Friday, May 9, 2014

Victory Of Mr. Modi Is Now Certain

Key leaders of Congress Party have accepted the defeat but a few blind supporters of Congress Party or you may say blind opponent of Mr. Modi still do not like to understand the undergoing current in favour of Mr. Narendra Modi or that against Congress Party. A few leaders of UPA or Third Front supporters have left no stone unturned to tarnish the image of Mr. Modi and BJP bu Communal brush and by playing psudeo Secular card to win the current election . But the victory of Mr. Modi and BJP is fortunately in the hands of Voters and not fully in hands of current rulers.

 Mr. PC and his friendly ex Governor of RBI have started telling that RBI Governor should not be changed by new government.. Media men who used to abuse Modi 24 hours and 365 days on flimsy and false ground have also started now speaking against Congress Party.

Majority of Opponents of Mr Modi have also realized that they are to go and they are to accept Modi as next ruler of this country. Even countries like USA and UK , Pakistan and China have understood the likely outcome of the election.

Only God or some magic or some fraudulent act by Congress Party can now stop Modi and BJP or NDA coming to power.

Kejriwal who started fight against Corruption and that against Congress Party changed his mindset in greed of power and started speaking against Modi in tune with traditional anti BJP parties are speaking since last more than 10 years. Kejriwal and his party also became victim of pseudo secular card used by parties like Congress Party, or RJD, SP , BSP , Trinamool congress etc.

Only biased voters of Congress  party or that of NON -BJP  are expecting the defeat of Mr. Modi and wondering in their dreamland . It is also true that in India some section of voters move on caste card and vote the candidate of same caste or community. But those who are unbiased ,have guessed the probable outcome. BY and large , people who do not decide their opinion on the basis of caste or community, will prefer BJP if they are asked to choose the best among available lot or to choose  a blind among ciphers.Only person like Kejriwal can dream of ideally perfect system.

Voters of India are however enthused to see Modi in power. There will be unprecedented  rise in number of seats of BJP and vote percentage of BJP as against sharp fall of all other parties.

Voters in general want growth and have understood the foul game of ruling party or that of supporters of Third front or fourth front.

Raghuram Rajan's credentials outstanding, should remain RBI chief: P Chidambaram, FM --Economic Times 09.05.2014

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