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Stop Character Assasination Immediately

I would like to suggest stern and quick punishment to those persons and politicians who put false blame in public domain against any officer or any political leader without any substance but with biased and malicious intention only to tarnish one's image. Though there is a provision for filing of defamation case in court of law, the process of judiciary is too slow to ensure justice to the aggrieved or to falsely victimised person . Unless and until our government learns and frames suitable laws and enforce it in in true spirit to punish persons who wilfully and knowingly indulges in character assassination of his opponents or his superiors to gain political mileage or to affect adversely the life and CAREER OF AN OFFICER .

It has become a culture of politicians and leaders of opposition or ruling parties to mutually blame each other and waste valuable time of Parliament , State Assemblies and finally that of all Indians . These leaders do not verify the correctness of their allegation , they simply impose false charges on any leaders they dislike. If Such persons are taken to task , every leader will think twice before putting allegation against any of his opponents.

Unfortunately , media men who are supposed to play the role of fourth pillar f democracy also join hands with such unscrupulous persons and indulge in same process of character assassination process. Media men come in picture , they organise a debate among handpicked persons of different groups to complete uncompleted task of character assassination of one's opponent rightly or wrongly , by hook or by crook. and finally sit on the chair of judge and declare at their own that the alleged person is a criminal. They do not have even patience to wait till court decides the issue.

This culture of media men as also that of political leaders has to be stopped immediately, otherwise our country will continue to suffer and precious time of Parliament and state assemblies will continue to be wasted on non -issues by opponents of rulers or by rulers to torture opponents. Government will have to ensure that all cases of disputes and all cases of alleged corruption are left to police or court of law to decide who are innocent and who are guilty Role of common men or leaders should be confined to lodge the complain and role of media men should be confined to report a incident just as news and not sit on chair of judge to torture a person or a leader to whom they dislike or hate.

It is the duty of Government to ensure that all cases of corruption filed against officers or political leaders are decided within a period of one year and the real culprit is booked to task and if needed false complainer be punished. GOI should either set up special court or provided adequate infrastructure and adequate manpower to all courts  so that they may dispose the cases in a fixed timeframe.

It is unfortunate that lacs of innocents are languishing in jails for years and decades either because police did not furnish complete chargesheet with sufficient evidences or court is not manned by adequate manpower or corrupt advocates continue to delay the process of justice by postponing hearing on cases every time on lame excuses in collusion with judges and culprit to gain some extra money in lieu of their false advocacy. Due to this wrong culture , cases filed in various court remain undecided for years and decades.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

During last almost seventy years of India's independence, none of Chief Ministers or political opponents could use bad words and abuse an democratically elected Prime Minister as Mr. Arvind Kejriwal Delhi Chief Minister has done . It is highly condemnable. There must be some legal or moral provisions to stop such politicians and elected heads who cross all limits of tolerance in their political or social life.

A few years ago ,Mr Kejriwal had published list of top 20 corrupt Ministers of the then UPA government led by honest PM Sri Manmohan Singh. More than  three years have passed ,but Mr. Kejriwal has not proved any of charges against any of top 20 corrupt ministers of the then UPA government or charges levelled against the then Chief Minister of Delhi Ms Shiela Dikshit. .He has not even initiated any case against those alleged Ministers. He has rather created friendship with convicted Lalu and Corrupt Congress Party just to defame Modi.

Mr. Kejriwal had also accused Gadkari of BJP and labelled serious charges of corruption but could not prove it. Rather Gadkari lodged a defamation case against Kejriwal.

Now Kejriwal has accused Mr. Arun Jaitley of his involvement in DDCA corruption. He will not be able to prove it.

It is important to point out here that at the behest of previous UPA government inquiry was already conducted during regime of Congress Party itself on complain of Mr Kirti Azad and Mr Jaitley was fully exonerated. It was proved that there may be technical deficiencies in completion and funding of construction of  stadium but there was no case of financial irregularities.

Still clever Mr. Kejriwal  is crying loudly against Mr. Jaitley just to protect his officer cum Principal Secretary Mr. Rajinder  and with a motive to divert the attention pf common men and media from CBI raid to so called corruption charges against Jaitley. He simply try to sensitise an incident rightly or wrongly .

It is ironical that Congress party whose government had already inquired into the alleged charges of corruption in DDCA is also crying in tune with Mr Kejriwal . Because both AAP and Congress Party treat Mr. Modi as common enemy and if Modi is allowed to perform , none can remove him from power due to fastly and consistently  rising popularity of Mr. Narendra Modi not only in india but also all over the world.

In fact. Mr. Kejriwal  has forgot and discarded his fight against corruption and now his fight is focussed against one and only person and that is Mr. Narendra .Modi and his party BJP.  Purpose behind such change in strategy and focus of clever Mr. Kejriwal is crystal clear. Kejriwal is now aiming to become PM. Now Kejriwal finds no fault in Congress party or in Rahul Gandhi or in Sonia or in Shiela Dikshit or Salman khursid.

It is important to mention here that it  is Central government which had referred the case of DDCA to Delhi government and asked for investigation. Had Jaitley been involved in corruption, they could have ignored the complain. They had courage to handover the case to a political enemy party AAP. This proves transparent and honest nature of BJP government.

Anyway if Mr. Jaitley is involved in so called corruption related to DDCA, Mr. Kejriwal is free to get it proved and ensure punishment to Mr. Jaitley. There is no need to cry again and again only to attract attention of media towards him. Similarly Mr. Kejriwal should have extended full support to CBI in carrying out investigation against alleged charges against his principal Secretary Mr. Rajinder.

