Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Advocates of Congress Party

When Congress Party fails on every front and is accused of maladministration,mismanagement, rampant corruption ,price rise or rising Maoist led crimes or Pakistan based terror attacks or inefficient ,inactive and corrupt judiciary, four clever advocates of Congress party like Kapil Sibal or Singhwi or Digvijay Singh or Mr. Manish Tiwari invariably start talking of secularism and trying to trap BJP on the basis of historic data on communalism. They never try to peep into numerous mistakes they committed and they continue to commit during Congress Party led UPA rule. Even Sonia Gandhi , Rahul Gandhi , Pranab Mukherjee , Chidambram and Manmohan Singh like dignified and glorified persons start backing the illogical statements of clever advocates named above.

Though Congress party has been pioneer in dividing the society on the basis of caste and community during last sixty years of Independence they have left no stone unturned to blame the opposition parties for their inefficiency and non performance. Whenever media blames Congress Party for rising corruption they start giving skeleton examples of corruption occurred during BJP led NDA rule.When media talks of relentless price rise they talk of fallacies of NDA rule.When media talk of naxalism or terrorism they talk of threat from Hindu terror.

Why do they not perform and leave blaming opposing parties for the falut of the past? After all it is Congress Party who has been in power for last six years and have ruled the country for more than 40 years.

The greatest ridiculous but painful and astonishing fact is that learned Manmohan Singh sometimes even admits the fault of the government and admits pitiable position of poor and also promises to take appropriate action. But it is also true that more often than not he and his government fail to provide any relief to poor common men. And eventually he also puts blame on either opposition parties or state government or global recession or adverse weather . Sometimes he makes excuse of compulsions under coalition government and some other times he says that position of India is better than many other countries selected by his flatterers.He never takes appropriate action and follow up punitive action for non performance and seldom tries to strike at the root cause of the failures.

Learned economists Mr. Manmohan Singh always feel proud in talking of GDP growth but never took pain to speak whether this GDP growth is able to give relief to poor people of India who constitutes 90% of Indian population.Perhaps he is a prime minister only for rich class society and his policy of reformation is meant only to make rich people richer and by this way earn global image.

In brief people of our country have always been victim of mutual blame game among political parties for all discomfort they face and still they are trapped during election times by various promises and caste based politics.As such God only can save poor people of India., Government is in fact of the rich people, for the rich people and by the rich people.Democracy, secularism and constitutional freedom are few words used as toys to please innocent mass of the country.This is cruel reality of our country.

Sometimes it appears to me that these four advocates of ruling party are not meant for public welfare but meant to plead against all those who oppose the government .Such Advocates are normally well versed in pleading the court case of murderer or the case of victim family .But they will fight for and plead for the party which offers more money, more fees and more power.In the same way cleaver advocates named above have one Brahamstra of secularism which is always used against opposing parties whenever Congress party is accused of price rise or corruption or faulty governance.Ruling party UPA leaders never say what they have done , they always save themselves by blaming opposition parties for what they opposing parties did not do or what mistakes they committed during their rule.

I am unable to understand how long people of India will tolerate misrule and illogical statements of so called valued and experienced leaders of ruling party.

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