Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dirty Politics Of Kejriwal In America

Arvind Kejriwal insulted Prime Minister on American Soil ? NITI Central

According to a PTI report titled – “PMs shouldn’t go abroad for entertainment value: Kejriwal”, Arvind Kejriwal during a recent visit to the United States had this to say of the Indian Prime Minister:
A report in digital news outlet Quartz quoted 46-year-old Kejriwal criticising Modi over his foreign policy, saying politicians should go abroad for substantive policy.
“Large number of people turning up at Madison Square Garden is not foreign policy; it was an event. Our prime minister doesn’t go there for entertainment value…Hardcore diplomacy needs to be discussed,” the Quartz report quoted Kejriwal as saying.
“In Japan, nuclear issue wasn’t even touched upon. It was the work of the PR company of our prime minister and the PR company of the Japanese prime minister,” he said.
Kejriwal was referring to Modi’s address to thousands of Indian-Americans at Madison Square Garden during his visit to the US in September.

Columbia student Casey Tolan tweeted that Kejriwal told students that Modi’s Japan visit was not successful and politicians should not go abroad “for rock star evenings” but for substantive policy.

Now of course Arvind Kejriwal is entitled to his personal opinions on the “success” of the Prime Minister’s foreign visits but it is worth posing the question on Mr. Kejriwal’s patriotism that he found it fit to make political arguments against the sitting Prime Minister of the country while on Foreign Soil.

It is funny that Arvind Kejriwal who has no track record of holding on long to any Executive Office before and after he joined politics should seek to pontificate on matters way beyond his paygrade as a provincial politician of Delhi with no real base in the rest of India.

Does Kejriwal even understand what the phrase “hardcore diplomacy” means ?
Perhaps it is too much to expect of someone who could barely hold office for 49 days even as he desperately looked at the EXIT sign hoping to get out of a seat of responsibility that the voters of Delhi thought fit to entrust him with, Congress willing.

What is worse Kejriwal did not spare even the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in his political diatribe according to this PTI Report that quotes multiple sources.
What kind of responsible Leader can Kejriwal make if he lacks the basic courtesy extended to a Foreign Leader holding Executive Office ?

Come 2015 when Delhi Assembly once again goes to polls, this is a question every young voter of Delhi should ask himself or herself when Kejriwal and his Aam Admi Party, AAP, ask them for their votes. 


'Apologise For Insulting PM Modi,' BJP Tells Mamata Banerjee's Party Man-NDTV

Allegedly offensive words used for Prime Minister Narendra Modi by a Trinamool Congress MP led to angry exchanges in Parliament today. The BJP has demanded an apology from Kalyan Banerjee, who had criticized PM Modi at a public meeting in Bengal.

"He should apologise to the nation for speaking about PM Modi in an undignified manner," the BJP said during a heated argument in the Lok Sabha.

Describing the comments as "totally unacceptable language", Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu said Mr Banerjee would set a "good precedent" by apologizing.

"I would request the member to apologise as the kind of language used against the prime minister of the country is wrong," said Mr Naidu.

Mr Banerjee said he would not apologise in the house for something he said outside Parliament.

BJP parliamentarian SS Ahluwalia had earlier said if Mr Banerjee didn't apologise, a resolution should be passed against him.

"People from the ruling party in West Bengal are talking about the prime minister in an undignified manner. This needs to be stopped. The nation will not tolerate this," Mr Ahluwalia said, and he was backed by leaders of the CPM.

Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said though nobody could be forced to apologise, members should always remember their limits.

For days, the Trinamool has been on the offensive with its MPs routinely protesting outside Parliament against the government, using innovative props ranging from black umbrellas and shawls to earthen pots and red diaries.

The 'protest-a-day' strategy is  reportedly part of their leader Mamata Banerjee's plan to hit back at the ruling BJP over the crackdown on her party men in the Saradha chit fund scam. Ms Banerjee alleges that the Centre is using the CBI to target her party.

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