Monday, April 20, 2015

Dirty Politics Of Congress Party On Land Bill

Congress Party is bent upon putting hurdles in passing of Important bills like Land Bill. They do not want that Mr. PM gets credit for growth, They do not like Mr. Modi being praised by Mr. Obama or Chinese Premier and praised by ADB, IMF or world bank. They do not want welfare of farmers and common men and development of villages. Leaders of Congress party in particular and that of all other Non-BJP parties are interested to fight out Mr. Modi rightly or wrongly.

 Prime Minister  should expose Congress Party on past scams and Nehru-Bose issue, Lalu on Jungle Raj, Nitish on bad governance, Mulayam on poor law and order and finally collect the data of all farm houses owned by politicians .Hundreds of Farm houses have been constructed on farm lands acquired at nominal price and used for dirty activities. Ruling party should tell people of India how persons like Vadhera got farm land at nominal price

Everyone has to understand the intricacies of the Land bill and in no case farming has to be affected. Modi Government  has been repeatedly telling that farm land will not be given to corporate. Secondly even industrial land allotted to various District Industries Centre or Industrial area Development Authority in various districts   or corporate houses was also originally farm land. Rail lines passes through farmer's land at some places. These are done as exceptions when farm land comes in between

Inspite of all deficiencies or merits of the lad bill proposed by Modi government , all state government  has the right to accept or reject land bill or amend as per suitability. Even farmers can object to acquisition . And even opposing parties can abuse BJP if its government can do any harm to farmers without the consent of farmers.

It is bitter truth that willingly or unwillingly, all towns are slowly moving towards villages ,apartments in good number have been constructed on farm land adjoining towns and converted into commercial or residential land. Farmers are migrating to towns in search of better job or business. Due to this farming activity have come down to a great extent and towns are getting overcrowded and mismanaged.

If industries are established in villages ,some land will be acquired but many more villagers will be benefitted and migration to town will stop. Further overcrowding in town will be reduced. All parties should sit together in parliament discuss with open mind and then adopt what is the best.

What I mean today, there should not be group like pro-Modi and anti-Modi. Once election is over and Modi becomes head of nation,  all elected MP are supposed to work for farmers, common men and other service men, professionals and business's men. We cannot think and work better by. keeping farmers or any class in isolation. All policies should be peacefully discussed and debated in Parliament with open mind and unbiased approach towards any party. Even MPs of opposition parties are duly elected by Indian voters only. They too have every right to raise voice against injustice and wrong policies , but it should not be with ill-motive to just create problem for ruling party.

Media men are also playing negative role in important matters. They instead of bridging the gap ,simply try to widen the differences between two parties or two persons. Media en should try to assess what is good and what is bad and then without prejudiced mind try to project merits and demerits of the bill. After all it is a matter of growth and development as also image of the country. Media men are trying to add fuel to fire among Pro-Modi and anti-Modi camp. They should keep in mind that if land bill falls it will have disastrous effect on Foreign direct INVESTMENT in the country.

If proper reforms are not adopted in 120 year old Land Act 1894, the promises made by Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi during foreign visits and all plans formulated for getting 'Make in India' a grand success will get punctured. India has financial constraints to manage its economic need at it own and hence it has to necessarily depend on FII.

Mr. Modi created an environment conducive for FII after continuous foreign visits and marketed India's market very successfully . But if opposing parties do not behave in the interest of the country, India will have to suffer great loss. As such I appeal to all party leaders to think for country and project India's image as united India , not as divided India on all domestic issues.

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