Friday, September 9, 2011

Dirty Politics is visible

Mr. Chidambrum the central Home Minister has undoubtedly done something to secure the country from cross border terrorism and from naxal attacks. But what he has done is far far less than what he is expected to do. Secondly other agencies are not performing in the same spirit as they are expected to perform. State governments do not act that much seriously on leads of terror attacks as they are supposed to act. State government assesses the situation not from the angle of nation's safety and security but from the angle of vote mathematics and view all incidents and accidents from their prejudiced eyes. It is unfortunate that even central government find itself incapable and incapacitated to force or motivate state governments to act in the national interest keeping aside their mean minded goals.

Similarly there are many top level politicians in Union Government as also in various state governments who are associated with naxals , who are having close links with anti social and anti national elements and who thinks for the welfare of not our beloved country but for the welfare of Pakistan or other Nations. There are some VIPs in all cabinets who act as Vibhisan and who talks the words of enemy country. This is unfortunate that the learned Prime Minister who is head of the government is so weak , timid , inactive, ineffective , unwilled and remote controlled that he always think it wise to remain a silent spectator so that he remains in power without any threat to Congress Party led Government.

This is why India has almost failed to get success in stopping cross border terrorism or domestic naxal oriented extremism. Rather it will not be exaggeration to say that terror elements sitting across the border have developed their strong network in India so that they may disturb our country sitting outside our border. And through two decade long dialogue process with enemy countries Indian rulers have allowed various ways to foreign based terrorists to infiltrate into our border to develop their network , train our Indian people called normally as Indian Muzahiddin to disturb peace.

To add fuel to fire, Ministers supposed to take care of their departments have in fact devoted much of their precious time in accumulating wealth for their family and for spending for contesting forthcoming election. Those who are in power at center spoil most of their time to shut the mouth of persons like Ramdeo and his associates, Anna Hazare and his associates , whistle blowers and all those who raises voices against misdeeds of the ruling government.

Our present government always blames RSS and BJP or previous NDA government for all their failures but never try to rectify or take corrective and innovative steps for the safety and security of the Nation. They abolished TADA and POTA saying that there are enough strict laws to combat terrorism .They could not prove their ill conceived idea and failed to show the Nation that they can provide safety even without POTA and TADA. Now they talk of a brand of Military Court to deal with terror attacks. It seems totally unbelievable present ruling party UPA will ever be able to make such hard arrangement to fight against terrorist because of so many inner conflicts within their own party and affiliated parties..

On the contrary USA spent billions of dollars and sacrificed many American soldiers to take revenge from those terror groups who attacked America ten years ago. Government changed in USA but their plan, strategy, conviction to take revenge and action to teach a lesson to enemies of USA did not get diluted but got further empowerment form USA people. Obama never tried to change the policy of his predecessor President Mr. Bush only because it was framed and planned by opposition party .Politicians of USA keep national interest always on top agenda. They know the value of American citizen and they can go to any extent to take revenge if anyone of their citizen is killed , or tortured by any nation outside USA

In India Members of Parliament as also legislators of state assemblies play mutual blame game but never act sincerely and consistently against perpetrators of injustice. They talk for a few days after all mishaps, make promises for improvement and speeding up their action against anti national elements but after that they completely forget and ignore all issues of national interest and become busy in their dirty politics of vote bank or their energy is fully devoted for their self interest at the cost of Nation .Dirty politics of Indian politicians is visible in the resolutions passed by state assemblies for exoneration of killers of Rajiv Gandhi, for exoneration of attackers on Indian parliament and for freedom to supporter of Khalistan and so on. Dirty politics of current rulers in visible in the action taken by government against Anna and Ramdeo and their followers.

This is why people of India have now started thinking that their own leaders are more dangerous, more corrupt, more inactive and ill motivated than Britishers of Pre Independence. India.

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