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Kejriwal Fully Exposed--Is It Not Beginning Of End Of AAP?

Arvind Kejriwal tried to strike deal with Congress: Yogendra Yadav-Times of India

NEW DELHI: Senior AAP leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have written a letter to party volunteers and asked them to "stay quiet and think about what has happened so far".

In the letter, Yogendra Yadav has insinuated that Kejriwal was trying to strike a deal with the Congress party to form a government in Delhi after the Lok Sabha polls.

"We have also asked the party Lokpal to investigate the allegations made against Prashant Bhushan and me," Yogendra Yadav said.

Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan's letter comes in the backdrop of allegations by AAP top brass - Manish Sisodia, Gopal Rai, Pankaj Gupta and Sanjay Singh - that the duo along with Shanti Bhushan worked for the party's defeat in the Delhi assembly elections and maligned the image of Arvind Kejriwal.

"The trio, especially Prashant called up volunteers from other states and told them not to campaign for the party. I will not be campaigning for the party this time. You guys also don't campaign. It is necessary for the party to lose. It is only then Arvind (Kejriwal) will get some sense.

"In front of Anjali Damania (AAP leader from Maharashtra), he told the same to workers of Mysore. Those funding the party were discouraged from doing so," said a joint statement by the four AAP leaders.

"When volunteers were sweating out to ensure party's victory, Shanti, Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav were working for party's defeat," it said.

Strongly refuting the allegations, Yadav accused the party leadership of putting pressure on the members to speak out against him as well as Prashant and Shanti Bhushan.

My Observation are as follows:

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal started movement against Corruption of Congress Party and for this purpose he joined hands with Team Anna. He exposed many scams of Congress Party . He then formed a political party to oust Congress Party from power. His party named as Aam Admi Party decided to take party in Delhi election . But unfortunately AAP could not get  desired majority . He did not hesitate in taking support of Congress Party against which he had launched crusade .He pleaded that he never sought support from Congress Party , rather it was Congress Party which extended unconditional support to AAP .He got success in forming government in Delhi sacrificing all moral values which he preached to all parties .

He however resigned from the post of Chief Minister of Delhi just after 49 days only. He then started blaming Lt Governor Delhi saying that the Lt Governor was acting as agent of Congress Party . Soon he realised that Congress Party is no more a political force to reckon with in Delhi and hence he started abusing Mr. Narendra Modi saying that BJP is a communal party . He forgot Corruption of Congress party and prepared his all guns to kill BJP in election. His fight became more focussed against BJP when BJP got full majority in Parliamentary election and Mr. Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India . But in greed of power he forgot corruption of Congress Party and started making efforts to regain the support of MLAs of Congress Party so that BJP does not get power in Delhi. This is enough to prove that Mr. Kejriwal is neither against corruption nor communalism , he is hungry of  power by hook or by crook.

On the one hand he was abusing BJP for not allowing election to happen and on the other he was trying to stop happening of election and hence negotiating with MLAs of Congress Party to regain power which he had lost due to his resignation. His dual game now fully exposed by his own colleague Rajesh Garg who had carried out sting operation against Mr Kejriwal.

Many other demerits and foul game has been brought to public domain by Mr. Yogendra Yadav, Mr. Prashant Bhusan, Mr. Shanti Bhusan, Mr. Rajesh Garg, Mr. Mayank Gandhi and many other colleagues of AAP supremo Mr. Kejriwal. It is free for fighting going on in open public domain. Now Mr. Kejriwal is left with no moral power to point out his accusing fingers towards BJP or Congress Party or any other Party.

In less than 50 days , leaders of AAP has exposed the foul game played by so called clean and honest political masters. AAP is abused of using money and wine in election, accused of giving party tickets to persons of crime record , abused of lacking in inner part discipline, accused of not giving respect to views of even executive body members, accused of not having any respect for democratic principles in inner part affairs, accused of not giving values to makers of the party ,accused of forgetting Jan Lokpal, accused of failing to keep a group of 20 to 30 members of PAC intact , united and devoted for party and so on.................Mr. Kejriwal who advocated sting operation against all corrupt officials and corrupt politicians became victim of same sting operation in the hands of his own colleagues.    Shameful indeed.

It is not Mr. Kejriwal of his friends in AAP will lose the government , but it is the faith and hope of people of Delhi which has been shaken and shattered by leaders of AAP and it is voters of Delhi who  stand cheated and disappointed in the hands of AAPians on whom they reposed full faith. It is defeat of common men who trusted Mr Kejriwal and his party not once but twice .

Whatever happened , people can forget provided Mr. Kejriwal comes back from Bangalore and reunite the broken heart of AAP MLAs and AAP supporters. If he does not do it or fail to do so , fight among AAPP leaders will get aggravated and expedite the end of AAP rule. He flied away to Bangalore on the ground of sickness when party was in critical crisis and committed a blunder and now at least he should come back to save the party from disaster.

