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An Appeal To Amir Khan

I never doubted honesty, integrity, and patriotism of Amir Khan . But I am very much surprised and very much hurt by his statement made yesterday .I still hope that it is someone else whose pressure has forced Amir to say like this. 

I however condemn Amir for his statement tagging India with the word intolerance. His words are valuable for many of his fans and he has tried to exploit it. 

Amir should understand that popularity is not permanent. We all Indian love persons of all caste and communities and love all actors , all talents and give respect to all without any bias to caste or community. Amir has also in the past called India as incredible India. There is a sudden change in him . I hope Amir will either change his idea or suggest the name of a country in the world which is more tolerant than India

If Rahul Gandhi says something it is ignored because he is a politician and called as pappu too. Indians never expected such statement from a person like Amir. Mr Kejriwal might have gone mad and his hatredsness with Modi is nothing but outcome of his ambitious plan of becoming PM. Mr. Kejriwal a crusader against corrupt Congress Party is now ready to make friendship with Congress Party, RJD Lalu and any other person who can help in defeating Mr. Narendra Modi and remove  BJP from power. I request  Mr. Kejriwal to have patience and do not try to malign India for his self interest. People of India chose him as  their leader with great expectations. and to get rid of corrupt leaders and not to get rid of person like Mr. Modi. 

Similarly other politicians who are extending support to Amir are power ambitious politicians and they are least bothered of image of country and neither do they want to see Mr. Modi as successful Prime Minister. Though Mr. Modi has been rated as 9th most popular leader in the world and though India has been rated as most tolerant country by a world level rating agency, power ambitious politicians and some of media men are bent upon maligning image of our country.

I request all to keep India above all transitory and self interest. Our existence and our growth depends on our unity and integrity and our love for the country only. Political parties and politicians are not as permanent and stable as our love to country is.. Mr. Narendra Modi is prime minister of our country and he has never talked in communal language. 

It is true that a few BJP leaders , a few congress party leaders and persons like Azam Khan and Owessi are talking rubbish and they are to be controlled  by respective parties and punished if they do not mend their language . But hardly 125 persons using bad language cannot be allowed to malign the image of a country of 125 crore population. 

This is India where people of all caste and communities work together in various offices and factories , live together in various villages and towns , act together in film industry, serve humanity in various roles and various capacities as Doctors, engineers, CAs, and other professionals. Our country is greater than all . Even in political parties, persons from all caste and communities find equal place . Persons of all communities get place for top posts in the country.

If persons like Amir says something against India and Indian environment , his message goes beyond the border of the country and hence the country expect more sense and more balanced approach before such popular persons make any public speech.

As a matter of fact human being as a whole have become intolerant .Majority of  families are disturbed, Brothers kill brothers, son kills parent, friend kills friend and so on.There is dispute between sons and parent in reed of wealth. Cases of divorce in on rise. Husband divorce wife or wife divorce husband on petty matters.

In olden days there used to be group families consisting of three or four generation and they used to live together under the same roof. Now even a family consisting of parent one one or two  children is not peaceful.

Students do not tolerate teachers and teachers do not tolerate students. Voters do not tolerate their leaders and leaders do not tolerate voters , staff do not tolerate their bosses  and bosses do not tolerate their subordinates, ministers do not tolerate their leaders and so on.   As a matter of fact , the lesson promoting tolerance and mutual respect are not taught in schools from very childhood.

Resources are limited and demand is more and hence there may be mad rush to acquire more and more resources , even by snatching that of others.

Culture of intolerance is not new and it continues from the beginning of this material world. Ravan did not tolerate Sita and Duyodhan did not tolerate Arjun and Kans did not tolerate Krishna.

But love and peace is the need of all person , more than worldly materials . Everyone on this earth is search of peace and happiness . But love and anger cannot live together. If an era of love and mutual respect has to begin , one has to discard anger and hatredness.

Various states in our country have become intolerant towards citizens of other states. Not only this many countries are at war with many other countries. India has witnessed many communal riots since 1947 triggered by non-issues or by rumours or due to stone pelting on processions or due to dispute in boundaries of house or a religious place. But Indian governments of all period  have tackled all such mishappenings boldly and without any biased attitude.  Inspite of all , it is India which may be considered most peaceful and most tolerant country in the world. Media men sometimes add fuel to fire and intelligent  persons are not misguided by rhetoric created by TV media on some incidents like Dadri.

As such , if any wrong message goes to foreign countries, , our effort to attract foreign direct investment gets adversely affected. Not only this , by false propaganda spearheaded by some of opposition parties and some of anti-Modi persons and media men have diluted the efforts made by Prime Minister to secure a seat in security council in United Nation Organisation.In addition to it ,entire world is facing threat of terror attacks and if India becomes weak due to internal mud slinging and due to domestic disturbances, our country will face a great loss in the hands of those who are inclined to disturb peace of India .

