Monday, April 22, 2013

Corrupt Politicians Cannot Stop Rape

In India police force is the most inefficient, insensitive , corrupt and non -performer. There is no fear in the minds of evil doers but there is always fear in the minds of those who are innocent. This is because politicians and powerful rich persons has developed the art of motivating police and the court in their favour, it is they who exploit police for their self interest and for trapping innocent persons like Arvind Kejriwal and Ramdeo. 

There are very few police officials , IAS officers and IPS officers who are active and effective and as soon as such officers join any district , criminal fly away from the district.Such officers do not fear transfer and rejection in promotion processes . But majority of police personnel are always busy in bribery and flattery and it is they who spoil the atmosphere and who tarnishes the image of entire police force and due to such officers common men avoid even going to Thana for lodgement of FIR on any crime incidents. 

Government has formulated many laws and rules and passed several act to combat the cancer of corruption or that of dowry but totally failed to enforce these stringent rules and acts into practice. This s why cases of rape or loot or bribery go on rising unabated despite several laws in law book to deal with rape like heinous crime in the society.Politicians blame each other but never take any steps to ensure recurrence of crime , it may be a terror attack or a scam or dowry death or rape of a girl. Media men also organize debate on each occasions and end as scrape.

Delhi government and police have lost people's trust after brutal rape: Kiran Bedi

In the wake of the brutal rape of a five-year-old girl here, Kiran Bedi, country's first woman IPS officer and social activist, on Sunday demanded a change in the leadership in Delhi government and police saying they have lost trust of the people in the city.

She said the Lieutenant Governor Tejinder Khanna, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Chief Secretary D.P. Spolia and Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar should be changed as they were collectively accountable for the city.

"Delhi needs a whole-change of team! LG, CM, CS, CP! All Four! Not one (CP) but all Four! They are collectively accountable for the city!" Bedi said on micro-blogging website 'Twitter'.

"When city management loses trust, it is a collective failure of CM (political), CS (Bureaucracy), CP/DGP (ADM + Police) In Delhi it's LG...Delhi City is in the hands of LG, CM, CS, CP. All four have resources. City management fails when 'Big Four' do not work in alignment!" she said.

Bedi, who quit IPS after being overlooked for the post of Delhi Police Commissioner, said the city police lost trust of the people over years of "statistical and opaque policing".

"It got away then, but no more! They must change," she said. Expressing deep concern about the "next case of sexual assault, Bedi said she was wondering what is happening inside Delhi Police and how the force is coping with the onslaught on them by public during protests.

"How are lakhs of police personnel coping with public anger? They cannot speak openly. What must be urgently done to remedy? By whom?" Bedi said.
She said "prevention of sexual crimes need a social revolution, just as evil of Sati was fought! Hence involves all," she added.

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