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Bundle Of Congrats To AAP For Expansion Of Courts To Expedite Judicial Process

Delhi high court announces 47 new courts-11.01.2014 Times of India 
( Read my views below)

NEW DELHI: In a move that may help deal with the huge number of pending cases, the Delhi high court has announced the creation of 47 new courts in the capital. 

Though the formal announcement of the expansion of courts came on Thursday, the decision had been finalized earlier this week. The new courts, which will come up in six district courts complexes from January 15, will deal with trial in heinous offences and civil matters including motor accidents cases. 

The executive order, signed by high court registrar general, Sangita Dhingra Sehgal, also says due to the increase in the number of courts, 78 officers of Delhi Higher Judicial Services (additional district and sessions judges) and 150 officers of Delhi Judicial Services (civil judges and magistrates) have been transferred. 

"The creation of new courts will certainly result in expediting the trials both in the district courts as well as in the HC," Sehgal said. 

Two senior trial court judges --Satinder Kumar Gautam and Brijesh Kumar Garg-- have been appointed ?as joint registrars of the high court to deal with civil matters and expedite cases. 

Along with the decision to increase the number of courts, HC has asked the district judges to also ensure ?that litigants are not inconvenienced and are informed within two weeks about which court their pending ?case has been re-assigned to so that ?"no inconvenience is caused to lawyers and litigants in the transfer of ?the cases". 

It has also instructed the judges who have either been promoted or transferred, to ensure they pronounce judgments in matters lying reserved for a verdict. 

On Wednesday, Kejriwal and law minister Somnath Bharti met Chief Justice N V Ramana at his residence. Sources had said they exchanged views on expediting cases and reducing backlog.

My Views are given below

I congratulate sincerely and from the core of my heart for giving orders for establishment of 47 new courts to dispose off all pending cases. This will pave the way for similar action in all other states and help in end of pendancy in courts to a great extent. Innocents who are languishing in jail or suffering outside from mental agony due to ongoing lengthy and unending judicial torturous processes for years together will feel great relief and hope for quick justice. Similarly the criminals who are passing good days by managing court officials, judges and advocates will be punished in a shorter period. 

This historic achievement will be written in golden words in history of Aam Admi Party. Quick justice to all will help ending crime from society to a great extent. It will end the reign of injustice .It will end the culture of flattery and bribery in administrative, judicial, police, educational and political institutes to a great extent.

 Other parties cried for judicial reformation and police reformation on many occasions and promised in their manifestos for bringing about judicial and police reforms but never acted in this direction and hence could do nothing during last six decades. I admire Kejriwal and his party for taking such a bold , timely and wise decision in such a short span of their government which none of the government could do in any state of the country even after lapse of 66 years of freedom.

No doubt to me that AAP and Kejriwal will become national Hero in a year or two if they act in similar way and also refrain from sensitive issues and avoid making statements which may touch the sentiments of Indians and which may jeopardize the safety  and security of the country and which may strike at federal structure and unity of the country.

I salute Sri Kejriwal for boldly telling the people to inform about corruption on helpline number and I further admire him and his party to make adequate manpower arrangement for looking into and taking action against erring officials. In the past, several other parties also pretended to be acting against corrupt officials but they never did anything in real against corrupt officials, rather they all punished innocents who informed against corrupt officials. Person like Ashok Khemka will be available in lacs in government services who are subjected to torturous transfers and humiliating rejection in promotions.Actions shows the real spirit behind it.

Rules and laws are several in number in rule books or in law books which are made to punish corrupt and criminals but in fact the result which these rules and laws precipitated during last six decades were opposite to what they were meant for.

I therefore do not hesitate in admiring Arvind Kejriwal and his government who has shown by their actions that are really serious against corruption and delay in justice. No doubt this will send a good and positive message in every nook and corner of not only Delhi but all over the country that corrupt officials are not safe as long as his government is in place. This historic action will be sufficient to change the mindset of traditional politicians of other political parties and pave the way for restoration of respect to honest performers in real sense. 

Though there are many other good points and admirable actions taken by AAP during last few days, but above two steps will be reckoned as turning point in the history of corrupt India. I am of strong view that delivery of quick justice will be able to reduce crime in society and have the capacity to end the seeds of corruption from Indian land.

Growth and development may appear to receive some jolt and some setback in coming few months but in the long run , above acts will su undoubtedly and   definitely help in accelerating the process of growth and development as also yield real fruits of all  social welfare scheme in force in the country in the name of poor. 

I once again salute Mr. Kejriwal and his team for taking such drastic steps which I have been dreaming for long.

Officials and employees working in and for CBI or CVC or CVO who have been acting as agent of corruption since their birth will change their mindset very soon.Culture of honesty will take rebirth and very soon people will again start telling boldly "Honesty is the best Policy" which they were afraid to speak earlier. 

Thanks a lot to AAP.

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deepak dang said...

The axe needs two ways to work to reduce No. of cases. First step has been decided, another is to ensure final disposal of cases by each judge must be a part of citizen charter or Best Practices. Otherwise General public will simply see the transfer of files. Full staff & new technology be provided. Ensure use of technology for small issues. Look at CIC, who are disposing appeals within 5-10 minutes & % of wrong judgment is not more. Deepak Dang