Monday, September 10, 2012

Manmohan Singh Should Quit

It'S Time For Manmohan Singh To Quit

Collected from Silicon India 
Written by  Nalinaksha Mutsuddi

I’m neither an economist nor a politician. I’m a most ordinary common man and a senile and simpleton to boot. I hope, I can still express my opinion.

I’m not worried about what Washington Post comments or what the Time magazine says. As a rule I remain immune to criticism. I rely mainly on my own assessment about myself. I think Manmohan Singh is also like that. He is not swayed by public opinion, especially even if it reflects adversely on him. This is good; it gives me an opportunity to congratulate him.
You know what tall talks are going on. Everybody cries; he should take tough decisions. What are the tough decisions? There are many. Let’s remain restricted to decontrolling of diesel and removal of fuel and fertilizer subsidy.  And use the fund released in development of new infrastructure.

My question is – is he in a position to take those two decisions? It will be shot down by the coalition partners. Is the Congress as a party in a position to take such tough decisions? What happened to the hike of petrol price?

He should not bother about the comments made by Time or Washington Post. PMO should have maintained studied silence. At least in this context he was free to take the decision. He should have instructed the PMO not to react at all. But he didn’t. By raising the issue with the Time or Washington Post, the image of the PM was not enhanced; it made it dip further. He should have prevented the eager-beavers and ultra-sensitive sycophants to keep their mouth shut. By protesting to those comments we are giving undue importance to western press. And that’s harming us more. In the past Shahrukh Khan and former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam also were frisked at some US airports. Shahrukh Khan created a fuss along with PMO. But the great Kalam didn’t kick up a row on this issue at all. That sort of dignity and maturity PMO should have displayed. Was Kalam’s prestige diminished?

For all the flaks he is facing now Sonia Gandhi is responsible in the first place. Secondly, the Congress culture must share a major portion of the blame. ‘Genuflecting-to-the-family’ culture allowed Manmohan Singh to last as PM for so long. But nobody would admit their fault. Needlessly he has to take all the blame. It is high time he should call it quits from Sonia Gandhi and the band of lackeys for good.

Had Sonia Gandhi chosen Pranab Mukherjee as PM, in all probability, the country wouldn’t have come to such a pass. Just for wanting a docile PM and keeping all power with herself Sonia inflicted the greatest harm to the country and vitiated the political climate as a whole. She wanted a puppet PM, and got it in Mnamohan Singh. She never bothered about country’s future, or she lacked the vision to foresee it.

Without Sonia Gandhi’s blessed protection Manmohan Singh couldn’t have pulled on even for a month. Remember, what were the hurdles this same band of sycophants created for P.V. Narasimha Rao?  Rao was a cunning politician unlike Manmohan Singh. That’s why he could wriggle out of this morass every now and then and complete his full tenure. Poor Sitaram Kesari had to exit unceremoniously as Congress President.  In what way Sonia Gandhi is better than him?

I’m not towing the BJP line. My opinion is that BJP should allow the parliament to function as usual. If proper debate and discussion do not lead to any solution then they may cry for his scalp. In fact, I think, BJP is setting a dangerous trend of disrupting the parliamentary session in unparliamentary ways. In case BJP comes to power next time, they may face similar blockage on genuine or flimsy grounds.

Citizens!  It’s time to watch out.

My point of worry is Manmohan Singh’s health.  He had heart trouble in the past. The current undesirable stresses surely having adverse effect on his heart. It will aggravate it further. Why, for somebody’s folly he should damage his heart.  

Now, Dr. Manmohan Singh should pack up his luggage and snore in comfort and peace.

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