Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lesson from Financial Crisis of America

When rating of USA is downgraded from AAA to AA , tsunami has come in share market of America and other world market including that of India. President Obama of America has belatedly realized the factual position and the resultant pain likely to come in America .Prior to Obama, none of Presidents of America could sense and accept the reality that due to overspending and increasing debt, America is likely to face financial crisis. Now when sickness has surfaced and become beyond control it is very difficult, but not impossible for American government to bring situation back into the grip. If there is a will there is a way. Of course Obama tried to reduce spending but failed to control repetition of 2008 type financial crisis. However it is believed that corrective steps are now being taken with the support of opposition party in US senate. People of America has also realized the bitter truth and they will also extend their cooperation and swallow the bitter dose of medicine.

It is remarkable to say that the same rating agency has predicted that rating of India may also be downgraded from BBB if corrective steps are not taken in time. But learned team of Indian Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Finance Secretary still boast of false and fabricated good health of Indian economy and claim loudly that India is not going to be affected by American financial crisis or global crisis or global recession. It is very difficult to visualize improvement in health until a person admits that sickness in the body system exists and swallow curative medicine. Three salute to our clean image Manmohan Singh and bold image Pranab Da who still talk of solid root of Indian economy despite the fact that present rating of India is very much below to that of America and the threat of probable downgradation.

To add fuel to fire, 95% of Indian population is in acute pain caused by relentless price rise, uncontrolled giant of corruption and growing unemployment in India. People of India as well as political parties in opposition camp are now in agitated mood and ready to revolt against the system.

As long as the Bhoot (giant) of reformation, privatization and globalization are in the minds of team members of Manmohan Singh government, they cannot visualize the pain of common men. As long as leaders of the nation on whom lies the fate of the country are corrupt one cannot dream of good and stable health of the country. Indian politicians in general and Congress Party led UPA model central government in particular live in fool’s paradise and hence it is beyond imagination that they will take lessons from crisis erupting in America and other European Market. They will continue their blame game by pointing their accusing fingers towards BJP and RSS or state government of global situation to hide their faults and India will continue to suffer image loss year after year.

When Crisis erupted in American in 2008 our country announced one after other stimulus package to prevent financial crisis eruption in India but failed to do what they desired to do. On the contrary the ill effects of their ill motivated policy is now visible to every conscious Indian .Rich have became richer by so called reformative policies and by the help of stimulus package announced by Indian government after 2008 financial crisis of America. Regulating, monitoring and vigilance agencies along with judiciary became so much corrupt that one after other scam started taking place in all departments and that too in close nexus with politicians and officers. Stories of scams are filled in all newspaper and all TV channels. Still Indian politicians like Dr. Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee talk of GDP growth and in their usual style leaders are trying to put thick carpet on their evil works and hidden malady. They do not accept that Indian administration is sick and going to be more critical on account of cancer of corruption and nothing else.

All policies announced in the name of reformation are of no significance as they are beneficial only for rich segment of Indian population and this is why after 20 years of reformation era people of India have started debating the merits and demerits of so called reformation in the perspective of India.

Last salute form the core of my heart to Ramdeo Baba , Anna Hazare and their teams who have forced Indian stalwarts to discuss and debate the quality of Indian politics, Indian administration and try to cure and save it from further deterioration..

Indian needs reformation of human mind and not reformation of economy which has been experimented for decades .Indian needs to learn how to punish crime doers without distinguishing them on the ground of caste, community, region or religion. Ruling Party has to abandon ongoing blame game immediately and try to bring about real reformation in Indian politics and in Indian administration first at top level. When top is pure, honest and sincere there is no doubt that the same culture will percolate down the level.

India has plenty of good laws, effective rules and regulative agencies but the real crisis is that the laws and rules are not honestly enforced by enforcing agencies. People of India have to stop immediately the policy of division and adopt policy of one and only one India. All are Indian and Indian only has to be kept in mind all the moment they are in work or rest or in sleep. Rating of the country will definitely improve and Indian will undoubtedly become number one in the world provided India start giving respect to merit and quality.

Last but not the least, as long India is not internally strong it cannot provide safety to India from the problems arising out of global tsunamis. If Indian stock market is dependent of Foreign Investment and money of various FIIs, it has to face consequences arising out of crisis in global market. As long as India do not discard future trading in shares and commodities Indian cannot dream of controlling price rise, corruption and black money and cannot safeguard Indian stock market from mayhem arising out of tsunami in share market coming from time to time.

Types of Credit Rating

AAA Prime

AA+ , AA , and AA- High Grade

A + , A, and A- Upper Medium Grade

BBB+, BBB and BBB- Lower Medium Grade

BB+, BB and BB- None Investment Grade

B+, B and B- High Speculation

CCC+ , CCC and CCC- Real Risk, Too much Speculation Default risk

Rating of Few Countries

AAA: Australia, Canada, France, Germany England


AA- China

BBB- Brazil, India, Russia

BB- Veninjula

B Pakistan Argentina


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