Monday, March 3, 2014

An Appeal To Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal and his party have started using the same tool of secularism which other opponents of BJP have been using since long to keep BJP away from power.He used the same subsidy or quota  tool to please his supporters when he was CM of Delhi which traditional parties use to motivate voters . 

I thought Mr. Kejriwal will focus on issues related to common men truly and honestly , but unfortunately  for grabbing power and to exhibit the greatness of his party , he and his party Aam Admi Party have also started character assassination of Mr. Narendra Modi and other dignified politicians on false ground. 

I however request him and his party stalwarts to create a new culture , to make efforts to bring about change in system and to leave no stone unturned for getting quicker justice from judiciary , police and administrative system and making the entire system available to common men at affordable cost and in shortest period. He has entered into politics to achieve these holy tasks fulfilled and not only to remove all opponents from field.His task was to give comfort to common men and not to give discomfort to his opponents.

He should not wonder in dreamland that he will ever get all the seats in Parliament and there will be no opponents. He resigned from Chief Minister post of Delhi only because he could not logically establish importance of his ideas by keeping facts and figures, he did not like to follow the existing rules and if rules were wrong he did not think it wise to change it . 

Arvind  uses various logic and statistics to convince common men who are more often than not less politically, socially, educationally or intellectually conscious and well informed. He should have used the same logic and statistics inside the  State assembly to persuade elected representatives of opposing political parties. He will have to learn to handle disturbance in assembly or in Parliament. He will have to keep not only his followers intact and united on any issue but will also have to motivate others who do not like it.

Opposition parties have been stalling Parliamentary proceeding for last six decades and they will continue to do so in future also. Kejriwal and his team should have tried to create new culture by living in and going along with the system. He cannot hope to correct the century old bad culture overnight. Mr. Narendra, Modi , Mr. Raman or Mr. Parikar or Mr. Nitish Kumar or Mamta Banerjee as Chief Minister of various states have been silently doing and performing well in their states and they have won the hearts of common men to a great extent.

Any CM or any PM cannot be expected to keep hundred percent of voters happy. Even a father cannot keep his all children always happy and united.Success of a father however depends on how he keeps the family united and maintain maximum cordial relation .

Arvind Kejriwal cries against injustice but do not use proper methods to get the justice. When he and his party was in movement and was doing campaign against reign of injustice let loose by UPA government at center or Shiela Government in Delhi. But when he came to power he should exhibit his caliber and capacity of administration and use his tact to prevail upon those who opposed his ideas and views. He cannot kill opponents and cannot expect to rule as per his whims and fancies.

In democracy he cannot dream and should not dream of opposition- free rule. He cannot hope that he will get majority with guarantee in forthcoming polls. He will have to face opponents who are also elected by people of India as his elected representatives are elected. He cannot and should not try to prove that voters who elected representatives from BJP or Congress are fool, innocent and illiterate and voters who elected AAP are only wise and intelligent. He cannot abuse and should not abuse all politicians and all political parties and treat only AAP as the best. He will have to respect and give due regards to good points of opponents too. 

Even Nehru ji and other reputed dignitaries of the past used to give value reputed good personalities of opposition parties and they tried their best not to stop entry of talented persons of opposition parties entering into Parliament and State Assemblies. Healthy debate and discussion may take place only when there are good opponents also in the field.When good speakers enter into Parliament , one may dream of healthy debate inside Parliament too. 

If all members of State Assembly or Parliament are from AAP or BJP only then there will no need to debate and discuss, no need to apply talent in ruling, no need to learn rule of business or to follow the rule, head of such party may rule like Monarch or the past used to rule in his area.A manager cannot be treated as a good leaders if he is unable to motivate bad performers or less performers. He cannot dream of a situation where all staff are good performers. If ideally it is imagined that all staff are best and sincere performers , then there is no need of a manager in that office.

And when any party will get absolute and unchallenged majority in state assembly or in Parliament , the head of such party of group of parties will become dictator and the same have been experienced by Indians during the time of Late Indira Gandhi and many others in other countries. Absolute majority and absolute power will give birth to absolute corruption. After all his party men or members of any party for this purpose are borne in same environment and fed with same culture.

How can Arvind Kejriwal dream that all members of his party will be dry honest and patriot as he is? 

He has seen the revolt of Binni , a MLA from AAP and he has been facing severe revolt from his followers in various constituencies. Black flags are shown to him and his party members too when they go for canvassing in the field.Members of his party have also greed for money and power and it cannot be expected that all Members of AAP are saint and of sacrificing nature. Hundreds and thousands of protesters will be there in all constituencies for all politicians of all political parties.

I therefore request respected Arvind Kejriwal ji to stop abusing all and try to focus on issues and try to learn the good suggestions of all if it comes from his opponents or other friendly parties. He should try to see that all good persons from all political parties are elected to enter into Parliament. All are not bad in any party and all are not good in any party, even if it is AAP or BJP .He has to learn to distinguish which group is better in available options. He has to decide which party is suitable for getting support if none of them get Majority in forthcoming election. Indian politicians will have to learn to live with opponents and rather I will say they will have to listen all and then decide what is better and what best option is.

Moreover, not to speak of any political party or any organization, even any person is not always good and not always bad in his life. Many persons and rather every person have committed mistakes in the past but one who has learnt from mistakes has become important persons of the present. 

If you go on harping on the past mistakes of the past, then only negativity will prevail and the country will be lost in negativity. There are good points in every human being, and a successful leader gives respect to good points of such person instead of abusing and giving disrespect the person for entire life only because he had committed mistake in his past life. A father cannot make his child active and effective leader if he only curses mistakes of the child always.People may search holes in everyone's dress.

I therefore reiterate that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal should stop telling all as corrupt and dignifying all his members with crown of honesty. He should try that all good persons are elected. He should forget and discard using the secular or quota or subsidy card to attract voters as traditional parties are doing since long. He should prove that his party is different and but never try to eliminate other parties.

When voters of India like Narendra Modi , Arvind Kejriwal will have to learn to respect it and similarly when Mr. Kejriwal is liked by many , Mr. Narendra Modi should also try to accept this bitter truth.In India when Lalu can run the government for two decades and when Rabri Devi can become CM of Bihar, Kejriwal has to learn the bitter truth and ground reality of India. In India , person like Narsimha Rao or Mr. Chandra Sekhar or Mr. I K Gujral has ruled under minority government and performed well to some extent whereas Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi who got absolute majority but committed many mistakes during their tenure .

Rather I will suggest that all VIPs of the country should make rules and decide the set of ethics before the outcome to election comes regarding how to deal with a situation when none of the parties get simple majority. Delhi assembly or state assembly can be kept in suspended position but Parliament cannot be allowed to remain under suspension.

Last but not the least, even if Arvind Kejriwal is speaking truth about the corrupt system , he has to learn the art of speaking truth. One cannot say blind a blind. Truth is always bitter and it should always be said tactfully without inviting anger of others . If I say all staff are bad and all are corrupt , I cannot take the work from them and I cannot remove them all and Lastly I cannot recruit all staff who will guarantee 100 percent good performance.If some staff are semi skillled or less skilled I will have to teach them , If some are willfully disturbing , I will have to use stick occasionally and if some staff are talented but  not performing, I will have to motivate them. There are different ways to treat different persons.This art has to be learned when one comes to power .

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Mukund Purohit said...

These should apply more to Narendra Modi and BJP than to AK and AAP, please.