Monday, August 5, 2013

Honest Durga Nagpal Facing Ordeal ""Agniparikchha""

UP Chief Minister says that 
(news items published in Economic Times given below)

'"Officers have to be punished by government for mistakes"

May I ask Mr.Akhilesh Yadav why ministers and elected MLAs and MPs should not be punished when they commit mistake ? 

If yes , Has he suspended any MLA or his father Mulayam Singh has suspended any of his MLA during his tenure for mistake? 

There are several instances when MLA committed mistake and TV showed it.There are several MLAs and MPs against whom cases are pending in court of laws and who are facing trail and who are already convicted by court.

Further why MPs and MLAs of all political parties are inclined to amend laws so that even convicted persons can contest election and criminal persons can remain MLA and MP. 

Why Parliamentarians are unanimously blaming Supreme Court for its verdict that convicted persons cannot be allowed to enter into Parliament and cannot be allowed to contest election.

Are MLA and MPs ABOVE LAWS only because they are elected persons and they only give oral orders? 

And IAS or IPS officers or a government employee is to suspended only because he is literate and selected after tough examinations?

Will any politician answer above few questions in public interest?

Why politicians are not to be punished even if their charges are proved and vulnerable and why persons like Durga Nagpal should be punished even if her charges are not yet framed  ,established and proved ? 

When CM commit a mistake of suspending an Officer by giving verbal order during midnight , some of  politicians endorse his views and support him blindly and justify his illegal action without any shame . 

Are they, MLAs all puppet of CM?

And when IAS officers association support Durga and take up the matter of injustice , politicians of party like SP treat the matter as if has hurt their ego and ready to do and die to justify their illegal action by hook or by crook. 


Is it not only for flattery and ultimate personal gain ?

Such selfish, corrupt, anti-people and anti employees minister should be and must be punished by voters .

If not , Common men should  punish persons like Akhilesh Yadav who justify suspension of officer like Durga Nagpal.

After all it is not the case of humiliation of officer like Durga Nagpal only , it is humiliation to all honest officers, it is discourage to all sincere workers and it is directly promoting a bad culture if persons like Durga is subjected to ordeal by Government and by media.

I however laugh at Sonia Gandhi and Congress Party who are speaking for justice to Durga . Because Congress Party and  its leaders are originator and propagator of bad culture of flattery and bribery in India. It is leaders of Congress Party who justified transfer of officers like Ashok Khemka only because he wrote against Vadra to enforce  rule of law. 

During the rule of Congress Party , officers of integrity  honesty and sincerity are routinely transferred to remote area or rejected in promotion process or dismissed from services if the officers do not toe the like of their political masters.And in banking services , it is only flattery and  bribery which matteers much for making a good career.

Officers have to be punished by government for mistakes: Akhilesh Yadav--Economic times 6th August 2013

LUCKNOW: Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadavsaid that like errant students are thrashed by their parents the government too punishes officials who are found wanting in their duty. Speaking at a function to felicitate meritorious students, Yadav justified the decision to suspend Durga Shakti Nagpal by saying "I am sure there would be children here who would have been punished by their teacher when they neglected studies. Some of the them would have been thrashed by their parents at times also. Governments also work like that. If an officer makes a mistake, he or she is punished". 

Later, Akhilesh Yadav said that the media and the opposition are gunning for the government on an action taken by them. "So many SDMs are suspended across the country but no one hears about it. The last government (Mayawati's) did several things. One IAS died mysteriously but no one uttered anything. These days IAS are free to work but in the previous BSP government they had to remove their shoes and enter the CM's office. We want both the government machinery to function properly and also the cadres to be happy". 

Meanwhile, the Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) report, cited by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav as the basis for action against Nagpal, does not mention her presence at the Kadalpur village on the day the mosque's wall was demolished, according a source.

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