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Kejriwal To Mukesh Ambani

Reliance hits out at AAP, says Biometrix investment was from ICICI bank loans-
Times of India 01 March 2014
NEW DELHI: Rejecting allegations of money laundering, Reliance Industries on Friday said the investment made by Biometrix were from loans raised from the Singapore branch of ICICI Bank. 

Circulating what it said were disbursement notices issued by Singapore Branch of ICICI Bank to Biometrix to cover the entire amount investment by the firm in Indian entities, RIL said "unacceptable controversy and disrepute" has been inflicted on it by false and defamatory allegations. 

In a statement, the company said AAP leaderPrashant Bhushan had made "false and baseless allegations" against it in proceedings filed in November 2012 in the Delhi high court. 

"These allegations have been appropriately responded to and the disbursement notices of ICICI Bank have been placed on record," it said. "Reporting Bhushan's selective leaks of old information already residing in judicial proceedings is misleading global public at large and defaming and maligning our corporate reputation." 


It also cautioned the media against "mechanical replaying of allegations and insinuations" saying they were defamatory and unacceptable.

Dear Mr Mukesh Ambani,

You have recently sent a
defamation notice to a number of TV
channels. Their “crime” is that they
aired the press conference held on
the 31st October 2012 and 9th
November 2012, by Prashant
Bhushan and me, live.

In our press
conference, we presented before
the country how you had illegally
pressurized the government into
increasing gas prices. We also told
the country that your associates
and your companies have accounts
in Swiss banks where black money
had been stashed away. 

Many TV
channels aired our expose live. All
these TV channels have now
received defamation notices from

I find it quite perplexing. If you felt
that you have been defamed by
what Prashant Bhushan and I said,
then we are the real culprits and, if
you had to send a defamation
notice, it should have been to us.

The TV channels merely broadcast
what we said. Despite this, instead
of sending us the defamation notice,
you have sent it to the TV channels.
It is evident that your sole purpose
of sending this notice was to
steamroll the TV channels into

The people of India want to ask you
some straight questions:
Is it not true that the list of those
who have accounts in Swiss Banks,
as received by the Government of
India, includes your name and the
names of your relatives, your
friends and your companies?

Is it not true that a balance of Rs.
100 crores is shown against your
name in this list?

Is it not true that you have paid the
tax on this amount after this list
was received by the Government?
If the above is true, as we suspect
it is, it proves that you have
admitted your guilt. As per the law
of the land, you should be tried and,
if the charge of tax evasion is
proved, you should be sent to jail.

However, this would never happen.
Why? Because the Government of
India is intimidated by you. You
have been reported as saying that
the Congress Party has been bought
by you – it is your dukaan, to be

You are right. according to
some media reports, Mrs. # Sonia_
Gandhi sometimes travels by your
personal aircraft. People believe
that Mr. Jaipal Reddy’s ministry
was also changed because of your

Why only the Congress? Even BJP
and many other parties are in your
pocket. Earlier, Mr. Advani used to
make a lot of noise about Swiss
Bank accounts, but since your
accounts have been exposed, BJP
has suddenly gone quiet. BJP has
not mentioned a single word in the
Parliament about your accounts.

It appears that almost all parties
are afraid of you. Most leaders are
scared of you, too. However, the
citizens of this country are not
scared of you. All parties could be
your dukaan but India is not up for
sale. India is ours, it belongs to the
people of this country. You can
purchase political parties and
political leaders with your money
but we will not let India be sold.

You say that the TV channels have
tainted your reputation by airing our
press conference live. That’s
wrong. I would urge you to answer
this question honestly – Did #
Prashant_Bhushan , myself and the
TV Channels defame you or did you
defame yourself through your own

1. In 2002, you gave 1 Crore shares
with a market price of Rs. 55 per
share to Mr. ‪#‎Pramod_Mahajan‬ at
just Rs. 1 per share. This was a
straight bribe to get “Full Mobility”.
When you were caught, you took
back the shares. Presently, the
matter is In court. Didn’t you
defame yourself by doing this?

2. You have made your
multistoreyed residence on # Wakf_
land. This land had been set aside
for an orphanage. You have stolen
the right of poor and orphaned
Muslim children. Didn’t you defame
yourself by doing this?

