Friday, September 13, 2013

Congrats Mr. Narendra Modi

After all Narendra Modi has been accepted as PM candidate for 2014 PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION.

Leaders of Congress Party says that NM is CM of Gujarat and hence may not be acceptable in other states. They should keep in mind that MMS is not even a leader of any constituency and still he has been PM for last nine years and more.

Leaders of Congress Party who are willfully and wrongly maligning the image of Mr. Modi by crying on 2002 Riot forget that they committed heinous crime during during 1984 Sikh Riot and it is they who did not abide by RAJ Dharam for which they use to preach sermons to Modi and BJP leaders.

Leaders of Congress Party who always try to defend their hundreds of scams and thousands of cases of corruption cases by repeating the story of Bangarappa , a three decade old story related to  BJP president should introspect their heart and reassess honestly their performance and their treatment to honest officers like Khemka .

A few leaders of BJP may be unhappy or may have different view on selection Of NM as PM candidate. When open discussion and debate takes place in democratic way in any organisation , there may not not be 100 percent consensus on any point . It is  the culture of Congress Party where leaders blindly support Sonia Gandhi or members of Gandhi family because they do not believe in democratic principle and because they have faith in flattery and corruption . On the contrary BJP leadership has given full time to arrive at consensus and given all an opportunity to express. There is difference in approach and mindset of two parties.

Now media men should put big stop on their character assassination programme which some section of media are carrying out since long.Now they should ask the questions to Congress Party regarding their PM candidate.

Not voters will think and decide who is better and who will prove to be better candidate for the post of PM after giving due consideration to merit and demerit of all probable candidates.

Lastly I request Leaders of BJP and Mr. Modi to focus now on performance of BJP ruled states and tell the voters of this country what they are likely to do for Indians as a whole, they should desist from focusing on temple issue and avoid maligning the image of Sonia or MMS based on family background or mistakes committed by their forefathers. 

Leaders of BJP should try to say what BJP has done in BJP rules states and what Congress Party leaders failed to do for Congress Party ruled States and For the country .

Please avoid mutual mud slinging process and avoid media men who put silly questions to divide  the party. 

Any leaders who differs with the views of Modi or any other leader should voice his or her sound when they gather in a party level meeting and avoid expressing their different vies before media. 

BJP anoints Narendra Modi as PM candidate for 2014 elections--ET

NEW DELHI: Narendra Modi, a staunch proponent of Hinduvta, was today anointed BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, ending months of suspense over his elevation amid stiff opposition by party patriarch L K Advani. 

The announcement was made by BJP chief Rajnath Singh after a meeting of the party's Parliamentary Board which was skipped by Advani who expressed "anguish" over the way the party was functioning. 

Except Advani, the meeting of the 12-member Board was attended by other leaders like Sushma Swaraj, Murli Manohar Joshi, Arun Jaitley and Nitin Gadkari. 

The decision on Modi came on a day of fast-paced developments and back-to-back meetings and last minute efforts to bring around Advani,Joshi and Swaraj. 

Soon after the announcement, Modi went to meet Advani to seek his "blessings". 

Advani initially appeared willing to attend the Board meeting but changed his mind at the last minute, sources close to him said. 

The BJP veteran had conveyed his reservations about announcing Modi's name at this juncture. He had suggested that the BJP chief ministers should be consulted on the issue and the party should wait till the forthcoming Assembly elections to Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Delhi are over. 

Advani was of the view that making Modi the Prime Ministerial candidate will put issues like price rise and corruption- on which the BJP has attacked the Congress- on the backburner and make the controversial leader the issue. 

Rajnath Singh said the decision was taken keeping in view the mood and aspirations of the people. He said the decision was taken "unanimously". 

He said Advani is a respected leader and will continue to be respected. "We will keep seeking his guidance," he said. 

Joshi and Swaraj, who too were said to be having reservations to Modi's projection at this juncture, changed their stand to join the majority. 

Significantly, Swaraj cancelled her plan to visit Haryana this morning to attend the Board meeting. 

Earlier, Gadkari met Rajnath Singh to discuss the issue. Later, Gadkari met Advani to persuade him on Modi's name. Swaraj and Ananth Kumar also joined the meeting. 

Joshi was asked to return to the capital by a special flight from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh where he had gone to attend a party programme. 

Modi got a shot in the arm today when NDA allies Shiv Sena and Shiromani Akali Dalextended their support to him for the PM candidate post.

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