Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Some Questions To Honourable CM Mr. Kejriwal

Mr Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister of Delhi says that Mr Narendra Modi rime Minister of India should ask him before starting a CBI raid against his officer. It means to say that CBI should take permission from PM first to start a raid against an officer.

During Team Anna movement ,he used to demand that CBI should be free from all control of government and no permission should be needed for CBI or CVC or Lokpal before prosecuting any officer, any Minister or any CM or PM. He pleaded that Jan Lokpal should have all powers to try and punish any officer and any Minister. Now the same Kejriwal is saying that CBI or Modi should first ask him before carrying out any raid on anyone of his officer.

Is it not proof of double standard of Arvind Kejriwal?

Kejriwal suspends his IAS officer in removal of Jhuggi-basti by Railways without even verifying the truth or reality, he can remove any officer from his office levelling charges of corruption at his own , he may announce list of top 20 Corrupt Ministers if he so likes to prove that he only is a crusader against corruption. But when an investigating authority like CBI carry out raids in office of one of his officer , Mr. Kejriwal says it is act of Modi directed conspiracy to destabilise his government. He says it is political vendetta. Now he equates the situation with emergency.

Mr. Kejriwal should understand  that Mr. Rajinder , his officer is not yet proved as guilty, he is simply subjected to investigation process by CBI a competent authority to verify the genuinity and veracity  of complain filed by a person and referred to CBI by none other than Anti-corruption department only.

What does he want to prove? 

Mr Kejriwal should know that during emergency raid against CM or PM or Governors or President of India was not permitted and 42nd amendment in Constitution was made for this purpose only.

I say what is harm if CBI raids even house or office of CM, though in present case CBI did not do so. I simply remind Kejriwal who used to demand that even PM should be in preview of CBI ,Lokpal and CVC. Why raid in office of one of his officer has disturbed Mr. Kejriwal is a matter which raises many suspicions.

Why is he afraid of files being seen by CBI when he and his officer are innocent and fully honest and transparent?

After all he is a RTI activist and he uses to advocate all files should be accessible for RTI inquiry.

Kejriwal can put blame on anyone without proving it but CBI cannot make investigation to verify alleged corruption without permission from Arvind Kejriwal . 

How can he give certificate of honesty to his officer against whom a competent authority like CBI has started investigation?

Does he have no respect for a constitutional authority?

Being a state head as CM ,is it good to use abusive word for PM who is in fact not at all related with CBI raids?

 Mr. Kejriwal and his party AAP threatens Mr. Modi of dire consequences. 

Is it proper and fit for a person who holds a post of Chief Minister? 

He is not an leader who cries in agitations .

Weak people cry loudly to prove they are strong. Kejriwal is trying perhaps to do the same by crying loudly against Modi for all incidents.

Does it not prove hollowness of his mind?

If Kejriwal has any evidence of corruption  against Mr Jaitley Finance Minister, who has stopped him filing a case against Jaitley? He can very expose Mr. Jaitley even now.

He has in the past put allegation against several ministers of Congress Government led by Sheila Dikshit in Delhi and declared many central ministers of the then UPA government as corrupt. He can do so but if a central government starts even investigation , it is treated as conspiracy or a political vendetta.

Is it justified from any angle of consideration?

Will learned Kejriwal introspect and tell me from core of his heart whether he is justified in putting blame on CBI and on Mr. Modi for a raid against one of his officer who is facing several charges of corruption?

Does he think that he is the only fittest person to certify honesty of an officer or a minister?

He says that Modi should ask him to furnish a file or to punish his officer or inquire against his officer .

 After all , he should say whether CBI should seek permission from him for starting all investigation against all of his minister and all his officer.

If still Mr. Kejriwal  finds that he is right and CBI and Mr. Modi is wrong , then he should at least read the order of Supreme Court which gave CBI permission to raid or investigate any officer above joint Secretary without seeking any permission from government.

It is not mandatory for the CBI to inform or seek the permission of a chief minister or the Union government before beginning a probe against a senior civil servant. A provision in the law to this effect was struck down last year by the Supreme Court. As such  CBI 's raid on Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's principal secretary Rajendra Kumar  was purely as per norms.

I think Mr. Kejriwal will agree with me in saying  that whenever a leader of any political party is raided by CBI , high command of that political party will accuse CBI of being acting on behalf of ruling party. All political parties accuse CBI when their VIP is interrogated and questioned by CBI.

But here , the key point is  that Mr. Kejriwal entered into politics to eliminate Corruption only and he had promised to be a different person , a different politician and a different administrator and he had promised to be transparent and supportive to honest officers and not to corrupt officers whosoever he or she may be. Kejriwal 'act cannot be equated with that of BJP or Congress Party or RJD or JDU.

Kejriwal  is expected to be above all doubts and he is expected to do a clean politics entirely different from traditional politicians. He should remember his days when he was associated with Team Anna or India Against Corruption. He should recollect his memory when he used to cry from Jantar Mantar and used to challenge the then Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh and the then CM Delhi Ms Shiela Diksht.

It is he who used to advocate absolute power for  Lokpal who could question all including PM and CM. Now people will laugh at him if he behaves in the same way as leaders of BJP or Congress Party use to behave in similar situation. If he too cries like Lalu and abuses all persons of other political party specially in ruling party, there is no doubt that people of India will accept that Kejriwal is a big joker like Lalu, only a few blind supporter of Kejriwal will stand behind him day and night as it happens in other parties victim of flatterers.

Lastly I like to say that if Kejriwal believes that CBI has committed illegal act or the act of CBI is dubious or CBI is acting as puppet of ruling party, he can protest action furnishing solid facts, he can seek legal remedy or he can prove before CBI that his officer is honest but wrongly trapped. His actions and his words keep value for others.


Pannvalan Pann said...

The present case against Rajendra Kumar, the Principal Secretary of New Delhi CM pertains to some of his actions, before he became New Delhi state secretary. So, the raids are not against Kejriwal or his office.

naren jhadakia said...

केजरीवाल को जनता के प्रतिनिधि होने के नाते अपनी भाषा पर भी नियन्त्रण रखना चाहिए. तर्क दिया है की वो हरियाणा के एक गांव से होने के कारण सख्त शब्द बोलते हैं. हरियाणा इस पर क्या सोचता है, सोचने की बात है.