Saturday, July 2, 2011

Congress Diplomacy

• When Anna talks of Corruption Pranab Da teaches lessons on Democracy

• When Ramdeo Baba talks of Black money, Congress Party blames RSS

• When BJP talks of national issues, Congress Party talks of Secularism

• When people cry due to pain of price rise, government blames state governments, bad monsoon and global recession

• When innocents are killed in Naxal attacks government talk of non cooperation from state governments

• When voices are raised against Mumbai blast, government blames ISI

• When separatist in Kashmir talk of independence, UPA blames Pakistan

• When people of India talk of Ram Temple at Ayodhya, Congress Party refers to court

• When people demand separate Telangana state Congress party talk of Constitutional constraints.

• When people of India asks for punishment to culprits in Godhra train burning case or in Sikh riot of 1984 or culprits of Bhopal Gas Tragedy government blames Narendra Modi for Gujarat riot

• When people raise voice against 2G spectrum scam government blames NDA government

• When Media men talk of business in Parliament UPA blames opposition parties for their non cooperation.

• When USA desires to know about public outcry against corruption in India Pranab Da talks of GDP growth

• When poor cry for better amenities Pranab Da talks of GDP growth and inflationary pressure

• When employees ask for rise in salary Pranab Da talks of financial constraints but when MPs demand rise in salary, all political parties are united and decide upward revision without waiting for any report or recommendation.

• When people talk of action against Hasan Ali like tax evaders, government says Law will take its own time but when Ramdeo poses a threat to survival of the government, they instruct all concerned departments to torture Ramdeo Baba and trap him in legal net by hook or by crook

• When farmer suicides due to poverty, government advised to write off loans but when top businessmen talk of global recession government gives unprecedented tax reliefs and interest rate reliefs in the name of stimulation package.

• When economists talk of large scale use of Marutious route for conversion of Black money into white money Pranab Da blames global constraints.

• When people cry against relentless rise in fuel price , Manmohan Singh talks of rise in international rise in crude oil price but when price do not fall after fall in prices of crude oil in International market Mr. Singh talk of financial constraints

• And so on

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