Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An Appeal For Achhe Din

Government has yet to work for supply of pure water.to common men, sale of purified water on shops and availability of pure water in all schools, colleges, offices, and all departments.

Similarly traders are selling many fake medicine, costly medicine, charging exorbitant charges on medical treatment, prescribing unwarranted pathological test to patients to earn commission and so on. Government has yet to take effective step in this direction to ensure comfortable and affordable medical care in all villages, towns and cities.

Packed food sold in the market is not always safe. Quality of food items , grocery items, vegetables and all eatable sold in the market or served in hotel and restaurants should be checked from time to time and strict punishment should be awarded to persons who are indulged in unethical adulterations and cheating with consumers and thus causing risk to health of common men.

 Quality of Public utility services like bus, trains, road, electricity, traffic control, discipline in office, corruption free services, affordable service charges in government offices  and other amenities pertaining to  infrastructure which directly affects public life should be improved.

Court cases in lacs of numbers are still pending in various courts including District court, High court, Supreme courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals, District Magistrate, Income Tax Tribunals and other local bodies  . Efforts are still lacking to speed up delivery of justice and to improve quality of judicial services.

Common men still fear meeting police officials and filing of FIR in police stations. Government has to make efforts to change this unhealthy environment and ensure that police personnel become people friendly and people feel safe as soon as police takes up their case .

Quality of teaching in schools and colleges is not good. Fees are exorbitant .Twenty to twenty five years ago , student of poor and middle class family could dream of higher education without taking loan from any bank . Now, majority of student have to take loan lacs of rupees from bank for getting admission in colleges of higher education and even then he or she is sure of getting quality teaching and fair result.

Even primary school education has gone beyond the reach of common men. Government schools and colleges have become a place to learn indiscipline goondagardi and all types of bad habits like drinking, drug addict, tobacco chewing ,cheating in examination, etc . Lacs of rupees are demanded even for taking admission in nursery classes .

There is no control on quantum of fee charges by private schools in the name of freedom. Private schools try to give higher marks to majority of students and pass all rightly or wrongly just to have good image for the school and just to continue their loot of students .
Examinations conducted by schools and colleges are not fair. Students are passed and given higher ranking on payment of bribe to concerned authority. Results declared by dishonest schools and colleges do not speak about real quality of student. Entire country has in past few days seen how cheating is openly permitted in the state of Bihar . Such type of cheating is promoted by district administration and state government in all states to ensure best result of the schools and thus to get rid of questioning from their regulators and from parents.

Above mentioned are few points which affects the culture and image of the country and thus cause weakness in the system . There are many such points which need to be taken care for Achhe Din for common men which Modi promised .

There is no doubt in it that present government led by Mr. Narendra Modi has been moving in right direction. Still government has to make many more persistent and consistent efforts to ensure good governance.

Considerable good work has been done to ensure cleanliness in the country. Yet cleanliness on road, and streets, offices , schools and colleges, parks and historical places, trains, public places etc is not satisfactory. Many initiatives have been taken by Modi government, but the outcome is still poor and need continuous follow up.

Government has suggested all elected representatives for village adoption to ensure all round progress in the village. They have promised for developing hundred smart cities .But in reality, progress in this direction does not appear to be satisfactory.

Country level movement was started against prevailing corruption in government offices , departments and ministries . Modi had promised to clean the administration to make it easily accessible for common men without any fear of action or any need of exchange of bribe for getting work done. No doubt , some initiative has been taken in this direction. Still the culture of flattery and bribery in most of offices persists. A lot more has to be done to ensure improvement and to give a honest, quick, effective and hassle free system for Indian citizen who are awaiting Achhe din with keen eagerness.

Financial indiscipline has become the culture in all offices and departments . Dirty culture of flattery and bribery persists almost in all schools and colleges , in all hospitals and nursing homes, income tax department or custom offices, service tax offices or pollution control offices and in almost all Public sector undertakings, banks and insurance companies. Volume of bad debts are on rising trend in all public sector banks only due to financial indiscipline in banks as well as in political domain and in supporting legal departments and administrative offices.

Root cause of this dirty culture is the power of transfer, power of giving arbitrary and whimsical promotion to inefficient and dishonest workers at the cost of good performers ,and power of recruitment involving unfair means . Such power promotes flattery culture and bribe culture . Government has to do much in this direction and for making the system more transparent and without any discrimination to any worker.

Every worker has a right to be promoted in stipulated time until it is proved that he or she is dishonest or totally inefficient. System of taking interview for promoting a person from one scale to other or from one cadre to higher cadre or for good posting makes the ground for manipulation and promotion of unfair means. This culture has to be changed if Modi Government want real improvement at ground level.

Government has to ensure punishment to all evil workers, to all criminals , to all defaulters, to all law violators in quickest time period. Only the fear of action can promote good culture in the minds of bad workers and bad citizen.

It is good that the government is making efforts for creation of better Public grievance redressal  system .  There is system of seeking feed back from consumers and customers in almost all offices . But the real need of the hour is to ensure quick action on genuine cases of complains and punishment to those who submit false complains to tarnish the image of any individual or any party . Lacs of complains are submitted to various offices of state government or central government every day but in hardly a few cases real action is taken . Fact is that real culprits are exonerated and innocents are made scapegoat to save top officials and ministers.

Elected representatives who make a lot of promises before voters before election forget to visit their area of operation for months and years. If all MLAs and MPs are legally bound to visit their areas for specified minimum days and to work on promises they made , it will send good message among voters Similarly on Land bill, if all elected MPs meet farmers and convince them the merit of Land bill, the dirty debate and protest taking place in many parts of the country will stop and get reduced to minimum.

Public representatives who are paid so much for their job have to be made accountable and responsible and if needed punishable. It has been found that a few elected MPs by their hate speech are causing disturbance to communal peace and widening the gulf between various communities. Why they are not punished and taken to task immediately so that others do not dare giving hate speech.

I am most confident that Modi Government will take this letter in good spirit and take all possible and appropriate steps to transform India . It is the need of the hour to inculcate good and healthy practices in journalism too. Media men who are tarnishing image of the country and who are provoking ugly debate on national issues and sending wrong message to international communities must be brought to task. Freedom of speech is granted by Constitution but if the freedom is not regulated it will have disastrous impact on the society and on the future of the country.

In the age of liberalisation and privatisation , businessmen are given more freedom than they were enjoying in socialistic pattern of government. But this freedom without monitoring and without any check point has become a cause of price rise on all fronts. Businessmen are earning exorbitant profits on their products and services and common men suffer the consequences. Government cannot control inflation and price rise merely by monetary steps taken by RBI until consistent efforts are taken at all level to contain the price , to stop hoarding for profit making , to stop cartelisation and so on.

Acche din will come with Acche laws and Acche actions only.

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