Monday, March 23, 2015

Debate on Kashmir Issue On AajTak TV

22 March 2015 4.45 pm: 

This refers ongoing debate on Aaaj Tak TV on Kashmir issue. One of participant Ms Asia Andrabi has openly told that Kashmir was never a part of India, it is not a part of India and it will never be.

Congress Party Mr. Nirupam , NC representative Mr. Taranjit Singh , and Hurriat member indirectly supported the said statement by keeping mum and then by criticising BJP representative Mr. Sambid Patra.

During last sixty years of rule , leaders of Congress Party continued to say that Kashmir is an integral part of India and now when the party is out of power , they are blaming BJP on the stand of Pakistan on issue of Kashmir . They are supporting Hurriat and separatists during TV debates on the issue of ongoing talk with Hurriat leaders .

It should be kept in mind that if Kashmir is an integral part of India  , question of  Hurriat Leader coming in between talks taking place between two countries India and Pakistan does not arise at all.

Here the big question is whether party is more important or a country ?

Is it possible for opposition party in USA to speak openly on TV against US government?

In USA, all parties are unanimous on issues related to image of the country. But in India , neither Media men nor opposition parties understand the importance of image of the country. Why?

Only to remove BJP from power , these power hungry leaders do not hesitate even in discrediting India's stand on international forums . They are sending wrong message to enemy country Pakistan and strengthening the strategy of Pakistan to weaken India on domestic front. They criticise Mr. Modi even on foreign land and before foreign dignitaries knowing very well that Mr. Modi does not represent only BJP but he represents whole India.

And Aaj Tak anchor is allowing such talks on TV for the sake of TRP.  Is it not shameful?

Few question arises after being eye witness of such debate telecast on Aaj Tak TV. These questions are as follows

Should media be stopped to carry out debate on issues related to India's stand on Kashmir issue or with Pakistan?

Are opposing parties who take part in debate on TV speaking language of foreign countries?

Are media men adding fuel to fire created by separatists in Kashmir and opposition parties?

Are media men or opposing parties real well wishers of farmers only because they are obstructing passing of Land bill ?

Individuals and political parties who are accusing BJP for forming government in Kashmir with PDP , are playing foul game with the interest of the country. One should keep in mind that Congress Party and National Conference both parties   had extended unconditional support to PDP for forming government in Kashmir just to keep BJP away from power.

And there is no doubt that if BJP come out of government in Kashmir, Congress Party and NC will not hesitate in forming government with the same PDP which is being made a target for forming government in coalition with BJP.

Further Hurriat leaders and separatists who are living in India and singing songs in praise of Pakistan should also keep in mind that life of Muslims is more disturbed and unsafe in Pakistan due to frequent terror attack and due to feud between two groups of Muslims .

Terrorism promoted by Pakistan against India has proved costly for Pakistan and it is open secret that Pakistan has become victim of same terrorism which it created and promoted against India.

India is peace loving country , believes in non-violence and like to solve all problems by dialogue. It should not taken as weakness of India. India allows all separatists to voice their sounds freely , but the freedom should not used for waging war against India only. Pakistan could not grow only due to its using violence as tool to force its unreasonable and improper ideas on others. If Pakistanis or any pro-Pakistan individual living in India want their line of action accepted by others , they have to do so by dialogue and by persuasion only.

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