Saturday, February 12, 2011

Subramanium Swamy

I salute Subramanium Swamy like person who courageously moved against the misdeeds of the government and exposed the ongoing scam in the country under the banner of Congress Party, Total amount of loss to the country through various scams exposed during last year 2010 on account of corruption perpetuated by leaders of UPA amounts to many lacs of crores of rupees and still leaders of Congress Party in particular and that of UPA in general always blame NDA government, or BJP chief Ministers whose leaders has caused loss to the government (including state government ) totaling to hardly a few crores of rupees. “Ek Hira chor hai to dusra Khira chor Hai”. Still diamond thief is blaming the later to get rid of humiliation from the public.

“Bhai eh to public hai, eh sab janti hai”. Every nine out of ten person will definitely and categorically accuse leaders of Congress party and that of UPA for prevalent corruption in the country and hardly one person will point out his accusing finger towards leaders of BJP or NDA leaders. Person like Narendra Modi and Mr. Nitish Kumar are far far better than learned clean Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh. A clean , helpless and ineffective leaders like Manmohan Singh cannot lead India to greater height s and so called story of development hyped by UPA government is getting punctured slowly by exposures of scams one after other. The greatest loss to the country caused by current rulers is nothing but loss of image of the Nation in the International forums and among world community.

Kapil Sibal , Ms Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Mr. Digvijay singh, Mr. Chidambram , Mr Pranab Mukherjee, Mr. Manish Tiwari, Mr. Manu Singhwi , Manmohan Singh , the great Prime Minister, the great economist and the great reformer and all VIP leaders of Congress Party were ridiculing CAG report till only a few days ago. Loyal advocates of Congress Party named above left no stone unturned to conceal their misdeeds and also to shut the mouth of crying leaders of Opposition parties demanding JPC in 2G scam.They try their level best to divert the minds of people of India from corruption and price rise to so called secularism. They are using Media and TV channels for this purpose by focusing news on Maegaon blast and so called Hindu terror. Please note that before the Malegaon blast UPA leaders never uttered Islamic Terror. The obvious motto of congress Party is to divide the people and rule the country and perpetuate the reign of corruption, reign of injustice and reign for exploitation of common men in the name of economic reformation.

Mr. Kapil Sibal was so much shameless that he even challenged the CAG report and named the report as non reliable, defective and hence a complete bull sheet. Top leaders of Congress Party were openly denying the charges and frequently told the media that there was no truth in 2G scam. It is they who spoiled 20 precious days of the Parliament and not members of opposition parties. It is usual practice that thieves after committing robbery willfully cry loudly “thief, thief, thief “ to get rid of police action. Similarly leaders of Congress Party were blaming NDA government for 2G scam and never accepted JPC.

It is only Supreme Court that has made them silent , otherwise they would have never accepted that there was a scam and could have saved Raja and his associates in 2G scam. Congress Party is full of corrupt leaders and hence number of exposures of scam during the tenure of UPA is increasing. Even other partners in UPA are masters in scam.

CBI the main puppet in the hands of ruling party is also taught a lesson by Apex Court. This is why at least some important persons have been arrested. Now it depends on CBI whether they submit charge sheet with full support of oral witnesses and adequate documentary evidences or allows the case to be rejected as other cases related to VIP and powerful rich persons were rejected in the past.

Leaders of Congress Party named above should now at least cover their faces and go deep into hibernation.
They do not have now any moral right to preach sermons to public, to innocent voters and to world community.

Entire world has seen and witnessed the exposure of one after other scam. FIIs will no doubt fly away from Indian market slowly if the growth of Corruption is not stopped by any revolutionary leader. People are now very angry and they will dethrone Congress leaders if they do not mend their behavior and stop malpractices completely. Till now, none of action of Congress party leaders is able to demonstrate that they are working seriously and honestly to stop malpractices.

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