Saturday, October 15, 2011

Globalisation of Poverty

RBI head Mr. Suba Rao or Mr. Manmohan Singh or Mr. Pranab Mukherjee or Mr. Chidambram or Mr. Montek Ahluwalia or the Manmohan team as a whole have totally failed in stopping relentless price rise during last five years and still they can do nothing to control price rise or to control inflation until they change their mindset, they change their policy framework , their style of governance and their habit of accusing BJP , NDA or state government for their failure.

Monetary measure undertaken by RBI after 2008 global recession were uncalled for and unwarranted, and now after the economy has already caused huge damage to the society and the economy of the country, the monetary steps taken by RBI and the government are absolutely inadequate to stop rising trend in prices and to control inflation . Entire efforts to control inflation will definitely and undoubtedly prove ineffective until they honestly and sincerely take corrective steps against rich businessmen who are exploiting poor consumers and who are merely serving the interest of politicians to serve their vested interest.

Freedom without restriction has caused enormous damage to the society and the economy during last two decades and this is why Mr. Manmohan Singh has been making promise after promise and extending time after time to control rising prices and to keep inflation within limit.
Entire world is suffering due to globalization and privatization. 85 countries of world including USA protested on 15th of October against policies of their government which are blindly supporting and acting for the benefit of rich class.
Profit making is beyond the control of present UPA government led by Doctor Economist Manmohan Singh and neither does the government want to regulate profit ratio of top trade houses or industrialists. Political class flourishes on the fund given by top businessmen of the country and hence they cannot imagine of taking any punitive action against exploitation perpetuated by top ranked rich people.

Incomes of common men and salaried class rise hardly at the rate of 2 to 3% per year whereas prices of all essential goods rises 20 to 30% per year. Due to this mismatch, most of Indian families are unable to afford essential goods and good education for their children and pressure of pain caused by this mismatch is slowly and consistently creating anger among poor and middle class people against the ruling government..
Capacity of 95% of Indians is coming down year after year in affording livelihood and it has become difficult for common men to spend peaceful and normal life. On the contrary wealth of top 500 rich houses has multiplied many times and reached to greater and greater height year after year. 95% of GDP and wealth of the country is in the hands of top 500 to 1000 houses. Living style of top 5% of population has become a thorn in the eye of bottom 95%of population.

Gap between rich and poor has widened to intolerable extent and this is why national unrest is growing day and day, year after year throughout the country. India is facing economic crisis because it adopted the policies of reformation without the strict provisions of regulation, control and punitive action. Government completely failed to ensure equal and judicious distribution of GDP growth said to have been achieved by government due to policies of reformation.

Results expected boon from the policies of globalization and privatization but unfortunately instead of becoming boon for common men have become curse for the society and for the nation as a whole. Adverse effects of globalization has occurred only due to persons like Manmohan Singh and his team named above who were and who are said to be pioneer and front runner in implementation of policies of liberalization and privatization in the world. It is undoubtedly true that wealth of top politicians and officers along with top ranked businessmen houses have grown hundreds of times during the regime of Mr. Manmohan Singh. Policy of so called reformation ,privatization and liberalization has resulted in globalization of poverty.

To add fuel to fire, the level and volume of corruption has broken all records during the regime of Manmohan Singh and now the corrupt team of his ministers and politicians backing Manmohan Singh are frequently and consistently trying to change the agenda of common men and that of Team Anna by criticizing wrongly or rightly BJP and RSS. Government does not want to talk on national issues like price rise, unemployment, threat from naxalism and terrorism, rising corruption, lack of governance but only engaged in playing blame game with opposition parties.

Unfortunately the fourth pillar of democracy, Media is also not doing justice with the burning issues of the nation. Points of debate initiated by media are normally irrelevant and illogical such as “Anna will or will not the candidate for the post of President”, “Advani is in the race of PM’s post or not”, dispute between Advani and Modi, Team Anna is backed by RSS or not , growing differences between Pranab and Chidambaram, Manmohan Singh is remote controlled by Sonia or not ,dalits are exploited or not, quota is adequate or not, name of the state or a district should be changed or not etc.
Due to biased attitude of media men, national issues are usually ignored and sacrificed on the altar of TRP of TV channels and issues which divide the society and weaken the nation are highlighted again and again to increase TRP of TV.

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