Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Politics of Planning

Quality of planning is valuable only if the people who put the plan into action are capable and competent. Fund may be borrowed for development and for execution of plan but if the human being who are supposed to work on plan are not adequate in number and are not of good quality the entire exercise of formulation of plan proves futile.

As such it is better to seek suggestion on how to make the people more active, effective, loyal, honest, sincere and devoted worker. Government should try to receive online complain from common men and there should be adequate number of responsible officers who look into each online complains and take all possible steps to resolve the issue raised by the aggrieved. Government should try to make provision at block and district level, in each town and cities where common men can lodge their complaints online within seconds without and hassle. It is true that there will be some case of false complains or ill motivated complains , but responsible officers who are supposed to solve the problems of complainants , of common men can discard useless and senseless complains.

When existing system is not working properly there is no use in making plan for building new system. When existing offices are not working properly there is no use in setting up new offices. When officers posted to control pollution are corrupt and not sincere in their work it is useless to allot them additional fund or make new plans for pollution department.

Certificate from pollution control board in general is issued after getting a certain value as bribe from industrialist or any person who seek pollution free certificate as per existing legal requirement. Even pollution certificate for vehicles are issued after payment of certain amount of fees to issuing officer either directly or through some agent. Vehicles are not checked in all places and by all concerned officers but certificates are issued if the owner is ready to give certain amount of illegal money; otherwise the owner has to spend huge and waste time

Similarly if one goes to government hospital for treatment, the patient is bound to spend more and suffer more in pain and ultimately die in want of proper medical care by doctors or nurses or in want of enough infrastructure or due to improper services extended by serving employees.. Pathological tests are conducted only to extort money from patients and to please doctors who prescribe pathological test. Medicine are sold with new brand name at exorbitant price and such costly medicine are unnecessarily prescribed by doctors to patients just to raise the sale of medicine manufacturers and earn commission and gifts from medical representatives. Is there any control on price and quality of medicines sold in market though there are several drug inspectors appointed by the government? These drug inspectors are busy in selling lcense for their self interest and for earning illegal money.Who are responsible for such deterioration in health services. What is use of making new plans for health services and making fresh allotment of fund in such environment? Patients in general therefore desire treatment in private hospital and private nursing homes.

In education sector the situation is more pathetic. Though government has made education as fundamental right, there are hardly one out of twenty government schools where quality teachers are available in schools and where teachers are sincerely doing teaching jobs. Practically there is no education in government schools and perhaps this is why talented Educations Minister has made it legally mandatory to pass all students, with or without examination upto secondary level.

Thousands of crores of rupees are spent by government on primary and secondary education, on Sarv Sikcha Abhiyan , on conducting various examinations and on setting up various monitoring agencies to ensure quality education made available to children of common men. But there is no guarantee that even hardly ten percent of amount spent by the government through these flagship schemes really reaches in the hands of students. This is the reason that children of even villagers or that poor and middle class family first desires that their children are admitted in private schools.

Colleges established by private sectors for higher education such as medical, engineering and management degrees are charging exorbitant and unreasonable fees from students and even after that they are not able to ensure quality teaching in such colleges because they keep poor quality of infra structure and poorly paid untalented teachers. Is there any plan to control fees of such colleges and to ensure quality education? Here it is worthwhile to mention here that all such unscrupulous colleges declare invariably all students as pass. For this purpose they make the all question papers out adequately before examination or allow unfair means during examination. It is undeniably true that question papers related to most of the valuable examination s, competitive test, entrance test, employment test are leaked in the market and sold in the market at certain value.

Is there any control on conduct of examination, on quality of teaching and on quality of infrastructure?
Not at all.
The moment some bribe is paid to school inspectors or district administrators or central invigilators or to monitoring agencies, all mandatory clearances are made available to school authorities. Even fake certificates or fake degrees are sold by unscrupulous person .Recruitment in offices such as banks, PSUs, government departments, schools and colleges run by government are managed by agents of recruiters and there is set fees for all such recruitments. If one has to clear interview board he or she to pay some amount to members of Interview board.

Situation in real estate sector or Industry sector or in other services is more pathetic. Position is more pathetic in judiciary where lacs and crores of cases are pending for disposal. There is no control on price rise only due to the fact that there is no control of government on profit. Thousands of Crores of rupees are spent on road and bridge construction but these roads and bridges do not last for even reasonable period. Bills of contractors are passed not based on merit of work done but on the basis of bribe they give to various officers working in the department. FIR cannot be lodged even in police station without payment of bribe to police officers. Even if FIR is accepted, police department will take no action until they are paid some illegal money.

People in power are simply looting common men, rather raping common men in the name of social welfare and in the name of financial exclusion. In the name of development and in the name of making plans and execution of plans politicians and government employees in general are exploiting common men who are practically helpless. There s practically none to listen his problem and his grievances.

In such position it is futile to make good plans or seek suggestions from public in formulation of attractive plans.

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