3. A few gas wells belonging to the
Country were allotted to you in
2000. You were supposed to extract
gas and give it to the government.
The gas belongs to us, the people of
India. We are the owners of this

You were only a contractor
appointed to extract the gas.
However, cleverly you became the
owner of the gas. You started
“selling” the gas to the government.
Because the Congress is in your
pocket, it always bowed before
your bullying. 

The Congress kept
increasing the price of gas under
your pressure and the nation kept
wailing. Because of you, the prices
of electricity, fertilizer and cooking
gas kept rising. When it crossed all
limits, Mr. # JaipalReddy opposed
you. He was the Minister for Oil
and Gas at that time. 

You got Mr.
Jaipal Reddy transferred.Because
of you many things have become
increasingly expensive in India and
the people are groaning under the
load of these high prices. Do these
shenanigans suit you? Do such acts
not defame you?

The list of such illegal acts done by
you is quite long.
The majority of the traders,
businessmen and industrialists
want to do their work honestly. But
the system forces them into

But when a
businessman like you brazenly
subverts the system for his
personal benefit, the entire industry
and business world gets a bad

You are on one side with immense
wealth. On the other side are the
people of this country. The people
have now awakened. Fire is raging
in their heart. History is witness
that whenever there has been a
clash between money and such
rage, the rage has won.

Kindly do not try to intimidate the
media of this country. There may be
some mediamen who may have
done wrong things themselves.
Such media-persons may succumb
to your pressure. 

However, the
majority of media persons keep the
interest of the Country at heart even
today. They are not going to
capitulate so easily. Histor
witnessed that whenever the
judiciary, bureaucracy and
legislature crumbled, it is the
honest fourth pillar, comprising
such media-persons that kept
democracy alive.

You have invested in some media
houses directly or indirectly. It is
possible that these media houses
do your bidding. However, the
journalists working for such media
houses will not barter their integrity
so easily.

What is your dream? Do you want to
become the world’s richest person
through dishonesty? Suppose you
became the owner of all the wealth
in this country. Would that make
you happy?

Happiness does not
increase by accumulating more and
more wealth. Happiness comes
with sacrifice. If you stopped doing
business dishonestly and
contributed your wealth for the
development of the nation, this
country will remember you with
pride forever.

With regards,
Arvind Kejriwal —

Date: 27.02.2014
UPA showers benefits to Reliance: one after the other

1) Money laundering by Mr. Mukesh Ambani and Reliance

The UPA government has not even bothered to investigate an open and shut case of huge money laundering done by Reliance and Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

This is despite that fact that Indian High Commission in Singapore had written to the Central Government as far back as on 31st August 2011 requesting for such an investigation (Annexure A).

The High Commission had stated that Rs 6530 crores have come into India from Bio Metrix Marketing Ltd., a one room company in Singapore that does not do any business. It was pointed out that this is a company with no assets, no equity and does not file an income tax returns in Singapore claiming to be a small company. Yet, this huge investment by this company of Rs 6530 crores is the single biggest FDI into India from Singapore.

The High Commission had stated that all this money has gone into Reliance group of companies in India with the major chunk going to Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Ltd which is a company 100% owned by Mr. Mukesh Ambani personally.

The Commission had pointed out that one Mr. Atul Shanti Kumar Dayal effectively owns this company Bio Metrix (which apparently has now closed down). According to our own research, Mr. Dayal is nothing but a front for Reliance and he is a Director in 32 Reliance group companies (Annexure B).

Thus it is absolutely clear that Reliance is laundering its ill-gotten profits in India through Singapore (particularly from KG basin gas) and depositing the same into accounts of Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

Yet this UPA government has not even bothered to investigate this and arrest Mr. Ambani, and instead showered him with one benefit after another.

2) Seeking extension of tainted and compromised officer

Mr. Sudhir Vasudeva is the Chairperson & Managing Director (CMD) of the Central Government undertaking Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) since October 2011. He is retiring tomorrow, i.e. on 28th February 2014.

