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Pain Of Kejriwal Is Real And Media Deserve Trail

Media Has Accepted a 'Supari to Finish AAP', Says Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal-NDTV-04.05.2015

New Delhi:  Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has accused the media of accepting a supari or contract to finish off his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), in his sharpest attack yet on journalists. The Chief Minister also called for a "public trial" of media groups.

Mr Kejriwal made the remarks while defending his Law Minister Jitender Singh Tomar, who is accused of faking his law degree, during the launch of a website.

"There is a need for a public trial of the media to expose their bias," the Chief Minister said, alleging that "a large section of the media" had tried everything to tarnish his party's image.

AAP had its back to the wall in the past few weeks over the alleged suicide of a farmer at its rally and a university's claim in court that the law minister faked his degree.

"TV channels did everything to destroy us before the election and even now they are trying. But people will not be fooled," said Mr Kejriwal, who apologized last month for making a speech even after a Rajasthan farmer hanged himself from a tree at his rally.

Last week, the Chief Minister confronted violent protests by opposition parties who have demanded the sacking of Mr Tomar.

Mr Kejriwal said he was satisfied with his minister's clarification and said he was being hounded by the media.

"The media's aim is not to know the truth but to get Tomar sacked. I am not Tomar's relative or friend. I had sought an explanation from Tomar on the controversy. He gave a satisfactory answer and said he wasn't at fault as his degree is genuine," Mr Kejriwal said.

To support his allegations of bias, he accused the media of deliberately not reporting an auditor's report on violations by Purti, a company linked to union minister Nitin Gadkari.
Kejriwal lashes out at ‘biased’ media -The Hindu- 05.05.2015
Even as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has launched a scathing attack on the media for its “biases and prejudices” and called for public trial of some media groups for making factually incorrect claims, the Aam Aadmi Party on Monday came out in support of its leader Kumar Vishwas and accused the media of twisting the facts.
After the Delhi Commission for Women issued summons to Mr. Vishwas on a complaint by a woman party volunteer, AAP leader Sanjay Singh said the media’s sole objective was seemingly to malign the party’s image.
Mr. Singh asked the media to refrain from targeting the AAP without hard and tangible evidence and spare the family members of party leaders from their adverse reporting.
“I request the media not to be part of a premeditated strategy to target the AAP. Please report if you have facts and evidence to support such facts. But please do not show
concocted stories which have no basis,” said Mr. Singh, addressing a press conference.
The AAP leader called upon the “friends in the media” to only report on the party leaders and not involve their families in their (media’s) professional work. “Our wives and children will be disturbed by such stories. Please spare them.”
Mr. Singh pointed out that the woman in question had not spoken of any illicit relationship in any of her complaints made to the Delhi Police or the Women’s Commission. “On the contrary, she has complained about the attempts to put her in a negative light,” he said.
On Sunday, Mr. Kejriwal lashed out at the media and alleged that a large section of the media had taken a “Supari” (contract) for finishing off the AAP.
He claimed that a big conspiracy was going on to ruin the party and favoured public trial of the media.
Defends Tomar
Speaking at the inauguration of a news portal, Mr. Kejriwal also defended his Law Minister Jitender Singh Tomar, who is facing charges of acquiring a fake law degree.

'You have a fight with us, but please spare our families': Kejriwal-.05.05.2015

New Delhi, May 5 (ANI): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday accused certain unnamed media houses of deliberately targeting the Aam Aadmi Party, and pleaded with them to spare the families of party leaders while pursuing their respective 'agendas'.
"Ever since the Delhi elections results came in and the Aam Aadmi Party received a massive mandate, the AAP and its government is being targeted and maligned by certain media houses. Throughout the day, these media houses are running false stories about the AAP. Till now, we have kept defending ourselves, but the story which was splashed on Kumar Vishwas has crossed a line," Kejriwal said, in an exclusive interview to ANI.

"You have a fight with us, but please spare our families. The way Kumar Vishwas's entire family was brought under the scanner was a terrible thing to do. Kumar Vishwas is being accused of having an affair. Both parties have denied the same but these media houses are still running the same story," he added.
Kejriwal further said that his party would now speak to the media only on matters concerning the work done by the Delhi Government.

"This incident has left Kumar Vishwas's family in a state of depression. His daughter was forced to skip school today. Is this politics? Is this journalism? Without proof, will you destroy somebody's life? Our entire party is upset over this and our entire party has taken the decision to stay silent. If you want to ask questions about our government or our work, we will answer. However, if you ask us about our personal lives, we will not," he said.

Vishwas has been accused of having a physical relationship with a volunteer in the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, where he had unsuccessfully contested against Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi from Amethi.