Crime is crime and crime of all politicians should be left to court to decide and none of politicians should poke their nose in it. And no one has right to tarnish the image of any officer without proving it. Neither Mr. Kejriwal is justified in maligning the image of Mr. Jaitley  nor Mr. Jaitley or anyone has the right to malign the image of Rajinder unless and until his guilt is proved by CBI.

On the contrary Mr . Kejriwal is trying to save an officer Rajinder against whom CBI conducted raid to verify alleged charges of corruption. A person who used to demand even PM Mr Manmohan Singh to be interrogated is now questioning the right of CBI conducting raid in the office of Rajinder without his permission.

I hope followers of Mr. Kejriwal and Aam Admi Party will recollect their promises , plan and agenda when they were associated with fight against corruption and will not allow them to be swayed away in dirty political current and will not allow them to become victim of greed of post and power. They had promised to give a clean politics entirely different from traditional political parties like BJP and Congress Party. They should move in the same direction and fulfil their promises. 

People of Delhi gave them valuable vote only to get rid of corruption , and not to disturb peace and harmony or disturb Parliament. They have become a laughing stock in public domain only because they  had abused Congress Party and won the electoral battle only with a promise to punish ministers of then Congress Party government  and now they are working hand in glove with the same Congress Party.

Hindustan Times article on Jaitley's role in DDCA

Finance minister Arun Jaitley is on the target of Aam Aadmi Party, which runs the government in the city, for what it believes irregularities in the construction works carried out in Feroz Shah Kotla stadium owned by the DDCA, of which the BJP leader was the president between 2004 and 2013.
The accusation and counter-accusations between the BJP and the AAP have raised a political storm, engulfing what is perhaps Delhi’s first successful story of building a modern stadium without any public expenditure.
Until 2004, the DDCA was managing with a stadium that was in a shambles. The process to give Delhi its own modern cricket stadium started when Jaitley took over that year. But from where would have such huge sum of money come? Those days the BCCI would only pledge a paltry Rs. 4 crore for renovating a stadium.

A medium pacer that he was in college and school days, Jaitley knew he needed a steady start before he could gain speed for the delivery.
The DDCA had made up his mind to taking baby steps. A decision was taken to build 43 air conditioned boxes having 30 seats each that could be leased to big corporates for 10 years for Rs. 1 lakh per seat.

Several corporate houses came forward and DDCA had Rs. 13 crore in its account to realise its dream of its own modern stadium with a seating capacity of 43,000.
Once money started pouring in through other means, the DDCA could convince corporate giants like ITC and Tata to buy two ends for `7 crore. Money kept coming to DDCA in the form of advertising rights, signage and leasing out different corners of the stadium.

At least Rs. 35 crore were mopped-up with these measures.

An impressed BCCI too decided to offer a Rs. 50 crore infrastructure subsidy. By now, the construction work had got its wings and a government company — the Engineers Projects India Limited — was engaged, through competitive bidding, to build the stadium.

In the end, cricket lovers in Delhi had their own swanky stadium for just Rs. 114 crore – much less than Rs. 900 crore spent on renovation of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium or the `400 crore for the Major Dhyanchand Stadium with less than half of the seating capacity.

So, while men in khadi debate whether or not government in Delhi — which does not have a full statehood — or its chief minister without portfolio can institute a commission of enquiry, without having powers to do so, into what he believes is a financial irregularity, crickets lovers can be rest assured of some interesting cricketing clashes inside their very own stadium.

Arun Jaitley is Clean, Says Top Delhi and District Cricket Association Official

Arun Jaitley, former Delhi and District Cricket Association president, was accused of financial irregularity by Delhi's ruling Aam Aadmi Party. But working president Chetan Chauhan rubbished any such claims. He even thanked Jaitley for making the Feroz Shah Kotla a state-of-the-art stadium

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s outburst on CBI raids only exposes himself-Economic Times 18.12.2015

We all know that Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal's political career rests on his self-professed crusade against corruption. So, to find a colleague — rather than himself, as he insists by invoking a strange version of the royal plural — being investigated for financial impropriety by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) can be overtly vexing for him.

But for Kejriwal, in all his righteousness, to erupt against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the CBI raiding senior bureaucrat and the chief minister's secretary Rajender Kumar's office for allegedly favouring private firms in state tenders has more than a maniacal ring to it. Politics is no longer a college union debate. Ironically, it is the last arena where we expect to hear parliamentary language being exchanged.

But a chief minister calling the prime minister a "coward" and a "psychopath" brings us to a new low in Indian politics. The government is rightly surprised by the chief minister's response — more by its tone than by its content.

To consider a CBI raid — one among 14 others in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh — as heavy-handed bullying is one thing. The politics of vendetta and claiming victimhood are standard tropes in our version of government-opposition business. But the viciousness of Kejriwal's response, specifically attacking the prime minister, makes one wonder how he will react if a black sheep was indeed extracted from his selfdescribed white-as-driven snow flock.

Will every question, critique or investigation invite the churlish flailing about that we witnessed from the Delhi chief minister? Being holier-than-thou is a virtue to aspire to. It isn't a condition to describe oneself as. Kejriwal is only confirming his critics' charge that the Delhi CM is a man who is incapable of dealing with criticism — except in the most crass, most infantile of ways.

By singularly and peculiarly targeting the prime minister, Kejriwal has sounded unhinged. Hardly befitting a man whose job is to head the government of a state. Let alone someone whose credentials as a crusader against corruption should make him blind to where corrupt practices may emanate from.

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