Monday, December 14, 2015

Dirty Politics To Stop Chariot of Progress

Rahul Gandhi acts like a notorious student in a college who take credit in disturbing class and slapping or abusing teachers. Similarly Rahul is crying on petty matters and always targeting PM Mr Modi .

 Some of pro- congress TV media carry out debates on their channels and make non-issues appear as national issues. Rahul and his party is undoubtedly indulged in anti- common men anti- growth activi
ties and they will never allow PM Mr. Narendra Modi to work smoothly . They will not allow GST bill to pass in Parliament as they did on Land Bill.

 I have no doubt and no hesitation in saying that Rahul  is rightly called as child or as Pappu, in fact he may be called as notorious Pappu and a great joker too.

 I am surprised how matured and experienced leaders of Congress party are able to digest Rahul. They all appear to have lost their conscience. I had very good opinion about Sonia. I thought Sonia Gandhi will take wise decision on national issues and control her son in Parliament. But she also appear to have lost senses in greed to make her son PM. Only God may save Congress party from disaster . Congress Party has lost the culture of nationalism and became a gang of flatterers and yesmen. This is why when Rahul speaks white lie , even CM of Assam and senior leaders of Congress Party try to turn white lie of Rahul in truth. But people of India will not be carried away by misinformation campaign .

Rahul is telling white lie on his allegation that he was not allowed to enter into Temple. Fact is that local people were eagerly waiting to see Rahul. Actually Rahul want to charge the atmosphere of Assam with communal colour and malign BJP and at the same time delay passing of GST bill. He want to win Assam election by sensitising Assam with emotions. Thus by telling one lie, he is trying to kill two birds with one stone. In India, everything is possible in politics

I hope at least other opposition parties will rethink over relation with Rahul Gandhi. Or else they too may support joker of the year. They will continue to disturb Parliament.

Sometime ago leaders of Congress Party disturbed Parliament on false allegation made by MP Shailja who told that she was denied entry in a temple in Ahmedabad in the year 2013. She was exposed when ruling party exhibited her comments in books of temple where she had written in the year 2013 that she was able to have Darsan with the help of authorities. and priest of the temple. God knows why she chose to raise this issue of 2013 in Parliament in the year 2015 when Modi led NDA is in power and why did sh not raise the issue when tour country was ruled by Manmohan Singh led UPA government.

Similarly Congress Part disturbed Parliament on the issue of National Herald Case when High court ordered Sonia And Rahul Gandhi to appear in court . They shamelessly raised this judicial issue in Parliament. Before that they disturbed Parliament on issue of so called intolerance in the country .

IN this way 100 year old party is not allowing current government to work, not allowing debate on important bills like GST bill or Bonus Bill.

It is astonishing that all other mature leaders of Hundred year old party are blindly supporting misbehaviour and mischievous acts of their leaders and allowing wastage of valuable time of Parliament . Common men are sufferer due to non-passing of bill. Taxpayers money is lost in functioning of Parliament without any real output. Members of Parliament are drawing huge salary and allowances and they are supposed to perform. But they are doing just opposite of what they are supposed to do.

If a clerk or peon do not serve properly, he is taken to task, his salary is cut and finally he may be even removed from service. If an IAS or IPS officer do not obey the order of a minister or do not perform as per expectation of a minister or MLA or MP he or she is suspended and made scapegoat of political misadventures. In all high value corruption cases , clerks and junior officers are made scapegoat and Ministers, MPs and MLA who give verbal order or who disturb in working of an officer are not punished.

How long such negative role played by elected representatives like MPs and MLAs  will be tolerated?

Why MPs are not taken to task for their indecent behaviour, for non-performance and for creating nuisance in Parliament?

Parliament is meant to do the work of legislation . Why issues related to local government or state government are raised in Parliament?

Some of supporters of Congress Party justify their ill-motivated and undisciplined behaviour in Parliament by equating the same with the act of BJP in the past. May I ask a question , whether Parliament is meant of playing Kabaddi and whether these national parties will continue to cheat common men by mutual blame game and mutual mud slinging only. An act of crime cannot be ignored by a court only because similar act of crime was committed by some one else in the past.

Last but not the least , Are MPs disturbing working of Parliament not punishable under Indian Law? 
If yes , who will do this job?
and when?

Nobody prevented Rahul, I waited for him for four hours,’ says Barpeta temple chief- India Express

“I clearly deny there was any opposition or demonstration to prevent Rahul Gandhi as alleged. On the contrary, I was at the satra gate for nearly four hours, waiting to receive," said Sarma.-Indian Express

Assam Minister contradicts Rahul Gandhi's claims, says he didn't even enter the temple-IBN Live

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