Thursday, June 13, 2013

Food Security Bill---“ Chit Bhi Meri Pat Bhi Meri”

Government at Delhi is facing acute financial crisis and due to this only they decontrolled diesel and petrol price, removed subsidy from LPG gas and took all steps to reduce the loan of subsidy. They do not have enough funds to meet the burden arising out of food Security Bill. Central government cannot afford expenses arising out of food security bill.

Obviously leaders of Congress Party is playing dirty politics by simply  announcing object of Food Security bill and acting as if they are inclined for the submission of bill or pretending as  if they will bring ordinance on Food Security bill.

In fact they want simply to put blame on opposition party BJP for non- passing of the said bill and encashing the same in poll campaign. It is worthwhile to mention here that top leaders of BJP have so many times told that they are ready to support Food Security Bill with slight amendment.

Had Congress Party been so much serious on passing of bill and if they were really worried for poor of the country, they could have done so much before and anytime during their 10 years of rule. Congress Party is sticking to policy of  “ Chit Bhi Meri Pat Bhi Meri”.

If bill is passed the economic burden will fall upon new government elected after 2014 election but they will market vote by projecting the benefits of the bill. If the bill is not passed due to opposition, they will gather vote by putting entire blame on opposing parties and maligning the opposition party especially BJP .

UPA failed to bring labour reform bill, woman reservation bill, judiciary reform bill, anti terror bill etc . All this happened under a strategy not under opposition from BJP or any other party.

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