Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kejriwal And Aaam Admi Party

Mr. Kejriwal is perhaps wondering in dreamland if he thinks that by removing Mr. Yogendra Yadav, Mr. Prashant Bhusan  and other  members from National Council he and his followers will live in peace and he will be able to carry on government business comfortably. Mr. Yogendra Yadav  and Mr Prashant Bhusan are founder member and makers of the party. Mr. Yadav is master in reading and forming  the pulse of voters and Mr. Bhusan is master in litigation.

It is Mr. Yadav who prepared ground for forming political party and it is Mr. Bhusan who not only damaged hundred year old National party called as Congress Party by exposing various scams in courts , he also contributed a lot in drafting  of Jan Lokpal Bill .These two stalwarts like Yadav and Bhusan cannot be taken lightly and they have huge potential to motivate voters and volunteers of the party and they have sufficient talent to malign the image of Kejriwal and his followers. These two can disturb the peace of Mr. Kejriwal and his followers. It depends on them what role they will play, constructive by forming new party or destructive by initiating legal and social action against  AAP survival.

Mr. Kejriwal is misguided by a few flatterers who surrounded him all the time during all meetings of the party. He is in wrong impression that all four expelled members were indulged in anti party activities. Party should at least keep in mind that his party won 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi and it could not be possible if there were enemies within the party and if core members like Mr. Yadav or Bhusan and other volunteers were engaged in anti party activities. Kejriwal did not try to bring opposing members in mainstream. He failed to persuade them to follow the line of action which majority of PAC or NC wanted. He failed to pacify the quarrelling members.

Mr. Kejriwal enjoys supremacy and undented majority in the party and he could have rejected any proposal of Mr. Yadav or that of Mr. Bhusan in democratic way. He used to talk of consulting voters and villagers of the area before taking any decision and before selecting any candidate. He used to say that he is not king, real King is common men. But in reality, he failed to give value to his own fellow members and core founder members who were part of PAC and NC. Important and core members like Kiren Bedi, Sazia Ilmi, Binni and many other left the party.Mr. Kejriwal has been discarded even by Mr. Anna Hazare who led the mass movement againt Corruption.

Normally in all parties such ego problems comes but a successful leader prevail upon them by hook or by crook. Mr. Narendra Modi was facing false and fabricated abusing by media and Non-BJP parties in all forums and he faced the humiliating treatment at all levels for a decade and more. Since he was true in his approach and in intention, he ultimately won the game. It is sad that even after becoming Prime Ministers of India dirty politicians of opposing camp and dirty media men are still engaged in maligning Mr. Narendra Modi rightly or wrongly. There is no doubt in it that there are still many within BJP who dislike Modi's style of functioning. A person of national stature in a country like India where freedom of speech is without any regulation and without any check point has to face such propaganda . A genuine leader however shines as much as he is rubbed by opponents. Not only Mr. Modi, even leaders like iron lady Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, V P Singh, Morar ji Desai , Jai Prakash Narayan had several opponents inside as well as outside their party.

Mr. Kejriwal is a clean , dry honest, devoted and humble person with full of patriotism . There is no doubt in it and more than ninety percent of AAP followers have full trust on his intention. I may say confidently and firmly that there was none to replace Mr Kejriwal in his party and there was none to challenge his supremacy in the party. One may say without any hesitation that without Mr. Kejriwal , party is full zero . There was no challenge to him from any corner of the country .  But Mr. Kejriwal failed to use his unchallenged status in managing  the crisis He always tried to keep him away from crisis. When his part needed him much to resolve the crisis he went to Bangalore for treatment..

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal  failed to run the government during his last tenure .He failed to pacify the anger of warring members in PAC meeting and he failed to pacify by his speech the members of National council meeting. He failed to convince PAC and NC that expelled members were in wrong path and neither did he give opportunity to expelled members to prove that they are right and Mr. Kejriwal is wrong. Mr Kejriwal delivered his speech in NC meeting and left the meeting. He did not think it wise to listen to views of accused members.
Even judiciary give full time and full opportunity to all accused to prove that they are not guilty. It is the basic need of any judicial course of action .
Mr. Kejriwal  failed to shed personal ego and failed to dilute the anger of his own followers who were bent upon expelling Mr. Yadav by hook or by crook. In this way he always failed to keep his small team united  and keep all founder members intact. Several good followers of AAP have deserted the party during last few months and several others will leave the party gradually.

I therefore feel that Mr. Kejriwal has opened Pandora's box by expelling important and core members of the party. Now litigation and anti party activities will rise to unlimited extent. Mr. Kejriwal will not be able to function peacefully and it is the residents of Delhi who will have to face the consequences. New problems will arise daily and new opponents will come forward slowly because of the fact that Mr. Kejriwal have not learnt to create consensus and neither he knows the art of dictating the party boldly and courageously without inviting dissidents and without repercussion.

Split of the party which took place on auspicious Ramnavmi Day on 28th March 2015 is not full and final , it is rather the beginning of braking of the party and it is the beginning of the end of the party. Only positive minded person can expect good results from such dirty activities and dirty game played by members of  the party and only hard-core and blind supporters of AAP can dream of its growth in other parts of the country or its  success in Delhi if inner party indiscipline continues in the same fashion. Allegation and counter allegation will spoil precious time of top leaders and the party and voters of Delhi will be deprived of service for which they are eagerly awaiting .

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