Saturday, December 7, 2013

Victory of AAP and BJP But Rout OF Congress Party Is Almost Final

BJP cadre and BJP leaders should be cautious in giving statements to media. Some sections of TV media are trying to divide BJP. Sometimes they say that Sushma Swaraj should be the candidate for the post of PM and some other times they say that there is rift between Advani camp leaders and Pro- Modi leaders. They are trying to create rift between Rajnath and Modi and sometimes they catch hold of Yashwant Sinha to speak against leadership of BJP . I however hope that leaders of BJP will understand the importance of Unity, As such Unity is strength and it must be maintained come what may. Any rift among BJP leaders will weaken future of BJP. 

Leaders of congress party are also bent upon creating division and create difference of opinion among various key leaders of BJP. Central Government has applied all forces to weaken BJP leaders by forcing various departments to carry out raids and investigation of BJP stalwarts. 

Paid media have also become victim of ruling party in greed of money and more and in expectation of more and more work to media promoters. If BJP leaders keep unity, voters will definitely teach a lesson to leaders of Congress Party, SP, BSP and RJD who have damaged the basics of the country and who for the sake of vote ignored the pain caused to common men by dint of price rise , corruption and lack of safety and security.Politicians who are ready to sacrifice the interest of the country must be voted out.

I however once again suggest BJP leaders to avoid criticizing leaders of Aam Admi Party. BJP is a undisputed good and have plenty of effective and honest leaders , but people of India cannot ignore Kejriwal. They should give due value to Modi but in future it is only Kejriwal which will put forward immediate challenge of BJP and there is no doubt that Congress Party will be washed out. 

Regional parties in various states will put challenge to BJP in National election and AAP will add fuel to fire. Further I will not be astonished if many of stalwarts of Congress Party will desert the party and search other option for survival.BJP will definitely be leading party in future election if hey stick to their unity and growth agenda.

Slogan given by Mr. Narendra Modi to wash out Congress Party from the country has yielded fruits and it is his victory to a great extent. 

Verdict in four states proves grand victory of AAP and BJP and almost rout of Congress Party.

Salute to Team Anna , Team Ramdeo And Team Kejriwal who ignited the fire against corrupt rule of Congress Party.Salute ot Mr. Narendra Modi who highlighted the misrule of Congress Party.

I hope voters will keep close watch on new rulers in four states and exhibit their power in next election .

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