Saturday, March 23, 2013

An Appeal by Sri Arvind Kejriwal

An Appeal by Sri Arvind Kejriwal 

My fellow Indian,

Under Anna’s leadership, India came on streets against corruption. The people demanded a strong anti-corruption law. The government did not agree. None of the parties agreed. Obviously, they couldn’t have agreed because if they passed a strong Jan Lokpal Bill, most of the politicians would be in jail and their properties would be confiscated.
My friend, our entire political system has become rotten. Most of today’s problems are due to corrupt politics. Unless it is cleansed, nothing would improve. That’s why we had to enter politics – we tried to stay away, but we realized that approach would not work. We have now formed the Aam Aadmi Party.

Gandhiji said that politics devoid of honesty and spirituality is disastrous for the country. We have to change the politics of this country. I am confident that together, we can.

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Though now under law, we are a political party, however, the struggle against corruption continues. I am sitting on an indefinite fast from 23rd March. Why? Because in collusion with electricity and water companies, Delhi Government has increased electricity and water prices to such levels, that it is becoming almost impossible for common people in Delhi to pay up their bills. Many people are taking loans to pay their bills. But that can’t go on for long. Documents available with us indicate that the prices should be at least half of what they are today. The prices have been increased only due to corruption to favour a few companies. If something is not done immediately, the government plans to further increase these rates in the coming months.

BJP is in opposition in Delhi. It either remains quiet or makes pretence of opposition. The only hope is the people of Delhi. But people are scared. When we asked people to stop paying their illegitimate bills, they were scared that their electricity might be disconnected or court cases might be filed against them.

In order to take the fear out of the minds and hearts of the people and to unite them, I am sitting on an indefinite fast from 23rd March. This time, we are not demanding anything from the government. My appeal is directly to the people of Delhi – “I will stop paying my electricity and water bills, will u also do that? Let’s all unite. Don’t be scared. If most of the people in Delhi stop paying their electricity and water bills, no government will have the guts to disconnect anyone’s electricity. Even if the government does that, connect it again yourself.
I have given up food from March 23rd; will you give up your fears and stop paying your bills?”

Are we encouraging anarchy? No. 

If the government enacts a completely unjust law or is guided by corruption, then according to Gandhiji, it is the duty of every citizen to violate that unjust law and invite punishment. Else, we would be supporting injustice and corruption. Today, there is anarchy in every household in Delhi due to government’s corruption. If people stop paying bills, there might be anarchy in the houses of some politicians, but people will live in peace.
Through this letter, I seek your participation, in whatever way you can.

If you live in Delhi and want to join the movement by stopping to pay your bills please click here to sign the petition.

If you wish to volunteer your time for this campaign, please click here to contact Aandolan Kendra in your ward.

If you live outside Delhi, please call your family and friends in Delhi asking them to support the campaign or you may even come and assist us in Delhi.

If you wish to remain in touch please click here to give us your contact details.

Do not hesitate to write to us at, if you have any questions or suggestions.

Kindly forward this mail as widely as possible. Every effort helps, in the fight against corruption.
Jai Hind.

Warm regards,
Arvind Kejriwal


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