Monday, April 20, 2015

Dirty Politics Of Rahul On Land Bill Exposed

Please see the facts below.
1. Shri Rahul Gandhi blames Gujarat model for land acquisition. Does he know SC and UPA lauded Gujarat for its land model?

2. Rahul Gandhi should do his homework better. SC praised Gujarat Model of Land Acquisition

3. Was Rahul Gandhi on a holiday when DIPP under UPA said Gujarat’s Land acquisition Model is the best?

4. Congress suffering selective memory loss. Why did UPA drop 13 pro Farmer clauses? NDA included them in the land bill.

5. Congress is misguiding people on Consent Clause. Hear PM expose this malicious propaganda

6. All amendments in Land Bill are purely for the benefits of farmers. Industrialists who exploited farmers in past will not be able to do so now

7. Not only farmers will get 4 times compensation & employment, they will also get a provision to own 20% of developed land

8. Shri Nitin Gadkari demolishing opposition's lies on Bill

9. Rahul Gandhi says Land Bill will enable Govt to give land to industrialists. He should know Bill only assists Central/State Govt projects not private enterprises.
10. 60% of our population i.e. farmers contribute only 15% of GDP. Is this Congress empowered farmers in 60 years? 
11. Do we not want farmers to get power, schools, employment, roads? Why does Congress want farmers to remain eternally poor? 
12. Isn’t it sad that Rahul Gandhi says #MakeInIndia will fail because of his political opposition to Modi Govt. No concern for India’s poor?

13. People of India are bigger threats than LeT & Jaish E Mohammed, said Rahul Gandhi to USA diplomats.

14. Sweet irony- remain outside India for months, come back & spread lies to farmers. 
15. The BJP led Govt under Shri Narendra Modi remains committed to all Indians and developing India.

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