Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't Go Mumbai for Begging, Says Rahul Gandhi

Illiterates or literates who are going to earn money in other states for earning their livelihood cannot be termed as beggars as loudly said by Rahul Gandhi in Phulpur in UP yesterday. Rahul Gandhi means to say that there are so many Indias in India, India is not one but many, UP is different from Maharashtra, and so on …..

As per Rahul philosophy, Indians who are going to serve other countries either as service man or as businessmen are going for begging in other countries. As per Rahul, Indians should stop going abroad for begging and search employment opportunities in India itself or starve to death. As per Rahul, Indian students should stop going abroad for study too and try to get education in India itself. Rahul and his entire family members got education in foreign countries because they belong to ruling class.

I suggest lovely and young Rahul; he should be angry not on Mayawati but ask his parent and grand parent who ruled this country for more than 50 years and who ruled UP and other states for decades together. He should ask his parent why all of them failed to make India so much strong that people of India started going abroad for earning their livelihood.

Even now Rahul Gandhi and his mother are almost ruling the Nation for last eight nine years, why they have completely failed to make India capable to retain all Indians in India and why she is following the path of reformation and globalization.

Rahul should really rebuke Manmohan Sing the Prime Minister who is called as Doctor in economics but whose economic principles have completely failed to stop inflation and price rise, failed to prevent growth of unemployment and failed to remove fear of terror attack. It is dirty politics and mindless economics of Manmohan led government that India’s image is getting tarnished in foreign countries and it is their policy of globalization that Indians are constrained to either go for begging in other parts of not only India but other parts of the world.

Before pointing out his accusing fingers towards Mayawati and other states ruled by Non Congress party Rahul should introspect and judge the performance of his government at center and his party government at many other states. I condemn Rahul for his divisive politics.
Why the state of UP and Bihar is so much backward?
Is it Mayawati who spoilt UP in four or five of her rule?
Who spoilt Bihar?
And I dare ask so called young brigade leader Rahul Gandhi to say more honestly and more clearly, whether all states presently governed by Congress Party are self sufficient and self dependent for employment and earning livelihood?

Rahul and Raj Thakre are two sides of the same coin. Both of them are anti federal structure of the country and attacking sentiments of innocent Indians for their vote bank even if the same results in breaking the unity and integrity of the country. Both are trying to disturb communal and regional harmony.

People from all states move from one state to other for employment or for study without any hesitation because they treat all states as equal and they do so as per spirit of the Constitution.. But mean minded politicians are trying to create animosity among people of various states to serve their vested interest.

Rahul Gandhi says that Upites should stop going to Maharashtra for begging. Raj Thakre says that Upites or North Indians are burden for Maharastra.
What is difference between Rahul Gandhi and Raj Thakre?
Such mean minded politicians are not talking of performance exhibited by them but they always blame opposition parties for performance not done by them or for their mischievous works, for their involvement in corruption. Rahul in UP is blaming Mayawati and his colleagues at Center are blaming BJP and RSS for evil works of UPA.
Indian voters will definitely teach Congress Party a lesson; this is my expectation from Indian voters.

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