Saturday, December 19, 2015

Know About Smirit Irani HRD Minister

This  is a very good interview of Smriti Irani , HRD Minister on AAJTAK.  People who consider Smriti Irani must view his interview very carefully .

I am fully confident that they will change their view. And people who consider Aaj Tak as unbiased TV channel will also be convinced that it is not so and they will start hating such TV channel , if they are guided not by emotions or prejudices , if they give respect to their call from their core of heart and if they are guided by their conscience.

Learned HRD minister has fully exposed the biased attitude of journalists who interviewed her. This use to happen in some of reputed TV channels are they are slowly and gradually getting exposed on facebook. Because such TV channels which act as paid agent of Congress Party and are bent upon tarnishing the image of BJP and Mr. Narendra Modi and his government do not give value to growth or common men or poor persons or Indians in general, but they are acting as if they are puppet in the hands of Congress Party or AAP. 

We have witnessed how on the same channel Arvind Kejriwal tried to set Punya Prasun Vajpayee Aajtak TV channel

Please watch fully and patiently and then submit your valued opinion about HRD Minister Smriti Irani and About AAJTAK

Also watch how Smriti Irani addressed in Parliament

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