Thursday, December 12, 2013

An Appeal To Narendra Modi

I would like to place my views here for the notice of top leaders of BJP . I am very much confident that Mr. Modi will get absolute majority for BJP to form the government at its own. But leaders of BJP should avoid criticizing or ridiculing  AAP and Mr. Kejriwal for at least two three months and let Congress Party do the role of opponent of AAP. 

AAP is in infant  stage and any hindrance in their path by any party will go positive for AAP  and go negative for those who criticize and ridicule person like Kejriwal and party like AAP in their infant stage.

Please understand the reality of sympathy common men has for AAP and act accordingly. After two three months there will be adequate opportunities to weigh AAP .Pl do not lose patience.This is my earnest appeal . I am strong supporter of BJP and Mr. Modi and Mr. Advani.

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Just after election result:If Aam Admi Party AAP deliberately and diplomatically avoids forming the government in Delhi despite the green signal given by leaders of Congress Partu to extend unconditional support of 8 of their elected members to AAP from outside,I request BJP leaders to form government in Delhi and do all what AAP wants for Delhi. 

They should consult AAP men on all issues and try to win their heart.They should try to form joint coordination committed of all parties members. This will dilute their animosity with BJP and in the forthcoming election BJP will get absolute majority at its own .

Local leaders will have to stop criticizing leaders of AAP immediately. Good suggestions of AAP must be respected by BJP to create a healthy tradition contrary to what used to happen so far.Days are gone when ruling party members will say Yes and opposing members will say NO to all bills proposed by ruling party and vice versa.

 I have written a letter to Arvind Kejriwal too. I have clearly expressed that  AAP  when he cannot form the government even after unconditional support of Congress Party how can he dream of BJP ruling Delhi without the support of AAP.  

After all everyone has to learn to respect all elected members, not only of Ruling party but that of opposing party. It is the duty of guardian ,means the duty of the ruling government to give values of opposition more than that of their own members. Please create a new initiative and this effort will puncture the fight of AAP against corruption.

Again I am of strong opinion that BJP should form the government if Dy governor call and request for it. And if AAP does not support in assembly in transaction of Assembly business , they will lose public sympathy and BJP will become first preference. Otherwise lose to BJP will increase as their movement spreads to other states. 

If on the other hand BJP refrain from forming the government,  voters will accuse them of avoiding taking responsibility and finally vote of common men  tilt to AAP to some extent which may adversely affect the overall winning possibility of BJP in forthcoming Parliamentary election.


Spokesman of Congress Party says that since Delhi voters have given more votes ad more seats to AAP ,they have extended unconditional support to AAP in making of government so that they can fulfill the promises AAP made to voters , they could bring down the price of electricity, they can reduce water bill , they can bring prices down of vegetables etc. This is nothing but a diplomatic step of Congress Party to malign AAP and prove that AAP cannot do what they promised. They (Congress Men) are mistaken. They treat all others fool and consider themselves as the cleverest. If they really want to give respect to the wishes of voters, they should have extended unconditional support to BJP because BJP was having largest number of seats.

I however feel that BJP has committed blunder by not forming the government.. By declining to form the government on one reason or the other, Not only AAP will loss the sympathy of the voters but BJP will also face the anger of voters. 

I reiterate that BJP should learn to form the government even with opponents because forthcoming Parliamentary election may also pose the same critical situation to handle with.BJP or AAP can visualize President‘s rule for Delhi but they cannot dream of the same President’s rule at the center. They have to devise new methodology to cope with fragmented verdict in Parliamentary election .Congress Party is now reduced to minority and it is only AAP which will pose the real challenge to Mr. Narendra Modi.

I have written you in this regards a few days ago and hope leadership will give due weightage to the problem and invest the solution .


Conditions laden letter written by AAP to Sonia Gandhi and Rajnath is nothing but a part of drama being played by AAP leaders and I am most confident that they will form the government even if both parties refrain from responding letter written by AAP. After all they are answerable to voters and they cannot afford making false excuses for not forming the government.

Mr. Kejriwal may be a good person but the conditions put forward by him for taking support of BJP and Congress Party is nothing but a dictatorial ambition to treat others inferior in all respect. This is as good as a demand by a student that he should be first given ‘First Division certificate’ before answering papers for the examination.

I hope BJP leaders will maintain complete silence on the letter and avoid responding. It is very much certain that voters will force AAP to form the government at Delhi. It is really strange that Congress Party has offered unconditional support but AAP wants conditional support. Had Congress Party offered the same support to BJP or even without the support of Congress Party, BJP could have formed the better government and they could have got an opportunity to fully execute the entire task which AAP had promised voter and this could have punctured the movement of AAP.


People of India or leaders of BJP may say I am very much optimistic, but I may say confidently that under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi will get 300 seats in 2014 election. However I would like to say that Arvind Kejriwal has become an undisputed hero in Indian politics and his charismatic approach has been proved beyond doubt in Delhi election. It is true that his influence in 2014 election will be limited to few constituencies, but his values and his devotion cannot be ignored by true Indian.

