Thursday, October 15, 2015

Journalist Rahul Kunwar Interviews Amit Shah

Must Watch Amit Shah exposing double standards of Paid Media !! ( following news collected from a wbsite "")

As expected, Rahul Kanwal of India Today catches up BJP President Amit Shah in an Airplane and asks him question over intolerance over Dadri Lynching and tries to associate people arrested with BJP.

Amit Shah counters it with asking Rahul Kanwal over murders of many hindu people in Uttar Pradesh and amount of media coverage done over it. Even asks if Rahul Kanwal and India Today group has sold themselves to Samajwadi Party and requests to present entire coverage of Dadri Vs various incidents of Hindus Murdered in Uttar Pradesh.

Also these paid news traders blamed Modi Ji and Shah for 2002 Riots, when Modi was CM of state. Why are they not questioning Akhilesh Yadav now? Do they think that people of India are fools to believe their paid and sponsored propaganda?

Is this not biased Journalism and if these news traders are doing such selective and shameful reporting, its clear that they are paid ransom amount by anti nationals and enemy’s of India.

You must listen this interview link of which is given below. Please click following to listen .

Fourth Pillar of democracy is indeed turning out to be a rotten pillar

My Comments:

I would like to refer the conversation which tool place between journalist Mr. Rahul Kunwar and BJP President Mr. Amit Sah in an interview. 

If journalists in India continue to play such dubious and biased role there is no doubt that Indian Government sooner or later will have to revisit the right of freedom granted by our constitution .

Freedom of expression of views is no doubt the spirit (Atma) of Democracy but unregulated and biased journalism may prove harmful and may disturb communal harmony and may pose threat the unity and integrity of the country . Media has the right to criticise anyone and pose valid questions to leaders for betterment  . But it they do not relate to truth or only portray only one side of the coin , it may cause disturbance and result in upheavals in short run . Biased reporting may give rise to anger of one group or the other of common men. If media focus on negative news 365 days , it will finish positivity and spoil the minds of common men.

No doubt media is important to awaken people in democratic system and to alert rulers of the country . It helps in stopping rulers turning dictator and going in wrong direction. It helps in communicating the pulse of common media to ruling party. It may giving important inputs to ruling party and may alert government from probable dangers and help in saving the country from disasters.

But on the contrary , it media become ill-motivated , if media become paid media, if they become paid agents of some criminal or the other, if media become propagandists, it thy become rumour mongers, it can create havoc in short period which none of revolutionary leaders can do in a decade or two.

TV media and social networking sites are these days distributing news of rape, murders, riots and all negative events only . These channels are also used to submit fake and fabricated news and thus being used to disturb peace only. Journalists who play with emotions may earn cheap popularity but may not earn blessings from anyone.

In a class or a school , there may be a few bad students who disturb classes, but clever teacher and clever principal either ignore them or expel them based on the merit of situation . If they give full value to bad students, good students will not be able to study and good teachers will not be able to teach. If merit of good students is praised in the class , other students will try to become meritorious. On the contrary , if bad students is made monitor of the class or made hero , it is but natural that other students will follow ill-habits of the bad students to become a hero.

Good parent never focus on bad point of children but always try to nourish good points and prise all good works of children. In this way child slowly and gradually forget ill-habits and create good culture.

Media has the power and potential to spread rumours, false news and biased news to poison the society and create civil war .  If media maintain double standard , people will be misguided and take wrong step. It is a bitter truth that Pakistan with the help of ISI and their media are also spreading myth about Kashmir and about threat to Islam and trying to make India appear as strong enemy of Islam and that of Pakistan. It is Pakistan media which has played a big role in creating wider rift between two countries and they do not want to see two countries coming together.

Mostly Hindu and Muslim love each other and majority of them prefer to live in peaceful and cordial atmosphere. But a few insane persons try to disturb peace and media men try to use these insane persons to disturb peace and tranquillity, may be to earn higher revenue . Media men do not see good news which may promote love and peace , which may being closer two communities and which may send the message of mutual respect.

In greed of higher TRP and in greed of getting greater  popularity of TV channel  , journalists are striking at emotions of people and playing with their emotions to earn higher revenue .In this way , these journalist may become fame for some time but ultimately people will stop trusting them and abusing entire Press which is not good.

Time has come that people of all communities , all political parties and all social organisation sit together to decide suitable course of action to stop misuse of power of freedom of expression and misuse of press freedom by paid or biased journalists.

I salute Mr. Amit Shah who has at least tried to expose double standard of journalists in open interview . Otherwise normally politicians are clever not to buy animosity with media men. Because they are afraid that if media men become hostile, their life may become hell. Even criminals have close friendship with some or the other media men. 

In the recent past, even leaders like Arvind Kejriwal had raised questions on integrity of media men. But when people from all corners started making mockery of his truthfulness, he slowly and gradually through his tact regained the closeness with media men. Several leaders of almost all political parties in the past have raised eyebrows whenever they were individually made target by greedy journalists but soon they became silent to reduce further damage by so called freedom lovers of press.

If all leaders come together to review role of media , it will be good for all and for ever. Sooner it takes place , better it will be. Let us save us and our lovely country from monsters of modern era.

If we are able to  understand and realize our duties well and give them value and respect from core of our heart ,then only we may judiciously use our rights of freedom granted by Constitution. Otherwise there is always a risk of misuse of Freedom and there is always a threat to Democratic principles.

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