Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Congress Party blames BJP

Mr. Suresh Kalamadi was appointed Head of Organizing Committee of Common wealth Game by NDA or UPA should not be the matter of concern for present government. Government in power has to bear the responsibility of monitoring all financial and administrative matters irrespective of the fact who appointed or who gave birth to person like Kalamadi. During last seven years of UPA rules people of India have raised eyebrows several times against Kalamadi and his ill motivated works but unfortunately the Manmohan and his team willfully ignored all complains and allowed the corruption to continue.

The same government annulled TADA when it came to power only because TADA was enacted by NDA government and because it should not suit the vested interest of Congress Party. Similarly government of Manmohan Singh could have changed the shape of OC of CWG too.

Similarly 2G spectrum issue also, government has been consistently trying to point out accusing fingers towards NDA to get rid of corruption charges lebeled against Mr. Raja and his associates, PM Manmohan Singh, P Chidambram , Pranab Mukherjee in particular and cabinet and the government in general. .Even if it is assumed that NDA took unwise decision they could have changed the rule book and saved the country from loss to the tune of lacs of crores of rupees.

If Kalamadi's appointment was wrong they could have changed the person. But instead of taking a corrective action Congress led government has been trying to indulge in blame game and not giving proper answers to any question raised by CBI and the Apex Court. . A section of Media is also engaged in putting blame on NDA. It is very much regrettable and must be condemned.

On every issue of national concern corrupt leaders in UPA are trying always to divert the mind of common men from main issues to non issues. Common men has always been sufferer due to misdeeds of persons in power and unfortunately media waste the time and energy in making unwarranted debate and discussions , instead of focusing on main culprit and punishment to those officials and minister who committed crime and who perpetuated crime and who failed to prevent occurrence of crime. This is why neither problems of price rise nor that of black money could be solved.If at all NDA has committed any crime in the past the present UPA government have every right to punish the person who committed crime or leaders of NDA who were involved in evil works.

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