As such BJP should not underestimate AAP and I request leaders of BJP who attend TV debate to refrain from criticizing AAP leaders at least until the day when they fail to accomplish the task they promised to Delhi voters. Mr. Advani was not given much applause in 2003 election when he used to call Manmohan Singh as weak candidate though he was right in this regard to a great extent. Since MMS was a clean and honest person in public perspective at that time, Advani used to get adverse comment when he used to point out his fingers on MMS saying as Weak. Similarly If anyone in this country at present juncture dare criticize AAP leaders on flimsy and traditional ground, he will not be liked by Indian voters who want end of corruption anyhow, who want effective administration and who want to get fall in price rises.

Now AAP will form the government in Delhi and if they fail to do what they promised, only then BJP will get an opportunity to accuse AAP with favourable vote from voters. If AAP shows good performance, it will be desirable to refrain from making any adverse or sarcastic comment against them. It is therefore my appeal to all BJP leaders to focus only on their achievement and on deficiency of Congress Party ruled states because I want to See BJP in Power in 2014.


Today Mr. Gadkari accused Congress Party of having secret game plan which according to his opinion was decided in the house of an industrialist.

I request Gadkari ji to refrain from making false propaganda at this time when Aam Admi are blindly and truely behind Mr. Kejriwal and AAP.It is only Kejriwal who have understood well the nerves of common men and honestly trying to resolve the issues of common men . Please let them work in Delhi for a few months and then honestly assess the viability of AAP and decide your future course of action. But never underestimate the capacity , caliber and potential of AAP . One who underestimates the strength of enemy may face erosion in success possibility . Please try to change the strategy of victory and mindset of BJP leaders  in changed political atmosphere.

 There is no doubt to me that Mr. Narendra Modi is an iron men and growth master. It is he who can pull all caste and communities together to make India great and it is he only who in political environment can lead the country far far better than Congress Party. BJP has always been better performer.

But the birth, progress record and probable rise of AAP and Mr. Kejriwal on political horizon cannot be ignored and underestimated.. I have been fan of BJP and Narendra Modi from the day I learnt Politics. In 2014, AAP may not put great challenge to BJP but in next election AAP will be the main challenge to BJP.

A successful man does not underestimate the ground reality and never downplay his political enemy in political war. Perhaps this was the mistake of BJP as well as Congress Party leaders who underestimated Kejriwal in Delhi election and ridiculed him that AAP rose to such a height. I therefore hope BJP and Its leaders will change their mindset in unison with changed political environment.

If these well established parties still continue their propaganda against AAP in similar way without watching closely the performance of AAP for at least a few months, I have no doubt that at least Congress Party will be washed away in the Tsunami of AAP in 2014 and BJP will also suffer to some extent.

As such  I use to write to BJP and Narendra Modi also for betterment and for improvement of my present party BJP and I am most hopeful that BJP will bring about necessary change in contents of speech, debate and discussion and win not less than 300 seats in 2014 MP election.

With sincere regards to Modi ji and his colleagues in BJP
Danendra Jain


To give a boost to popularity of Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP I would like to request you to invite and give important post or give ticket for MP to some of Very Important and popular personalities such as Chetan Bhagat, T N Sheshan, Vinod Ray, KIREN Bedi, Gen V K SINGH, CRICKET MASTER GANGULY and many others IAS and IPS officers who were renowned for their honesty and effectiveness during their tenure or even existing senior officers who are inclined to join politics to give a good contest to AAP candidate whose popularity is going up by leaps and bounds.

Try to keep persons with maligned image and give all good position to honesty and effectiveness of leaders in the party so that there will be tough competition in goodness and honesty in 2014 election.

I once again request leaders of BJP to avoid making sarcastic comments of Mr. Kejriwal and AAP till they are most beloved in public domain. Let them pass through ordeal of fulfillment of promises. If they succeed in fulfilling their promises they will become hero and in that cases BJP cannot afford confined with old and traditional method of campaigning for election if they want to ensure majority in 2014 election.

It is desirable that name of candidates for 2014 election is announced now and as soon as possible so that last hour resentment is avoided .Let the candidate work in their constituencies for at least three four months so that they may tough every booth in their area.

04.01.2014      I do not like the way Elected Leaders of BJP are ridiculing leaders of Aam Admi Party in State Assembly. AAP has just taken the charge of the government and that too after BJP refused to form the minority government. Now let them work for considerable good length of period and show the result and till then BJP leaders should not lose patience. People do not like the way MLAs of BJP criticized the allotment of house to CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. I request BJP stalwarts to refrain from criticizing AAP at least for few months. MLAs should not quarrel like children. Public image of AAP as of now is excellent and anyone who criticise good person will be disliked by conscious persons and parties. Please do not be impatient. After all BJP has to face the challenge in next election only from AAP and not at all from Congress Party or any other regional parties.

21.01.2014 >I request honourable Sri Narendra Modi and respected top leaders of BJP to advise their spokesmen to refrain from criticizing and ridiculing  Aam Admi Party and Mr. Kejriwal or their followers on flimsy ground. Let AAP and Congress Party work together for a few months. Please wait for some time. Any criticism of AAP directly hits the feelings of common men and this causes erosion in popularity of BJP along with that of Congress Party. I have written this before also, But I think there is none to read this message.BJP should focus on corruption and mismanagement of economic affairs of Congress Party.

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