Thursday, June 13, 2013

Possibility of Third Front

Dream of Third Front

Some of regional parties are dreaming of forming third front to fight out BJP and Congress Party. They want to weaken National parties like BJP and Congress party and they may succeed in this malicious and ill motivated task. But it is undeniable true that they may not manage majority to rule the country. As because regional parties are themselves divided, and as they are at daggers drawn to each other in each state where they have presence we cannot imagine of stable and cohesive third front..

In fact there will force forming of two third fronts , third front A and Third Front B.

One part A will be constituted by anyone of Left Front and Mamta's Trinamool Congress, anyone of DMK and AIADMK, anyone of SP and BSP, anyone of JD U and RJD, anyone of JMM and JVM etc and another Part B will be formed by other option left by Part A of third front.

In this way result of next election will be divided in five parts, each winning 20 percent of seats. Five hundred forty two seats of the result will be divided almost equally among Congress party, BJP, Third front A, Third Front B and others constituted by smaller parties and individual. 

As a result any part which can spend highest amount of money to purchase MPs from other four parts will be able to form the next government.

Entire blame of such pathetically critical situation after result of the election will go to selfish leaders of political parties who are perfectly selfish and greedy for post, power, wealth and wine.

It is unfortunate that some important even leaders like Nitish and Advani who can make or mar the fortune of the country are always thinking from their self interest and it is painful that they too are ready to sacrifice the interest of the common men, image of the country and safety, integrity and unity of Indians and State governments to serve their self interest..

Normally Selfish leaders are dividing the nation on the line of caste, community, region and religion. They are not ready to treat all Inhabitants of the country purely as Indian. We cannot expect person like Nitish and Advani to be selfish but their current posture prove that they are selfish from the core of their heart. No doubt dream of third front coming to power will be shattered very soon. But the stand taken by person like Nitish and Advani will weaken the fight against corrupt congress party.

Due to corrupt culture of UPA ,  weakness of the country is growing and common men are suffering. There was much expectation from BJP led NDA .I am however still hopeful.

So far as UPA I or UPA II are concerned. I can say that Unemployment is growing, safety and security of common men is in danger, crisis of water and electricity is increasing in dimension, poverty is increasing, banks are growing sickness, Naxal attacks are beyond control, price rise is beyond control, external terrorism is beyond control , current account deficit is beyond control , inflation is beyond control and so on………………..

I am unable to understand what for UPA government is proud of.

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