It is a matter of coincidence that Mr. Manmohan Singh who was also considered as the most clean politicians of the country during UPA rule has also been exposed on the same day and has been summoned by Special Court due to his direct or indirect involvement in Coal Scam  , thus puncturing the false claim of clean politicians.

Truth comes out sooner or the later. Congress Party used or misused Mr. Singh for two decades. Now Mr. Singh may tell the truth to Nation which he avoided for years and decades to continue in power.

It is sad that still leaders of Congress Party and other political parties are trying to provide safety and patronage to Mr. Singh saying that Mr. Singh did not take any bribe for any work. I do not know whether they are trying to fool themselves or trying to befool people of India.

But Corruption does not mean only giving or accepting bribe for doing any work . Misuse of power in any way tantamount to corruption . Giving direct or indirect favour to ineligible person in recruitment, promotion, posting or awarding a contract or awarding a mining license violating established rules and practices , all are called as corrupt practices and all such acts need to be stopped and  perpetrator of such corrupt practices have to be punished . Persons who commit crime, who promote crime and who provide patronage to crime doers or who keep mum on evil doers ,all are punishable in the eyes of law.

Otherwise culture of flattery and bribery will continue unabated. I however hope that at least media men who were blindly abusing Mr. Modi on flimsy grounds of communalism and praising Mr. MMS and Mr. AK will learn few lessons from these two episodes. If media men become honest and stops indulging in paid journalism and stop indulging in flattery to rulers for falsely raising their TRP, country like India has immense potential to grow .

Media men will have to stop negativity sooner or the later.
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Beginning Of End Of AAP

ऑडियो टेप: केजरीवाल ने की थी कांग्रेस विधायकों को तोड़ने की कोशिश?

Anjali Damania reacted emotionally, will withdraw resignation’-Indian Express-11.03.2015
Barely hours after resigning from the party, Aam Aadmi Party’s Maharashtra convenor Anjali Damania is set to withdraw her resignation.

Party state secretary Preeti Menon told The Indian Express that Damania will soon withdraw her resignation and that she just reacted emotionally.

It is no more easy to be indulgently dismissive about the turbulence within the Aam Aadmi Party. If the overwhelming impression among the sympathisers of the political outfit was that its leaders were a bunch of novices learning the ropes and thus should be tolerated for their immature excesses, the recent developments dispel that with a rude jolt.

Here are people who are masters at the game of skullduggery and manipulation. They are adept at undercutting rivals, both potential and real, through efficiently orchestrated maneuvers that would even put the Congressis, the old masters of the trick, to shame.

As layers and layers of intrigue peel off everyday with every carefully calculated leak to the media from sources within, none of the big players look clean. That the group of party’s intellectual faces led by Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan were trying to undermine the party’s prospect in the Delhi assembly elections was being spoken in whispers in party circles for sometime now.

It has become official with the party coming out with a chargesheet against them. It has also been known that the Arvind Kejriwal-led group had made compromises on the basic principles the party stood for by selecting tainted candidates and soliciting funds from tainted sources.

There were agendas within agendas; personal ambition overshadowing the need collective action; and mutual bitterness too intense to hide for long. Now that all of this is out in the open, lakhs of volunteers of the party across the country have reason to feel cheated and get disillusioned. For them the AAP was never supposed to be like any other political outfit on the block. Capturing power, though important, was incidental, not central, to their idea of the party. Power was only a means to further a noble, bigger agenda: clean, accountable, people-centric politics.

Of course, it was a rather naïve expectation, as was the belief that leadership can be truly democratic, but people leading the party offered hope that it was possible. Who would have doubted that a Kejriwal, a Bhushan or a Yogendra Yadav after hearing them speak with such conviction?

Can the party find a way out? After stretching things this far and eliminating any scope for a middle ground, an amicable solution looks impossible. There is not any – barring that of Kumar Vishwas – voice of conciliation left. Perhaps Kejriwal himself could lend the healing touch. He does not seem inclined. He has carefully distanced himself from the developments within the party. After everything is over he is expected to utter words like ‘unfortunate’, ‘saddened’ and ‘pained’ more often, but he would sound hollow. His moral authority and appeal in the party and among volunteers would stand hugely dented.

The National Council would truly herald the arrival of Kejriwal the politician. But it would also mark the death of the idea of AAP cherished by its volunteers. The party would have sharply divided units in every state even before taking off. The Maharashtra unit is already showing signs of breaking up; divisions are taking shape in Haryana and Punjab too. That virtually stops its growth prospects beyond Delhi.

It will take superhuman effort from the AAP’s leadership to win trust of people once more.

Sting marks a full circle for Kejriwal, party runs for cover-Hindustan Times

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