The victim has alleged that Vishwas's wife has been spreading rumours that she found him in a compromising position with the poet-turned politician. She has also alleged that she is being defamed on social media. Vishwas had, however, yesterday termed the woman's allegations as baseless and put the onus on the Delhi Police which he said did not take any action on her complaint. He also accused the media of twisting the entire story to malign the party's image. (ANI)

Kejriwal releases ‘India’s most corrupt list,’ names Rahul, Chidambaram-31.01.2014-Indian Express

Kejriwal also said that an special session of Delhi Assembly will be held to pass the Janlokpal Bill.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday released a list of the most corrupt politicians in the country naming top leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Kapil Sibal, Mulayam Singh, P Chidambaram and Mayawati.

He also said that these leaders should be defeated in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Kejriwal also announced that his government will hold an special session of the Delhi Assembly at the Indira Gandhi stadium next month to pass the Janlokpal Bill.           

Addressing a press conference, Kejriwal accused BSES discoms of trying to “blackmail” the government by threatening power cuts upto 10 hours a day, and warned them of strict action including possible cancellation of licenses.
            The Chief Minister also said Tatas and Ambanis, who run three electricity distribution firms in Delhi, were not the only companies in the country and government was willing to bring new players. “There are no reasons for power cuts. I want to give them a warning that if they try to create panic in future, the government will take strict action against them,” Kejriwal said as Reliance Infra-backed BSES warned the government of 8-10 hours power cuts a day beginning tomorrow citing fund crunch. Dismissing any valid reasons for such extreme steps, the Chief Minister said there were so many question marks over the discoms account. -

AAP adds names of Sonia and Modi to list of 'corrupt leaders'-01.02.2014

NEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Saturday said it added Congress president Sonia Gandhi and BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's names in the list of "corrupt leaders" against whom it has decided to field candidates in the Lok Sabha elections as they were leading a party of tainted politicians and protecting them.

"After taking feedback from volunteers and party workers the name of Sonia Gandhi and Narendra Modi was added to the list. Names of Sonia Gandhi and Modi were added to the list as they led and protected corrupt politicians and corrupt politics. We want to put an end to this type of politics," senior party leader and political affairs committee (PAC) member Gopal Rai told reporters here.

Rai said Modi's name was also included in the list as he also represented "politics of hatred".

My Comment :

When Mr. Kejriwal calls other politicians as thief ,corrupt and criminal ,he does not think that he is tarnishing the image of others to gain political advantage. He never thought before bringing list of corrupt politicians that these politicians too have family and children behind them. He has not proved charges of any politician against whom h had levelled charges during election campaign. He calls Advani ,Adani and all corporates as looter and BJP men . But he has not proved it till date though he is in power for last few months.

Mr. Kejriwal who is habituated to abuse entire system, abuse all politicians of other parties, corporate houses and all officers, all police men and all babus , has now perhaps understood where the shoe pinches when some one is accused of baseless charges.
Now when people are putting blame on leaders of his party , Mr. Kejriwal  says that putting blame on others without having substantial proof put family members of accused in problems and it is family members who have to bear with sarcastic remarks of friends and relative and society members. He himself become judge when it is matter of allegation against his party men and his colleagues, but he talks of including all CMs, PM, and all prominent politicians and officials in the ambit of Jan Lokpal .
It is another pity that ironical that a person whose birth in politics took place in the name of Jan Lokpal has not yet started the process to accomplice the task of formation of Jan Lokpal or any process to punish corrupt politicians, corrupt officials and corrupt media men.
Now he is advocating Trial of Media . He used to be happy when the same media men used to make false trial of BJP and Congress Men on the allegations levelled by Mr. Kejriwal and his team in 2013 and 2014.
Career of Mr. Kejriwal in politics started with Team Anna Movement when his work was only to expose leaders of Congress Party ruling at Delhi either as state government of central government. He promised to send all corrupt leaders to jail . But as soon as he became CM of Delhi he forgot corruption of Congress Party and started focusing on so called secularism and his new target became Mr. Narendra Modi . It became almost clear at that time that Mr. Kejriwal was least bothered of corruption in the system .But Media men promoted his movement to the maximum extent and finally it is media which made him as CM of Delhi. Now Mr. Kejriwal want Media trial.
I do not know what is wrong with him , but his close followers are now going away from him slowly and gradually. If Mr. Kejriwal does not exhibit honesty in his action , he will be discarded by his own followers and he will have to leave politics . Media men are no doubt biased and dishonest in their focus . Still media men safeguard us from various dangers of democracy and freedom granted under democratic system. As such Arvind should come forward with specific cases of corruption of media instead of blaming to entire system of journalism.

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