Wednesday, October 19, 2011

National Agenda

After killing of Indira Gandhi on 31st of Oct 1984, riot against Sikhs erupted in more than 100 towns in the country and police remained silent spectator for about 10 days and allowed properties of Sikh to be looted, families of Sikhs to be killed and so on. Who gave such instruction to the then officials in police department that they kept calm and allowed injustice to continue?
May Congress Party introspect?
Congress party always blames Modi for Gujrat riot but willfully avoids questions on Godhra incident of burning a train coach.

Delhi police and central government ordered CBI inquiry against Ramdeo and his associate Bal Krishna.
Can UP or Delhi government order CBI inquiry against the person who tried to hurl shoes on Arvind Kejriwal and against persons who attacked on Prashant Bhusan and his supporters?

When ministers of cabinet headed by Manmohan Singh are made accused in charge sheet submitted by CBI and in rejoinder/ defense submitted by CBI in Supreme Court and when ministers of Manmohan Singh's cabinet are put in jail , will Manmohan Singh and Chidambram will also be held responsible and guilty in 2G scam by Supreme Court and will CBI pray for sending MS and PC also to jail?

Opponents of Indira Gandhi or Nehruji used to be eliminated by the supporters of the then rulers.
Is Congress Party following the same practice and trying to remove those who are posing threat to their chair?

Will anyone try to know and let others know on progress made by UPA government on investigation and punitive action taken report related to various terror attacks occurred during last 10 or 15 years?
Will anyone tell the country when Pragya Sadhwi get justice?

Government takes action against auto drivers, coolies, bus owners, for realization of unreasonable fare.
Can present government take action against businessmen and industrialists who are earning exorbitant profits and causing prices of all essential goods to rise month after month?
Why not government regulates college fees charged at Engineering, medical and MBA colleges?
If fees are reasonable from point of view of ruling party, will they ensure at least quality of teaching in such colleges which commensurate with fees charged?

Government hospitals are not providing medical services to the satisfaction of patients and caretakers.
Will government ever take action against guilty doctors, take action against doctors who prescribe unwarranted pathological tests for patients only to earn commission from Pathological labs and punish suppliers of unscrupulous medicines?
Contractors are not doing construction work as per job order. Road quality is poor, bridges collapse in few years, government houses and office buildings are in dilapidated condition.
Will government ever punish such contractors as well as politicians who protect such mischievous contractors?

Black money is parked in foreign banks. How this money reaches foreign banks is a big question.
Will government punish such importers who by inflating import bill first remitted black money abroad and now by inflated export bill repatriating their ill earned black money into our country in fear of government action in response to Ramdeo and Team Anna movement?

As of now Anna is most popular, his team is getting respect and recognition. Voice against Congress Party and UPA is spreading in every nook and corner of the country.
There is a proverb "Strike the iron while it is hot”.

1. Will leaders of opposition parties shed their personal ego and come together to fight unitedly against UPA in forthcoming election to teach UPA a lesson by ousting Manmohan Singh government?

2. Will BJP leaders exhibit unity among their leaders and stop so called fight for the post of PM if they really are inclined to fight against corruption?

3. Will media stop debate on silly points who will be next PM? Or whether Anna is probable candidate for the post of President? Or whether Modi is crazy for post of PM? etc

Will media focus on national issues like price rise, unemployment, exploitation of working class, corruption, threat from naxals and extremists, terrorism sponsored from foreign countries, unsafe Indian borders, use of fake educational certificates, circulation of fake notes, fake drugs, fake colleges, disadvantages of unrestricted freedom given to private sector, globalization of poverty due to wrong policies of globalization and stop focusing on news related to road accident, rape, murders etc.

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