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Baba Ramdeo on Members of Parliament

There is nothing wrong, nothing unusual, nothing lie and nothing astonishing when Baba Ramdeo or Anna or Mr. Kejriwal  says that murderers , looters and illiterate people are sitting in Parliament. He or Team Anna never told that all MPs are murderers, looters and illiterate. What Ramdeo said at Durg is that there are many such people in Parliament who are elected due to faulty election process prevailing in our country. It is only flatter media people who wish to propagate the line of ruling party are making all efforts to tarnish the image of Team Anna and Team Ramdeo.

Election Commissioner of India has also admitted in past several times that he failed to stop entry of criminals in Parliament despite his all efforts , he failed to stop use of black money in election and he failed to stop misuse of government fund during election times. He admitted on so many times that violation of election code of conduct by candidate occurs and he cannot stop it fully. He understands very well that politicians are making false promises to attract voters and government too knows that politicians are spending money on unproductive purposes merely to please their vote bank and in return they are jeopardizing the financial health of state government as also that of India as a whole.

Use of money and muscle power has become a normal and unavoidable necessity for a candidate aspiring to win the election. Obviously in such position honest and good performers cannot dream of getting elected in Parliament. High command of almost all political parties gives ticket to those person who has plenty of money, who has adequate number of goonda (anti-social) elements and who can deliver false speech to please voters, it may be based on caste , community or region or religion. Politicians makes false promises of giving laptops or bicycles, or scooty or cash to voters to win the election.

Crores of rupees, twenty five to thirty crores of rupees are spent by a candidate to win the election. Where from this money comes? It is undoubtedly bitter truth that criminals use their ill earned money for winning an election and it is they who buy High command of a party. Corporate who are having several rooms filled with black money and who are unable to park the same in banks give the same to politicians to contest a election and in return they get so many relaxation, tax rebates, acquittal from charges and relief even in courts.

I submit hereunder some of the paper links to open the eyes of media men and politicians who are pointing out their accusing fingers towards Ramdeo and who are not looking into their own past and prresent, own character and their own moral track record of ethics.

CEC for ban on criminals, black money in polls

New Delhi, March 9 (IANS) Barring criminals from contesting and checking use of black money in elections top his reform agenda,Chief Election Commissioner S.Y. Quraishi said Friday.
"Barring criminals from contesting and checking use of black money in elections are top reform proposals," said Quraishi while delivering a lecture here on poll reforms.
He said the proposals are pending with the centre for two decades and parliament has to decide on them.
Reiterating the importance of the election model code of conduct, the poll panel chief said "nobody can touch it" as "its compliance is more than of any other law in the country".
"Poll code is a moral law... it brings maturity to our democracy and a notice under it sends shivers down the spine of the violator," said Quraishi.
The code was in news during the recently concluded assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh when the EC issued notices to two union cabinet members - Law Minister Salman Khurshid and Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma - for violating it by promising sub quota to backward Muslims if the Congress was voted to power.
Among other poll reforms, he listed "paid news" as a problem and said both the giver and receiver in such cases should be jailed.
Quraishi also said that like the UPSC and the CAG offices, the EC budget should also be under the consolidated fund of India instead of getting it approved by the parliament.

Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi concerned over money use in elections

New Delhi: Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi on Friday appealed to all political parties to introspect over the growing influence of money power in elections as it was playing havoc with the system.
Quraishi said the Commission has seized Rs 70 crore from the five states which went to to the polls and out of this, a whopping Rs 60 crore was recovered from Tamil Nadu.
"It has become a matter of concern for us. We do feel that for every Rs one crore we seize, we are preventing  entry of Rs 40-50 crore," Quraishi said.
He said money power was playing "havoc" with the electoral system in the country and Election Commission is fine-tuning its means to deal effectively with the problem.
"It is not one party which is guilty. All parties are guilty. Some do it more, some do it less. They have to come together and introspect," he said.
Asked about the electoral reforms, he said six regional consultations have already been held and the seventh one is scheduled in Guwahati on June 5.
"After that we will have a national meeting with the Prime Minister and other leaders attending it. We hope to go forward," he said.
Asked about apprehensions of violence in West Bengal after assembly results were out, Quraishi maintained that the Election Commission's job will be over after the counting.
"I agree we have those apprehensions...We have taken abundant precautions. The forces will continue to be in Bengal for ten more days. This is unprecedented," he said expressing hope tempers should cool down by that time.
He also lauded the bureaucracy as a whole for delivering "perfect" elections.

