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Lalu's Son Deputy CM Of Bihar , Wrong or Right?

Major talking point of the swearing-in ceremony is Delhi  Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal hugging former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad Yadav. 

Kejriwal's image in the country was of an anti-corruption crusader. He abused Lalu many times during his crusade against corruption. He published list of corrupt politicians many times and promised to send them jail if he comes to power. Following is his tweet of the year 2013.

Listen Video Clip of How Lalu abused Kejriwal in the year 2013

Laloo made crores in fodder scam. But no order for recovery of that money. Just 25 lakh fine and few years in jail. A sweet deal

Lalu's alleged involvement in the fodder scam and later convicted from court did not deter Mr. Nitish to form an alliance. It is understandable. Because Nitish was to remain in power and to win the election by hook or by crook. Hence he thought it fit to accept friendship with age old enemies  like Lalu and his party RJD  & Rahul  and his Congress party. Nitish and Rahul are traditional politicians and therefore well versed in dirty politics of India and  hence they do not feel shame in shaking hands with Lalu to whom they abused for more than a decade. 

But Arvind Kejriwal stepped in Indian politics only with an promise that he will give the country an absolutely different politics. He became symbol of fight against corruption . But his U-turn for the sake of politics , his friendship with parties headed by Lalu and Sonia and his unabated attack on Modi has not only confused people of India and but also shaken the faith of voters to a great extent. 

Now it is not therefore abnormal and astonishing that  social media users are in large number ridiculing Kejriwal and  they do not hesitate to mock once upon a popular leader like Mr. Kejriwal's apparent U-turn. Many members of Facebook have criticized the U-turn of Kejriwal and are even using abusive and parliamentary  language to mock and are freely ridiculing  Kejriwal's U-turn in politics. People of India , in fact stands as cheated by such behavior of a person on whom entire country reposed complete faith to fight out corrupt leaders from Indian polity.

In near future , people of Bihar will face the consequences or not, it is too early to predict. Quality of government by Nitish under remote control of Lalu  cannot be predicted now. But politics of Kejriwal will open the eyes of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi . Congress Party wanted to eliminate BJP and Modi by using Kejriwal . Unfortunately,Congress Party has become victim of its own conspiracy. Now  future of Congress Party is fully dark and the party is on the verge of  complete elimination. At all stages and in all states, Congress Party and Rahul will now have to face the dictatorial attitude of  smaller and regional parties.

Lalu who was considered a King maker a decade ago has once again become kingmaker. There is doubt that Mr. Nitish will not be comfortable in ruling Bihar .  It is pressure tactics of Lalu that he had to induct both sons of Lalu in his cabinet and give the post of Deputy CM to Lalu's younger son .There is no surprising that matured and experienced ministers and MLAs will face an awkward position when a child like Dy CM will dictate his term to Nitish and other ministers.

Some people are making comment on Lalu's sons who are poor in education taking oath as cabinet minister and ridiculing him for his fault in uttering oath . But people of Bihar were happy to accept illiterate Rabri as CM and hence they will be happy in accepting poorly educated Lalu's son acting as Deputy CM of Bihar. In fact there is no importance of education in politics particularly in Bihar. For people of Bihar , more important is dominance of their caste and community in governance and in administration.

Ultimately people of Bihar will have to suffer when there will be ego clash in near future among various constituents of Mahgathbandhan parties. But a few incidents of crime which took place in Bihar during last few days has confirmed arrival of Jungal Raj part II. However I am optimistic that Mr. Nitish will try his best to keep law and order in control .

It is also true that Lalu will always try his best to project Mr. Nitish as PM candidate so that his sons may be elevated to the post of CM of Bihar as soon as his sons get little experience in Governance. Nitish will be accepted by people of India for the post of PM or not is not a question to be answered. Political masters in Mahagathbandhan are least bothered for India's growth. Focus of Lalu will be only to eliminate Nitish from Bihar politics and make his sons his real successor in Bihar politics. 

It is a political game and let us watch who wins it and who lose it. Political tug of war will continue for some time in Indian political ground and people will continue to suffer and growth will continue to be a victim of dirt politics as it has remained for last seven decades. It is a Himalayan task for Modi to fulfill  his dream of growth and development.

It is dead sure that comfort of people of Bihar is not at all a matter of subject to be discussed for ruling alliance in Bihar. Politicians who have war based on cast politics and who have gathered together to defeat Modi  discarding all their moral and principles  will play only their family game and people will continue to suffer . as hitherto. People of Bihar will have to go outside Bihar for study , for job and for peaceful life .

But one thing I would like to suggest leaders of BJP , that they should remain  silent at least for one year inside and outside  Bihar Assembly and refrain from putting hurdles in functioning of Bihar Government . If BJP manages this and prevail upon MLAs of BJP to silently watch the development of Bihar government for one year. I have no doubt that Bihar government will fall due to its own internal quarrels, leg pulling and due to ego clash of various leaders of ruling alliance. 

Otherwise Lalu and Nitish and entire Bihar Government will victimize Modi and BJP for all of their failures as Mr. Kejriwal has been doing for last one year in Delhi. It is open secret that Lalu is a cunning and shrewd politician and he will put entire blame on Modi for all his fault and for fault of Nitish Government.Therefore I once again request BJP leaders to allow newly elected government to function without any hindrance at least for a year or two.After all the represent the will of voters and let voters once again assess their decision after seeing actual work done by their government.

20th November 2015

Fodder scam: 5 years in jail for Lalu-03.10.2013-Asian Age

Ranchi: A special CBI court here on Thursday sentenced Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav to 5 years in jail in the fodder scam case. The court had on Monday found him guilty in the multi-crore scam. Former Bihar Chief Minister Jagannath Mishra gets 4 years.

The sentence was pronounced through videoconferencing. Yadav is currently lodged in Birsa Munda Central Jail, 10 km from here. He is prisoner No 3312 and has a cell that measures 10 feet X 10 feet.

The verdict also disqualifies him from his Lok Sabha membership and barring him from contesting elections for six years, according to a recent Supreme Court order.

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