Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mr. Clean
Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh says
Corruption is the greatest
impediment in good governance, in development, in equi -distribution of
GDP growth, in delivery of justice and it also tarnishes the image of
the country in the world.
He is PM for last more than six years. But he could not do anything to stop corrupt practices. He is helpless.

Home Minster Mr. Chimdambaram has admitted at Devos
economic summit that hardly 50 percent of fund allotted for
development is spent on actual work.

Mr. Rajiv Gandhi during his tenure as PM had admitted 20 to 25 years ago that hardly 10 to 15 percent of development fund reaches in the hands of real beneficiary. Similarly fund spent on development of infrastructure is lost among various middle men.

More clearly contractors have to
pay bribe to various officers and ministers to the tune of 50 per cent
of value of work order they are allotted, even if it is done through
legal process of tender.

Not only this even for good posting and timely or before time promotion one officer has to give bribe to competent authority. Even to get rid of transfer to remote and critical posting one has to offer costly gifts to transferring authority. Why not will he flatter to his boss? What is the need of doing honest duty for which an employee is paid if all normal and abnormal benefits accrues to him by dint of only flattery and by offering some costly gifts or by paying prevalent rate of bribe? It is better to earn and let others earn bribe, This is the slogan of the day when economic reformation , economic freedom is given to all in addition to fundamental freedom given by Indian Constitution.

As such Government is helpless in controlling Mafia contractors ,corrupt officers, ,investigating officers, CBI officers because all are appointed on the basis of quality of flattery they extend to Ministers and their immediate bosses and honestly share the bribe they earn with Ministers, babus and government servants. A gang of flatterers run the government. A gang of flatterers surround each top ranked officer in each office. Culture developed in the government department is open secret which is “earn and let others earn”.

Never be dishonest in offering share of bribe you earn with the bosses and be sure that none can harm you, you will grow in power, you will grow in wealth and you will in social status and social recognition.

Honest and devoted workers are rejected in promotion processes. Dishonesty is the best policy at least when Congress Party is in power at center or in a state. Leaders of Congress Party ware well versed in blackmailing opposition parties on the issue of historical case of so called communalism or secularism or keeping voters pleased by useless toys of promising caste based reservation to various segments of society.

PM has admitted rampant corruption not once, twice or thrice but many
times during six years tenure of PM.I am unable to understand who has power and who is empowered by voters to cure cancer of corruption.

In our country when PM has got no
time and no capacity to ensure that legitimate instruction given by him
to telecommunications minister is obeyed by Mr Raja in true spirit. He allows the fraud to perpetuate even though instruction given is not followed. He does not think it wise to ensure compliance of his orders. This s why all offices in our country only issues guidelines but never take efforts to ensure its execution in the field and never try to punish those who violate the laid down norms. Laws are made only for the sake of laws. Rules are made not to be followed but to please the opposing persons. Leaders preach the sermons to public but do not think it necessary to follow the same. One after other committees are set up to investigate the allegation of corruption against government officers and ministers simply to close the chapter once for all or to shut the mouth of revolting people or to silence the political parties who put hindrances in their path which leads to acquiring maximum personal wealth.

PM can allow willfully Mr. Raja to cause loss to the country to the
tune of one lace crore of rupees, he cannot dream of good governance.
His action demonstrate that it is wise to remain silent spectator of
all corrupt practices and enjoy the fruits of power and encash his
clean image .

None of complaints lodged in the office of PM or that of FM or President of India or for that matter to any office owned by the government by lacs of aggrieved persons in the country is properly attended to ensure its logical
conclusion. When office of PM or CM or that of President of India is
inactive and when they fail to demonstrate their value system they often
espouse and preach before public they cannot expect and should not expect
junior officers to work honestly and sincerely.

Finance Minster Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and his fellow colleague Minister for Agriculture
Mr.Sharad Pawar have also almost surrendered before
relentless price rise. They have completely failed to control price
rise and inflation. They say that government has got no magic wand which can stop price rise. They have openly admitted that price rise has gone out of their control because they cannot punish officers working in various government departments, they cannot force their fellow politicians to follow discipline , they cannot punish black marketers and hoarderer business men because it their financial contribution which makes the political party able to fight election.To be more clear election funding is possible only when black money is allowed to grow .It is therefore entirely foolish to dream that government will ever take real and effective steps to stop black money creation in the country. Government cannot stop growth of black money within the country, how can they get success in bringing back black money parked in foreign banks. When CMD and ED and all top bankers are corrupt they easily allow black money movement. All black money move from one bank to other bank through Indian banks only.
Black money is always remitted to foreign centers with the knowledge and with the support of corrupt bankers, corrupt ED officials, corrupt IT officials , corrupt custom officials and all other corrupt officials who are supposed to stop movement of black money or creation of black money. After all it is the money of corrupt politicians and money of corrupt officers which will be unearthed if they take corrective step and to cure the cancer of corruption.

They have willfully made the judiciary weak and ineffective and they never bother to bring out judicial reformation or police reformation as promised by politicians from time to time. .They cannot reverse the policy of liberalization and globalization launched by honourable clean Mr. Manmohan Singh in 1991 because these policies of reformation have given them enormous opportunity to accumulate wealth .And it is the unregulated freedom given to business community that they earn unreasonable profit and earn hundreds and thousands of crores of rupees and eventually they agree to give considerable amount to politicians of ruling party None can stop this vicious circle and none can cure this cancer of corruption. Whimsical transfers, arbitrary posting and arbitrary promotion are the root cause of all social malady and economic disparity growing year after year. To add fuel to fire is the weak judicial and police system in the country.

As such we can imagine of real reformation in the country and we can provide real relief to poor common men only when we are able to make police active, effective, quick, honest and real social workers, real security providers and real fighters against injustice. Freedom granted by Late Mahatma Gandhi is lost, completely lost and it confined only a few hands of politicians, government officials and a few business men. We have to bring about desired reformation in police and judicial system as early as possible. Otherwise number of extremists will grow, network of Maoist and terrorists will grow and ultimately Anarchy will replace democracy, so called secularism and ancient socialism.
Indian politicians have been harping on poverty alleviation for last 40 years. Since the days of bank’s nationalization they have changed the slogan of Social welfare to financial inclusion but the there is no actual improvement visible in the pitiable position of 90% of Indian population. Only God can save common men of India until our judicial system and police system is honest and perfect, active and effective and until they are provided adequate manpower and adequate infrastructure to fight against perpetrators of injustice.

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