I once again make an appeal to learned and most famous actor Mr. Amir Khan to make a fresh statement to allay all confusions created due to his statement made on intolerance. I am confident that this time he will not use his Hindu wife to express his opinion . I reiterate that crores of his fans are very much disturbed and hurt by his statement and hence without any delay he should clarify his position keeping in view the sentiments of all Indians as a whole. Amir Khan is a popular person and his wording reaches every corner of the country quickly and if his action is  aggressive  , its reaction is also natural to be devastating.

We cannot forget good films like Tare Jami Pe and  Three Idiots or Pk acted by him and the most excellent and most popular TV programme named as 'Satyamev Jayate' made by him .Though his films had attacked religious sentiments ,there are still crores of admirers of his films in India .People love him and have great respect for him. He has done great service for humanity and for country. His sudden statement on so called intolerance has greatly affected his image badly and it is bound duty to come forward to regain the lost image .and to calm down the anger of country men against him. 

Amir is not a politician and hence expected to be above dirty politics of Congress Party or any other party. He is free to criticize any individual like Pragya Sakchi or Aditya Yoginath or Giriraj Singh or Thakre brothers or Azam Khan or Owessi but he should not malign entire country due to act of few.  Amir Khan is rather expected to contribute his valuable opinion and effective acts through his films to guide and give direction to our country to the path of growth and communal harmony.

Subject: Real Tolerant Indians for centuries and
still tolerating: Collcted from Facebook

Read Cho Ramaswamy's write-up in Tughlaq

Tolerant Indians
An English translation of a very good article that appeared recently in THUGLAQ--a Tamil weekly edited by CHO--

The President has complained that the people be more tolerant and understanding – Fantastic and very commendable.

 Let us analyse our tolerance level and find where we are lacking .

1.Politicians have improved from their corruption target of few lakhs to 1.76-2.0 lakh crores and we tolerate them.

2.Election time – self declaration wealth of 1000 crores, and we never asked them from where they got this from their previous statement of few lakhs 5 years back. Not only that we accept his so many privileges and subsidised everything from idlies to plane tickets and “ Z plus ‘ security and traffic snarls because of their movement.

3. We also tolerate that sons and relatives are the natural choice of becoming their successors in positions like CM, ministers etc We justify that by saying we are used to Rajah and Zamindars and we accept them as their right.

4.Parliament and assemblies have become circus arena and fish market with shouting, counter shouting, flinging of objects and abuses. We appreciate their heroic sense of responsibility and praise them with poems and lectures on their achievements.

5. For 50 years each successive government have promised to bring in the black money and they are still trying !.Endless list of offenders, bank cheaters, fraudsters are published by all media with proofs. But they continue to live the same lavish style and are very well taken care by the politicians. They scratch each others back. We just don’t bother and ignore saying “ nothing is going to happen “ and just get on with our own miserable life.

6. Fake doctors, fake lawyers, fake teachers, fake medicines fake everything ! many times they look better than originals-Do we complain – No, Mr President.

7.Our pride, the” excellent” condition of roads , water contamination, power cuts, hospital hygiene , we never complain and we learn to live them and adjust to realities.

8.Doctors steal kidneys, teachers help students to copy ( even a DIG was caught copying recently) bank officials loot the bank cash in their own way, police help the criminals What happens – nothing It is all tv entertainment news for us . We sit and enjoy the loud talk shows and debates and forget everything the very next moment. We are not ashamed that the rest of world is laughing at us and we are jeopardizing the values of our institutions and students.

9.Government lavishly throw money meant for development for freebies like tv, mixies,grinders, goats, cycles and laptops ( only to their party affiliates ) and call it their achievement .We admire them and make posters ,cutouts 50-60 ft high right in the middle of roads and garland them.

10. Corruption in all levels and our bureaucracy is brilliant in devising ways to collect money from public. . Any alternate or improvement is shot down promptly, by devising method to subvert and bypass them. No can ever beat them in short circuiting the system and make it ineffective.

11.Pakistan crosses our border and beheads our soldiers and China tells us to vacate from our own land . Do we object –NO . we only warn them and we are tolerant.

12. There is Power shortage, Rape, farmers suicide, drought ,river water fights between states. Do we bother. We are only concerned with why Dhoni did not score a century in every test and why Salman khan did not smile at Sharukh Khan when they met !!

We all know nothing happens to anyone who violates any civic or/and traffic rules or for that matter any rules !!

So Mr. President where did you find us intolerant and please be specific so that we can ‘improve' further.

Posted by: Harihara Sarma

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