Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Some Questions To Common Men

Mutual blame game in Parliament and State Assemblies have become beauty of democracy. Not allowing Parliament to function has become the culture of Indian Parliament. Discussion , debate, dissent and decision on any b ill have become the matter of the past . Abusing a top political leader or a top ranked officer or beating a officer  or police person has become synonym of freedom.

Are We giving new definition to Parliamentary Democracy and Right of Freedom granted by Constitution  of India?

Common men and country suffer due to non- functioning of Parliament. How long politicians will be allowed to withdraw salary and allowances only by creating disturbances in Parliament and doing nothing?

How long we will support one group or the other sacrificing interest of the country?

Can we justify the act of one's crime only because some other person or group also committed the same crime in the past?

Can we not think and act purely in the interest of common men, interest of growth and that of the country ?

If a student disturb classes or behave in undisciplined manner or commit unlawful act or indulges in unfair means or promotes hate and disturb peace, the student is expelled from class or school or even prosecuted for unlawful acts.

Can MPs and MLAs doing similar act in Parliament or in State Assemblies also may  be punished in similar way?

How long speaker will tolerate misbehaviour of elected representatives?

Is it not possible that a MP standing at his place without permission of speaker and crying in Parliament to disturb its functioning be punished , fined and in course of time expelled and even prosecuted for unlawful activities?

Sometime BJP disturb and sometime Congress party disturb Parliament, sometimes leftist create disturbances and some other time socialists or rightists create disturbances in Parliament.

Should we people of India remain a silent spectator of this drama, nuisance and wastage of valuable time of Parliament?

Should our country tolerate undisciplined behaviour of elected representatives in Parliament or in state Assemblies?

Whether ongoing disturbances in Parliament is justified ?

What a Prime Minister or a speaker  should do to stop ongoing disturbances in Parliament?

If anyone dislike a Prime Minister or hate PM , is he or she free to abuse or use humiliating words of a dignified post like PM or President of India or CM or Governor of a state?

If someone dislike current PM , Will they name a political leader who is able to act efficiently as PM of India and can not only perform better than current PM Mr. Modi but can also replace Modi immediately or in next election. And should he or she not wait till next election?

Whether people of India can punish MP of their area if they find that their MP is doing no constructive work and involved in creating problems only?

What recourse voters of India have to stop their area MP if he  or she indulges in anti-national activities?

Name three MPs who are creating more nuisance in Parliament and who deserve to be and suggest the ways to punish such MPs .

Name thee politicians who are acting as joker and suggest ways to stop their nuisance.

Name Chief Ministers who always blame Prime Minister of India to hide their non-performance and suggest ways to stop them doing so without disturbing state-centre relation.

Name three Chief Ministers who have not come in media during last one year or media do not focus them. Chief Ministers who are silently doing work for their state are not discussed and debated in TV Media but only CM who abuse PM or behave in uncivilised way become a matter of focus for TRP oriented TV channels.

How long people of India tolerate TV media who are spreading hate in public and indulged in divisive acts only ?

How long media will be allowed to spread misinformation , fake news and unauthenticated news ?

Name three Chief Ministers who are main choice for media coverage and who always remain in focus of media and why ?

Are media acting as Paid agent of some or the other political party?

If you do not like Present PM , Please answer following and suggest ways to replace Mr. Modi immediately .

Who are three persons who can abuse Prime Minster of India?

Last but not the least , it has become the habit of some political leaders and some of media men to spread negative news and to abuse ruling party. When they will devote themselves in positive news and help country in moving towards growth and doing constructive good work.

Can this country be allowed to run by  legally elected government or a few individuals be allowed to disturb the functioning of a government or an office as per their whims and fancies?

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