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Are Leaders of Congress Party Advocates of Pakistan? Are they SHEEP To Toe Their Master's Line?

Message released in press by Ministry of defense regarding the incident of killing of five Indian soldiers and the Statement given by  Antony in Indian PARLIAMENT yesterday on 7th of August of 2013  or  the similar line of pleading done by his propagators and endorsers of his statement are undoubtedly and clearly working for the pleasure of Pakistan and not for moral boost up of Indian army soldiers, such leaders are real enemy of the country , and not terrorist.  

 I do not mean to say there should be war or war is any solution for all mischievous act of  the enemy or only retaliation in the same language is the one and only one solution, but what I mean to emphasize here is that Indians should act as Indians and should try to exhibit by their actions , attitude and by their utterances that they are purely Indians first ,then a party leader or a caste person or a person of a particular state. 

I do not mean to say that Pakistan is squarely blamable without going into fact or without the outcome of real investigation taking place, there may be negligence on part of Indian soldiers too, but I want to stress here that responsible persons like Defense Minister or External Affairs minister should ascertain the truth first before they come out with statement and before they allow a  press release and then go for modification ----that too  again without ascertaining the fact.

It appears very much ridiculous and shameful also that instead of telling the nation what is solution to killer act of Pakistan and telling the  attackers and killers what retaliatory steps are possible in hard terms, our corrupt leaders calculate the incidents in terms of which occurred during NDA Or BJP rule and that under UPA or Congress Party rule.They say something at 4 pm about who attacked on our army men and in the evening they change the lines of press release just to cover up what Pakistan did. Our own leaders defend the action of Pakistani army men whereas it was the duty of Pakistan government to advocate whether they are involved or not (whether truely army men or disguised army men has to proved by Pakistan , not by Indian leaders).

 It is beyond comprehension of common Indians how our Defense Minister Mr. Antony could come to conclusion within 3 hours that killers were not army solders of Pakistan but dressed as Pakistan army soldiers. After all what does  he want to prove? 

Does he Mr. Antony and or does Mr Salman Khursid  want to say that Indian army is weak and Pakistan did nothing  wrong?

Does he mean to say that Pakistan is not responsible for killer act only because the killers were not army men but dressed as army men?

The great Supreme Court could take three years to establish that Kasab was Pakistani and real terrorist even if the entire world witnessed him involved in terror attack and entire scene could be visible in cameras.

Leaders of Congress Party can calculate the threat from so called Hindu Atankwad and predict greater threat to defend their Ineffectiveness and can dilute the real threat coming from Pakistan based terrorists or can win the hearts of few Muslims but Indians in general will not be swayed away by illogical statements given by corrupt and Anti-India leaders of Congress Party. 

Leaders of Congress Party may be blind to National security but Indian voters are not that much fool and blind, they will definitely teach a lesson to such traitors in general election.

I therefore say without any hesitation that Shameless  leaders of Congress Party has tarnished the image of the country , demoralized the moral of army men and ridiculed the fighting capacity of Indian soldiers. Because it is  they, the Congress Party leaders who always  compares the loss caused by terror attack during UPA rule with that under BJP or  NDA rule. For all corruption , for all lapses and for all of their mistakes , they blame BJP even after remaining in power for decades .

 It is nothing but their Dirtiest politics to defend their ineffectiveness.To add fuel to fire , our Defense minister pleads as if he is advocate of Pakistan Government and other leaders of Congress Party act as if they as sheep and do not have their own conscience and as if they are meant to Say only ""YES"" to what their High Command say and to say NO what their opponents say , particular BJP leaders say.And so far as PM Mr. Manmohan Singh is concerned he is of the view that silence is the greatest defense for all types of mistakes of omission and commission.

It is further astonishing and horrible to observe that even a section of media men  has changed the direction of debate on TV media from Malicious Intention of Pakistan and from punishable act committed by Pakistan and have have concentrated on what occurred during NDA rule and what not occurred during UPA rule . A section of media also act as if they are puppets and agents of Congress Party for nothing but for economic gain. They are not fourth pillar of democracy but they are the broken pillar . 


Are Leaders of Congress Party Advocates of Pakistan? 

Who are actual guilty for killing of five army men  will be proved later but why ministerrs are giving clean chit to Pakistan before they investigate ?

Are they not blind and biased?

Are they focused on only Muslim Vote Bank even at the cost of security of the nation?

Are they SHEEP To Toe Their Master's Line?

Last but not the least ,Are they fit for ruling the country ?

LoC killing: When AK Antony's aversion to communication brought him amidst controversy--ET 8th August 2013

NEW DELHI: It is a truth universally accepted that India's Defence Minister is a man of few words. He prefers to speak only when it is absolutely necessary and he stops when he has said what is absolutely essential. His statements are mostly straightforward. There is no waffle and there is no spin. While India's Foreign Minister speaks five sentences to convey what can be said in one, AK Antony will speak no more than half a sentence if he can help it.

Over the seven years that he has calmly presided over the Ministry of Defence — the longest for any Defence Minister — with its vast budgets, responsibility of sensitive borders and the men and machines that keep India safe, a broad template has emerged to his responses.

Allegations of corruption, for instance, will usually "be fully probed" and "those found guilty will not be spared". Border skirmishes are usually met with an assurance that India is "fully prepared" to meet security challenges.

An abundance of caution has always characterised his words and actions during five decades of spotless public life. It is perhaps due to a desire to avoid controversy in New Delhi's brutal politics of survival and partly out of the awareness of the sensitivity of his job that he deals in his unique brand of minimalist communication.

Why did Antony apportion the blame for the deadly ambush to "persons dressed in Pakistan army uniforms" in his statement in Parliament when the Army had already issued a statement squarely placing the responsibility for the attack on "Pak Border Action Team"? He later said his statement was based on the inputs he had received at the time. The Army later withdrew its statement and sent out Antony's statement in Parliament as the new statement.

Perhaps there are strategic secrets he can't reveal, which holds the key to why he qualified his statement in this particular manner. Perhaps we will never know. But it is clear that an aversion to expansive communication has not spared Antony what he dreads the most — a controversy with him at its Centre.

BJP against restoring full dialogue with Pakistan

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Danendra Jain said...

Just now in Parliament i.e. at 12 noon Mr. Antony has expressed that the killing of army men yesterday was carried out by Pakistan Army ---------he has just reversed his stand which he took in Parliament yesterday. At least in this respect Media especially person like Arnab has got success in forcing Congress Party led Indian government to tell the truth and stop acting as if pleader on behalf of Pakistan government.