Saturday, June 25, 2011

Condemn Manmohan Singh

1. Nothing has been done during last 40 years to stop corruption. Lokpal bill is pending since long only because thieves are sitting at top post and they do not want any punishment for themselves. Cases of corruption lodged by CBI and Vigilance departments remain pending as long as the accused person is in power and as long as Supreme Court intervenes. Thousands of Cases involving thousands of crores of rupees frauds, misappropriation of government fund, corruption are lying pending in the office of CBI, RBI, Vigilance Department because VIPs of Government do not want any punishment to actual culprits and perpetrators of corrupt culture. None of accused in Bofors scam, Sikh Riot , Stamp scam, Bhopal Gas tragedy etc have been punished even after lapse of 25 years.

2. If the guardian is not disciplined and if there is no fear of punishment, the children are mostly likely to become worse than guardian. Congress party has remained in power for most of the time after freedom and level of corruption has been rising year after year. Even after exposure of numerous scams worth lacs of crores of rupees, government is hesitant to punish guilty ministers, MLAs, MPs, and top ranked officers as long as they are exposed by PIL and directed by courts. It has become habit of Congress Party leaders to blame BJP and RSS for all mischievous acts of their friends in power.

3. Everyone is chor (thief, corrupt, dishonest), it does not mean that Chori Karna Pap nahin hai.We have to learn to discriminate between Hira Chor and Khira Chor.And it is not acceptable that it is not possible to change the system of corruption. If non flatterers and truly meritorious persons are chosen for top posts, if merit is given its due recognition there is no doubt that the degree of corrupt culture will get diluted in course of time.

4. There are numerous examples of good officers, good ministers, good CMs who have acted honestly and effective come what may during their tenure and created phenomenal change in the area they worked. Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar are two latest examples whose work has been appreciated all over the country. Still Congress Party or RJD like political parties can find out a few faults of omission or commission in Gujarat and Bihar to tarnish the image of Bihar or Gujarat. But people of Bihar and Gujarat are happier under reign of current government. People of Congress Party have forgotten Sikh Riot of 1984 but is not ready to forget Gujarat riot of 2002.

5. T. N Shesan showed the country that if there is a will there is a way. Many IAS and IPS officers (like Kiran Bedi) have proved that if they are tight in administration criminal fly away from the district they are posted.

6. In our country our PM Manmohan Singh and his gang of ministers are still not ready to believe that Kalamadi or Koda or Raja did any wrong. He and his government are not ready to accept Shangloo committee report and PAC report. He does not believe finding of CAG if top ranked ministers are accused. His clean image will prove to be very costly for the Nation. Corruption has crossed the level of tolerance, it is the statement of PM himself but he says that is helpless.Rabri Devi did better in Bihar when she was CM in Bihar.

Ministers found involved in scam are made Governors of some state of made central ministers or made Director of banks or CEO of public sector undertakings because leaders of Congress Party are in habit of rewarding flatterers and torturing opponents by hook or by crook. Though Manmohan “Singh is said to be Doctor in Economics , economy of our country during his period of reformation has given great disservice to Nation, greater pain to common men and caused unprecedented loss to the country .

6. Spokesmen of Congress Party have in general become shameless and bent upon puncturing the movement launched by Baba Ramdeo and Anna Hazare only by loudly crying that BJP and RSS are behind Civil Society member. It is unfortunate that the pious word like democracy and secularism are used by leaders of Congress party to commit impious and evil work and to commit their culture of corruption. It is Congress Party which strangulated democracy by imposing emergency on 26th of May1975 and by arresting all opponents .It is Congress Party which ignored and misused secularism,. Constitution and the spirit of Parliamentary democracy when it allowed Sikh riot taking place uninterrupted for a week all over the country sitting at Delhi in power, which allowed Babri Masjit demolition in 1986 and which ignored Supreme Court order by amending the Constitution in Shah Bano case.

7. Many countries in the world have already initiated action to stop exodus of money from their country for parking in other countries. China like country has formulated new rules to bring back black money parked in foreign banks like Swiss Bank but India shows their helplessness in this line , Why? It is bad luck that CWC has proposed tough stand against Civil Society Members. They have forgotten that public have voted them to power and public can uproot them from power if they like so. And civil society is nothing but effective part of public and they have every right to propose good ideas and it is the duty of the government to listen their views honestly.

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