UPA Government chose Mr. Vasudeva for appointment as CMD of ONGC in October 2010. But then his vigilance clearance was rejected by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). Undeterred, the UPA Govt again sought his vigilance clearance for the second time. His clearance was again rejected by the CVC relying upon the reports of the CVO (Annexure C). Despite this, UPA Government appointed Mr. Vasudeva as the CMD of ONGC in October 2011 (either without vigilance clearance or by seeking the clearance for the third time).

It was due to the valuation report given by Mr. Vasudeva that ONGC did not exercise its right of first refusal and allowed the lucrative Rajasthan oil block held by Cairn Energy to be sold to Vedanta. It is now clear that the valuation was rigged & undervalued, and the ONGC ought to have exercised its right.

During his tenure he favoured RIL by allowing them to extend into ONGC fields and extract natural gas (Annexure D). A petition in Delhi HC is also pending regarding the favours extended by Mr. Vasudeva to the KG basin gas block.

Now the UPA Government (particularly petroleum minister Mr. Veerappa Moily) wanted to further extend his tenure by at least one year.

His file for vigilance clearance was submitted to CVC. CVC stated that there are 6 cases pending against him in the Ministry that have not been taken to their logical conclusion. CVC has also pointed out that Dr. Furquan’s petition is pending in Delhi HC relating to KG Basin and that CVC itself has sought a response from the Ministry on these issues.

But Mr. Moily over ruled the CVC and sought to give him the extension against the said recommendation without a vigilance clearance (Annexure E). Mr. Moily wrote to the Prime Minister stating “I therefore strongly recommend him (Mr. Vasudeva) to continue in the office at least for one more year” (Annexure F).

Mr. Moily forgot that it is absolutely illegal to make an appointment or grant extension for a senior position like that of a CMD of ONGC without a proper vigilance clearance from the CVC. After negative reports appeared in the media yesterday, it is now learnt that the Cabinet Committee has overruled Mr. Moily and has not extended the term of Mr. Vasudeva.

This development shows the extent to which Mr. Moily can go to appoint tainted officers in key positions, in order to serve the vested interests of this government and its favoured companies like Reliance.

3) Removing an honest officer

On the one hand, Mr Moily seeks to extends the tenure of tainted and compromised officers, and on the other hand he has shunted out an honest officer who stood up to him and Reliance.

Shri R N Choubey had been serving as the Director General of Hydrocarbons (DGH), the petroleum regulator.

Under Article 4 of the agreement (PSC) between the Central Government and Reliance regarding the KG-D6 block of natural gas, relinquishment of areas at the end of each Phase of Exploration is mandatory and it cannot be subject to the whims and fancies of Ministers and officials. Relinquishment under the PSC is intended to put the contractors under pressure to carry out exploration speedily and efficient so that areas remaining inadequately explored could be taken back by the government and put to re-auction in a competitive environment in order that the public benefits may get maximised.

The UPA Government has consistently defaulted on implementing the PSC and Reliance was allowed to enter phase 3 without relinquishing any part of the field, when it ought to have relinquished almost 86% of their area. Mr. V K Sibal (former DGH) colluded with Reliance and allowed them to retain the entire area. An FIR against Mr. Sibal is pending with the Delhi anti-corruption branch.

Even at this late stage, Shri R N Choubey (DGH) reviewed the entire issue and demanded the relinquishment of 6497.12 sq km of the area from Reliance that includes the area of D29, D30 and D31 reserves. DGH had given detailed reasons why the said area needs to be relinquished as per the PSC.

Reliance disputed this and stated that it be allowed to retain D29, D30 and D31 reserves. Mr. Moily has now overruled the DGH and his own officers at the Ministry by stating that there is a difference of opinion on the issue between the contractor (Reliance) and the DGH, and a “balanced view” needs to be taken (Annexure G).

After the Ministry tried to unfairly blame the DGH on this issue, Shri Choubey as DGH wrote a strongly worded letter to the Ministry defending its position and virtually blaming the Ministry for its incorrect reading of the PSC (Annexure H).

Now, immediately after this, the UPA Government and Mr. Moily has got Shri Choubey removed as the DGH and has appointed a new DGH. This shows the extent to which the Government can go to help their favourite company Reliance.

All the events above confirm what Mr. Mukesh Ambani had told Mr. Ranajan Bhatacharya as evidenced in the Radia tapes, that Congress is his own dukaan.

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