Paid news an emerging challenge: CEC Quraishi

‘Money power' in polls yet to be tamed, says Quraishi

Paid news is making a mockery of the ceiling on expenditure
Chief Election Commissioner S.Y. Quraishi on Monday admitted that the use of money power was yet to be tamed in polls and stressed on the need for meeting new challenges which undermine democracy, election and voting.
Inaugurating the third conference of heads of election management bodies of the SAARC Countries here, he said democracy, elections and voting were connected by a single thread and together they helped in the emergence of a responsive moral society that avoids coercion and force and builds a strong link with human development. “They also allow people recurrently to choose their own leaders and determine their own destiny”.
On the menace of “paid news”, which he described as a “clandestine deal” between some media persons and a few politicians, he said it was disturbing the level playing field and making a mockery of the ceiling on expenditure. “The use of money power is a demon far from being tamed in elections. Civil society activism is on the rise all around and we are yet to assess what are the consequences for us”.
“It is said that the death of a democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush but a slow extinction from apathy, indifference and undernourishment”, he said, urging cooperation in strengthening the roots of democracy.
Election Commissioners V.S. Sampath and H.S. Brahma participated in the conference.
In the evening, the foundation stone for the Rs.48-crore new building to come up at Dwarka in Delhi for the India International Institute of Democracy and Election Management was laid by Mr. Quraishi.
The three-day conference brings together the Chief Election Commissioners and the senior election officials of the region on a common platform to share their best practices in election administration and management.
Empowerment of the Election Management Bodies; inclusive elections, voters' education, controlling money power in the polls and usage of technology for the cost-effective elections are some of the subjects being discussed in the meet.
Among others, Fazel Ahmad Manawi, Chairman, Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan; Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad, Chief Election Commissioner of Bangladesh; Dasho Kunzang Wangdi, Chief Election Commissioner of Bhutan; Neel Kantha Upreti, Chief Election Commissioner of Nepal; Ibrahim Waheed, Commissioner, Maldives; Justice Muhammad Roshan Essani, Member, Election Commission of Pakistan and Mahinda Deshapriya, Commissioner of Elections of Sri Lanka, are participating.

Weed out candidates with criminal past, says Gopalaswami

TNN Jan 29, 2012, 07.16AM IST
MARGAO: Former chief election commissioner of India N Gopalaswami on Saturday made a pitch for putting in place a strong legal mechanism to prevent candidates possessing criminal tendencies from contesting the elections.
He made these remarks while addressing a gathering after releasing a book titled 'Vonvlam' authored by retired IAS officer Aravind Bhatikar at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. Former chief minister Shashikala Kakodkar, noted writer Uday Bhembre and Fomento group chief Avdhoot Timblo, were present on the dais.

Poll reforms needed to debar criminals, Anna’s suggestions impractical: Quraishi

Despite underlining the need for electoral reforms, particularly to prevent candidates with criminal records from contesting polls, Chief Election Commissioner of India S Y Quraishi on Monday said anti-graft campaigner Anna Hazare’s suggestion to include a ‘ right to reject’ voting provision was not feasible or practical. “If all voters exercise their voting rights judiciously the need of implementation of this provision will not arise,” Quraishi said.
Delivering the convocation address at the Himachal Pradesh university here, the chief election officer said there were lakhs of people lodged in jails and facing trials. “If their liberties have been curtailed, then why should not people having tainted and criminal backgrounds be restrained from entering politics. After all, the right to contest polls is not a fundamental right like the right to vote,” he said.
Quraishi was of the view that if the people which criminal backgrounds are not allowed to contest elections, it would not in any manner infringe their rights. We need to have election reforms to debar such persons from entering the politics, he added.
The election body chief referred to the honorary degree that was awarded to Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajeev Shukla and said: “ I feel the Himachal Pradesh university has done a wonderful job in conferring you (Shukla) this honour so that you play an important role in pushing for electoral reforms”.
Quraishi further said that efforts were being made to ensure more transparency during elections and provide more rights to voters. In his convocation address, the chief election commissioner said the election body had opened a special cell to prevent black money from being used in the polls. “The use of black money could only be stopped if people also participate and help out the Commission in keeping a watch,’’ he said.
Around 141 Phds and 114 medals were conferred on meritorious achievers during the convocation. Mritunjaya Sharma was conferred D Lit in music. Phd degrees (Honoris Causa) were also conferred upon Rajeev Shukla, Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Padamshree Pratapsingh Ganpat Rao Jadhan, Alkshendra Singh in Social Sciences and Mahesh Verma for Dental Sciences.
Governor and Chancellor of the University, Urmila Singh also spoke on the occasion. She expressed happiness that women were outnumbering the men in different achievements and said that it was a positive sign of women empowerment.

BJP slams Baba Ramdev's remark against lawmakers

New Delhi, May 2 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday condemned yoga guru Baba Ramdev's remark that murderers, looters and illiterate people are sitting in parliament.
"Insulting parliament and parliamentarians is not a good thing. Any saint or someone else cannot insult democracy," BJP leaderYashwant Sinha told the media outside parliament.
"By doing so, democracy will become weak. I would appeal to everyone to stay away from such talks," he added.
BJP leader Kirti Azad said Baba Ramdev should not give such statements about MPs.
"It's a strange thing that Baba Ramdev said anything like this. Everybody should think before commenting anything, as it affects the people's mind," he added.
"People in parliament are elected by the people of India. Hence, good words should be use for parliamentarians," said BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain.
"We have made people who are demons in disguise to sit in parliament but they do not deserve to hold these prestigious positions and be in power. But the system is still functioning and we have also accepted these 543 people will run the country," Baba Ramdev told media in Raipur.
" However, there a few people who are good and we respect them from the core of our heart. But parliament also consists of goons, corrupt, murderers, illiterates, and we have to protect our parliament from these dishonest people," he added.
Baba Ramdev further said: "Earlier we raised the issue of black money and corruption. We made our countrymen aware about their strengths and told them that there is lot of wealth in form of natural resources."
"This time our campaign would focus on the procedure to get back the black money, steps that need to be taken to eradicate corruption and the measures that need to be initiated to prevent the illegal exploitation of natural resources," he added.
Earlier, Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal had also made similar comments against parliamentarians, which led to the letter sending him a privilege notice. (ANI)

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