Wednesday, April 17, 2013

India Cannot Stop Blast

As long as Mr. Chidambaram was the Minister for Home affairs, NO terror attack occurred. Mr. Shiv Raj Patil was a burden for the country as Home Minister and equally Mr. Shinde is.  Such type of people cannot stop terrorism or naxalism or Maoism because they are of the view that terror attack is happening in all countries and it will happen in India also. People of India will forget all very soon.

When Mr. Chidambaram was shifted from Ministry of Home to that of finance, it became crystal clear that terror attack will come back in India. It was because of the fact that officers of all departments working under his control were closely monitored and assessed by him and officials were motivated and forced to be vigilant throughout the day and throughout the year. As a result of war initiated against terrorism by him, not only terrorist stopped their terror activities, followers of Naxalism in various states also had started demanding removal of Mr. Chidambaram and unfortunately some political enemies also started supporting such anti-national demand for serving their self interest and for serving their political purpose.

Ultimately When Sonia Gandhi and her flatterers who wanted Rahul to be next Prime Minister decided to remove the then Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee from Finance portfolio to the post of President of India because it was he who was ambitious for the post of PM since long and hence posed an immediate threat to Rahul .Moreover Mr. Mukherjee was not successful as Finance Minister just like Mt. Shiv Raj Patil as Home Minister ( later made Governor of a state ). In such position Mr. Chidambaram was made Finance Minister and there was no doubt to me that India will have to face again frequent attacks from external as well as domestic sources of terrorism.

As soon as Mr. Shinde joined as Home Minister, blast occurred in Pune and since then so many incident of terror attack has occurred, not only from foreign countries but from country based naxalists. On the contrary Mr. Chidambaram has done a better job in finance to a great extent He has at least understood that Banks cannot survive if the bad debts continue to rise and bank’s capital is allowed to erode in the same way. It is he who built pressure on bank management to control rise in bad assets. What I mean to say here that things can improve if the head of any organization or any department is active, effective, honest and knowledgeable. As long as Mr. Lalu Yadav and her wife was head of the state of Bihar as Chief Minister, kidnapping, murder, hijacking etc was normal phenomenon. As soon as Mr. Nitish became CM, all such crimes stopped or reduced to barest minimum.

 Similarly due to control mechanism and 365 day 24 hours alert mechanism adopted by the government of USA, terror attack could not occur for last 12 years and it is very much certain that US government will leave no stone unturned to bring the actual culprit to task. People of America are all Americans and they do not debate on whether they are conservative or democratic. They have proved by their actions that they know how to teach a lesson to their enemies and how to take revenge of any attack on any Americans; they never treat any loss to American from the point of view of their vote bank as Indian politicians usually think. American media do not disturb police and investigating agencies on flimsy matters as Indians do to favour a ruling party without caring that their such unhealthy debate makes India poor in the eyes of enemy countries like Pakistan.

In India, politicians of various political parties blame each other. Media men also add fuel to fire by bringing persons of BJP and Congress Party on debate forum and raise such issues that people of India forget the loss caused to Nation and to People of India by terror attacks and they start debating whether Congress Party is accountable or BJP s responsible. Yesterday also when incident of blast took place in Bangalore, the leader of Congress Party told that BJP will gain sympathy vote after the incident of blast. Media men who were making hue and cry on TV debates  on the concocted dispute whether Mr. Modi will be PM candidate for BJP or not got another topic to pull BJP leaders .

As such I do not hesitate to say media men are guilty to a great extent for many problems of the country as politicians are responsible for the social, national and economic problems India is facing. It is but natural that leaders of Congress Party which rules the country for major part of freedom are accountable for all ills of the country; it may be price rise, unemployment, corruption or terrorism.

Lastly I would like to say that voters have to understand the value of their vote and they will have to think that they are first Indians, and then only government of India can control terrorism or cure the cancer of corruption of contain the burden of price rise. Similarly all state governments have to think that they are part of India’s federal structure and thence they have to come out of their narrow approach that people of their state are  Marathi or Bihari or Punjabi , tribal or non tribal, dalit or non-dalit , Hindu or Muslim, Sikh or Christian etc.

Similarly viewers of TV channels and readers of newspapers have to boycott TV and newspaper who gives biased and ‘Bakwas’ news to favour a ruling party or others and who dilute national priorities merely to generate revenue for their promoters.

It is India where if a leader talk of Development , he is falsely accused of being communal and if a leader of ruling Congress Party party is blamed of price rise , corruption , unemployment etc the leader of that party is praised because  he is secular. 

When people talk of price rise , they are taught the lesson of secularism. When people demand action against persons involved in escalation of 1984  Sikh Riot, the same breed of media men talk of so called reformation and secularism.

When Team Anna and Team Arvind Kejeriwal talk of Lokpal, they are advised to join politics to fight out the evils and when the followers of them form a political party , they are accused of being leading movement against evils for political gain.

In brief , it will not be incorrect to say that it is media men who can make an issue non-issue and who can convert a non-issue to prime issue of the country. It is media men who can make or mar the country . It is media men who are playing only negative politics and weaken India in international forum. 

Time has come when viewers of Indian TV shows should teach lessons to promotors of TV in the larger interest of the country.

I do no blame Ravish of NDTV for his biased and fatal game against a political entity, I like to blame the promoters of TV who build pressure on such journalists and who employ journalist of a particular brand . Because the earn revenue from ruling party and for this they go to the extent of even spoiling the future of the country. they forget that in democracy , it is only the free media which can play a constructive role to build strong India and to ensure punishment for evil doers. 

It is only in India that as soon as a blast occurs, terror attacks happens and any accident or bad incident takes place media men start pulling the legs of BJP or talking in the past. Media men talk of past and illustrate their false and ill motivated logics to tarnish the image of one party or the other , but they never try to brig good leaders together to build strong India.

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