Thursday, December 25, 2014

An Appeal To TV Media

This Message is addressed to TV media who are trying to widen the gulf between various parties and various caste and communities. They are always talking of numbers and seats based on Hindu or Muslim or other group. trend is very much detrimental to future of the country and to social harmony. I refer various debates going on various TV channels and all are questioning formation of the government , specially a government headed by BJP. Why?

I ask following questions before all TV media men who are organising debate on probability of formation of government in the state of J&K where mandate is fractured.

  • All parties in the state of J&K are enemy of each other. In your opinion any two coming together will be fraud. Do you want president's rule?
  • Why BJP CM will not be suitable which got max votes? To whom you treat better for post of CM under which pair
  • People voted max for BJP. Why media is still ill-motivated songs on secularism? Are media above voters?
  • Please stop marketing against BJP. Please Try to do positive for the country and for betterment of J&K. Don't Divide, bring all together.
  • I am predicting that BJP and PDP combination will form the government provided you stop dividing them by quoting past speeches
  • Media men stopped formation of government in Delhi simply by keeping all parties away from each other, making them enemy of other
  • Media men tried to stop formation of BJP government in Maharashtra also, Lastly Shiv Sena joined with BJP and government was formed.
  • Media men will have to stop negativity . They should suggest solution for all problems , stop putting hurdles.

In conclusion, government has to be formed by consensus and in all permutation and combination there will be scope for media men to criticize and condemn parties forming the government . Because you have several examples and stories to provoke and ignite fire among various parties. But need of the hour is to create unity and maintain integrity of the country.

If various winning parties in J&K are trying to come together to form the government to avoid expenses in fresh election and to avoid imposition of President's rule in J&K, what is wrong in it? 

When a part winning maximum seats , media talk of vote share, and when a party stake claim formation of government based on vote share, you talk of number of seats and when a party have both, you talk of majority . If a part join hand with other part to create a majority and form a coalition government , then media men question right of having Chief Minister  of a particular part which as got either less vote share or less seat share. Media men have to criticize, this is their culture. -----But how long this negativity will continue?

Now there are five or six probable names quoted by media or by rumour mongers or by party spokesman for the post of Chief Minister of Jharkhand. Whoever is finally chosen for the post of CM, media men will collect all negative points of his life and conduct a debate on TV to malign BJP , rightly or wrongly. How long such fraudulent misuse of media power will be tolerated by audience?

Is there no accountability on media men?

What will happen if similarly fractured mandate comes in fresh election which is likely to take place in Delhi ?

What solution media men and Constitution experts will suggest ?

It is not better to criticize all permutation and combination , it is better to suggest best available option among available options created by the circumstances crated by fractured mandate in any election result .

Lastly I may say here that media men on TV may criticize BJP and leaders of BJP on one ground or the other , opponents may cry on secularism and tag BJP with the tag of communal word, but voters understand it better , who is better , They know the merits and demerits of all parties and In democratic set up , a party is considered better if it wins larger number of seats and hence such party has moral right to form the government.

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