Saturday, April 12, 2014

Why Large Section Of Supporters of Kejriwal Became Opponents

Why popularity graph of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has sharply come down. People who used to love him and who had great expectation from Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Admi party AAP are now annoyed with Mr. Kejriwal and hate AK and AAP.


Kejriwal promised to fight against corruption and corrupt leaders. But he after becoming Chief Minister of Delhi did nothing to punish corrupt leaders named by him before he became CM of Delhi.

He said that he is representative of common men and he will act as per wishes of common men. He took the opinion of common men of Delhi (it was also a dramatic act) to form the government in Delhi. But he did not seek the opinion of Common men when he decided to resign from the post of CM of Delhi.

When He became CM of Delhi He could not fulfill the promises made by him before election. He blamed Congress Party on all issues including high water bill and higher electricity charges but did nothing to modify the rate after becoming CM. He did nothing positive to change corrupt culture of Delhi Administrative and political system.

He published a list of corrupt leaders but did nothing to institute real inquiry against corrupt leaders and did nothing to punish those who had proven or undoubtedly clear charges of involvement in corrupt deeds.

He promised that he will not import or export candidate for any constituency, he will not impose any person as a candidate for any constituency as other political parties are usually doing. He promised that local people will choose their candidate for their constituency. But he did opposite to what he had said during movement against misrule of Congress Party in Delhi. He and his four or five followers decided name of person for 426 seats sitting in a room at Delhi.

He said that his target will be first to defeat all candidates who were involved in corruption and who were facing criminal charges. But he did not do so.

  • Against Sonia Gandhi there is no AAP candidate
  • Against the hero of 2G scandal no AAP candidate
  • Against the son of our great finance minister P Chidambaram - no AAP candidate
  • Against Mr Salman Khursid who ate d money of poor handicapped ppl - no AAP candidate
  • Against Adarsh scam legend Ashok Chavan - no AAP candidate
  • Against Owais Siddique who is popular for his hatred speech against Hindus - no AAP candidate
  • And so on
  • Hats off Mr Kejriwal.
  • Now one should assess and ascertain carefully whether  Mr Kejriwal and his AAP group is fighting against corruption and anti national elements or not.

He resigned from the post of Delhi and started dreaming for the post of Prime Minister of India. Without making any preparation or any scrutiny,  he allowed all Tom Dick and Harry to become member of Aam Admi Party .He neither checked the ability , honesty and capacity of the person he picked up for MP candidate.

He did not make proper verification of even persons chosen for candidate for election and only focused on who contributed and donated money for the party.

It is due to total chaos in his party that many persons who were given Party ticket for fighting election against Congress Party or BJP leaders returned the ticket to AAP supremo only because of the fact they were not taken into confidence before taking any decision.

Kejriwal could not keep his 28 MLA united and devoted to party and to common cause of fight against corruption.His own men and his supporters became his opponents in short span of two to three months only. He by his wisdom and experience could not prevail upon MLAs of other parties in Delhi State Assembly. He only accuses Congress party and BJP for all his faults and never tries to introspect why he and his party are turning their supporters into their opponents. He thinks that merely by blaming Congress party and BJP for all miseries of Indians ,he will become Hero no. 1 .Unfortunately he has been proved as Zero No. 1 as a result of their own faulty actions and faulty decisions.

When he is unable to manage his own men, his own MLAs in Delhi, his own candidates for Parliamentary election, how he can he manage successfully a big country like India? His own MLA , his own supporters left him .

He is his party was created for fighting against corruption and for making fully devoted efforts for the welfare of common men but unfortunately he and his party has now fully discarded their fight against corruption and now fully targeted against Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP.

God knows only how he assessed and declared Mr. Modi as his main target in 2014 election.He does not believe what opinion poll says. He believes in what he says only and in what his few supporters in his room speak to him.His party with support of hardly five percent voters is trying to challenge a person who is liked by as much as 50% of voters. Mr. Kejriwal tries to challenge the liking of voters who prefer Mr. Modi and impose full faith on those who willingly or unwillingly supports or appear to support AAP and AK. 

He and his party are now appeasing Muslim votes in the same way as other Non-BJP parties are doing for decades. He and his party ignored corrupt and criminal leaders and have not started blaming Modi and BJP and that too on only flimsy grounds as traditional Non- BJP parties have been doing since long.

Kejriwal filed his nomination for Parliamentary election from Varanasi and decided to fight against Mr. Narendra Modi as if he is the most corrupt leader of the country. He desired to become Hero by fighting against such a leader who is liked by majority of Indians, at least by 50% of population. He treats himself as ideally hundred percent perfect but not ready to accept a person who is likely by as many as 50 percent voters. Public perception that AK and AAP are crusaders against corruption is now changed and now it is evident that their fight is centered against Mr. Modi and BJP only.

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal after lapse of two months from the day he resigned from CM’s post has realized that he committed a blunder by resigning from CM’s post. Voters of Delhi who voted him to power felt cheated and defrauded by Kejriwal and his party AAP.

After his resignation from Delhi CM's post, a clear message has gone all over the country that persons like Kejriwal cannot be relied upon and hence it is  they who will definitely repose their faith on leaders of old parties and choose their leaders from old parties only , not from AAP.

Two to Three months ago , there was a clear wave in favour of Kejriwal and his party AAP . But now the direction of wave changed and now Mr. Kejriwal will have to reform him , his party and his strategy to win back the hearts of common men.  

Had Kejriwal and his party worked for six months in Delhi and had they performed without inviting controversy from members of opposing parties , they could win at least 100 seats in Parliament . But now they will win hardly five seats. Even after they resigned from Delhi Assembly, there was mad rush to get membership of AAP and to get ticket of AAP but as time passed on the love for AAP vanished. 

Obviously there is deficiency and shortcomings in the style of management and in the approach of Mr. Kejriwal and his close associates who are running the party AAP.

People of India who whole-heartedly participated in movement against corruption launched by Team Anna and Team Kejriwal are now disheartened to watch the downfall of AAP before it could reach the target.

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