are powerful know it very well that none of Indian courts can punish them for their evil work.They also know that even if they are trapped or exposed they can manage police , investigating agencies and also judiciary by dint of their money power.

Corruption flows from the top. When the top officers and ministers are punished it will create a demonstrative effect down the level.Unfortunately in our country for all big scams low level officers and clerical staff are made scapegoat and punished whereas ministers and top officers who verbally gives instructions to his subordinates for doing evil works are not even touched. This gives wrong signal to good workers. During last five years or fifty years, none of rulers have taken any drastic action against any corrupt person at top position which could have demonstrative effect on other politicians or officers.On the contrary every corrupt officers who got exposed due to some reason or the other got acquitted and rather promoted by the system and hence the trend of corruption got aggravated and by now it has become an accepted culture.

It is worthwhile to mention exceptional examples of some renowned figures who has created history in the area of politics or that of administration. One Mr. T N Sheshan showed the nation that the Election Commission can do something despite huge protest from so many quarters. There are several DCs and SPs in our country who are hard and honest workers without any fear of any repercussion from any quarter and whose image is so much horrible that criminals fly away from the district before he or she joins that district. Every Indians know the name of Ms Kiran Bedi and Gautum Kunal IPS officers whose name was enoough to create discipline in the area where they were posted during their service.One Mr. K. K. Pathak was such a DM that he left no stone unturned to make entire system active and effective. Government staff had a fear of his name and they could not visualize doing any bad work or even attending office late. But unfortunately the CM of that state and his flatterers removed Mr. Pathak from the district and posted him in the secretariat at Patna. He was such a man who had faced 19 transfers during 7 years of his appointment as IAS officers because he was not liked by local politicians. He did several good work in the district he was posted during one year of his posting which several ministers, MLAs and MPs of that district could not do during last fifty years. There are several such good officers who have performed but have been punished by politicians .As good politicians , Mr Nitish Kumar and Mr. Narendra Modi as Chief Minister of Bihar and Gujrat are the person to reckon with who have created unparalleled example of honesty and performance in the political arena.

Even during the period of emergency from 1975 to 1977 there was tremendous change in the administration. Though some excesses were committed by few flatterers there was positive change in many departments. There should be a fear always in the mind of evil doers.Unfortunately in our country it is only innocent and honest workers who are always afraid of police action or judiciary if he goes to lodge his grievance for justice. This trend has to be reversed.

Indians had great expectation from clean image and great economist Mr. Manmohan Singh as Prime minister but unfortunately due to his ineffectiveness , all dreams of Indians have got shattered and country has rather suffered a lot under his premiership so far as corruption or regulation on price rise is concerned. It will not be exaggeration to say that policy of reformation and liberalization launched by him in the year 1991 has produced disastrous effects on Indian people and it may easily be predicted that the policy of reformation will end in this year and in his hand only.

When the top officers and top ranked ministers are good , people below them are constrained to follow him willingly or unwillingly. There must be fear of law in all citizens of the country irrespective of his caste,community region or religion.Reservations must be based on financial of the person and not on the basis of caste or community. Merit should be given all respect, recognition and awards.

I agree that rules are are adequate to deal with the evil doers and execution of law in true spirit is lacking. Execution is faluty primarily due to wrongful interference of powerful persons of the area. Secondly it is a bitter truth that all important departments are not provided with adequate manpower. Suppose a judge is given thousands of the case for disposal without providing enough manpower he will naturally compromise with quality and try to dispose off the case and earn illegal money too.It is my experience that in cases of exposure scam or scandal government appoints one man committee to asses and situation to submit the report. Such one man committee is not provided adequate support if it is apprehended that some of ruling party member will be trapped and on the contrary more and more support is provided if they assume that some member fo rival party will be trapped and punished. This is called dirty politics and which is all pervasive , which is prevalent practically in all departments, offices, banks , insurance companies, public sector undertakings, schools and colleges etc.Banks are given target for lending and not provided sufficient manpower to monitor the same due to which more than one one lac crores rupees are locked in Banks as Non Performing assets. In our country all targets are achieved by manipulation only because they do not have fear of follow up action if they commit wrong.

This is why I am of strong view that root cause of all malady lies in selection, recruitment, promotion ,posting , transfer of bad workers who are flatterers and yes-man of the Boss, Minster or Local Rich person.Merit is not awarded in our country. Good work is not recognized anywhere in the country. This is why people prefer becoming yeoman and earning illegal money along with bosses . Society also is unable to distinguish rich but corrupt officers from poor but honest hard workers. If bad workers get appreciation and recognition all where , it is but natural that good workers will gradually discard their goodness . This is happening in our contry and we proudly say that this is Indian style of working, corruptions is accepted system and so on.

In some of PSU banks their CMDs , EDs or General Managers or DGMs are so much clever that they are earning money even by way of recruiting person from campus or formal interview directly in even higher scales. They in this way give pain to those officers who have been honestly and sincerely serving the bank for last 5 to 35 years.They are humiliating senior workers by promoting juniors and appointing freshers in higher scales in the name of reformation .They are even promoting to even corrupt and inefficient workers and ignoring good workers only because they believe in flattery, golden gifts, red carpet welcome and lending to bad borrowers. Due to such wrongful execution of good policies unhealthy culture is developed and workers of such bank become indifferent to safety of bank’s assets. Even RBI , Banking Division or Ministry of Finance are manageable provided the top ranked officers is clever to make money ,involve in lobby and take advantage of the lobby to not only remain in the system but always appear as rising star.

It is pity that in our country officers who are called as star performers in the corridors of powers are actually stabbing the organization. Similarly in the government, there are a few flatterers of the top ranked ministers who make or mar the system as per their sweet will. It is therefore always alleged that Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh is guided by caucus of few ministers. Even late Indira Gandhi was accused of keeping caucus surrounding her. In all banks, offices top officers are surrounded by flatterers and it is they who shut the eyes and ears of top officers through corrupt means.

Everything is possible if one does not have fear of Laws of the land. In practice Indian democracy has become farce and Indians are marching towards anarchy.

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