Thursday, December 31, 2015

Modi Is Soft Target For Clever Mr. Kejriwal

Some people ask me when acche din will come. Some still say that Modi government has failed and a simple orator. I do not know what I should say to them ,it is their assessment and their opinion about Modi sarkar. Some say Modi is arrogant but I say he is most simple person as I have seen as PM.

Improvement is taking place in Railways , in cleanliness ,in safety and in all parameters. Fool proof cannot be expressed in words but slowly and gradually people will realise it and when they will listen from mouth of others.

People living abroad now feel proud in being Indian and India's image has improved a lot in all international forums.

So far as domestic news are concerned, Our print as well TV media are still suffering from various prejudices. In such position positive news will start flowing after some time.

People have great expectations , desires are unlimited and people are never satisfied. Opponents are bent upon maligning India's image and underestimating performance of Modi government. Still people are slowly changing their views and started praising Modi. Wait, people of India and even hard core opponents of Modi will accept Modi and accept that Modi is not only the best PM for India but he is incarnation of Lord Krishna. As of now, my words will appear as exaggerated assessment and some may consider it as flattery.

Some  people say me Modi Bhakt, but I feel proud in praising a person who has been consistently doing well for the country, for common men and for growth. People have given six decades to Congress party and others and they should give full five years to Modi and then assess whether he is better than past PMs or not.

Time will tell the truth.

Following Is About Mr. Arvind Kejriwal who is no doubt an honest and devoted person. But lacks experience and maturity. His intention is good but ways and means to achieve the goal is not appreciated by many persons. He is habituated to blame Mr. Modi and BJP government at centre for all mishappenings and for outcome of his bad decisions. 

Kejriwal has taken many decisions which may be well intended but are directed to malign name of police and central government . He has to learn to work in unison with central rules and existing laws and traditions and learn to give respect to existing constitutional bodies as long as he is not in a position to modify the system as per his whims and fancies. Kejriwal cannot succeed if he continues to behave like Naxal elements or like terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed. Mr. Kejriwal  has to learn to create an environment where officers under him work devotedly and are not constrained to go on mass causal leave.

For all failures, all shortcomings and for all mismanagement and mishandling by Kejriwal and AAP government in Delhi, Kejriwal attacks Modi and BJP. His Ministers and party colleagues who have been sent to jail for criminal offenses are also due to Modi.

Kejriwal says that all Officers and all police officers ,all are agent of BJP or B-Team of BJP. He says Congress party is  B-Team of BJP. He used to Blame all Ministers of UPA when Congress party was in power. Congress Party is no more a party to be blamed , rather some of leaders of the party are now working together with Kejriwal to malign Modi.

Now Congress Party has become good for Kejriwal. And all Ministers in BJP led government are Corrupt in his opinion. In opinion of clever Kejriwal, For all good work credit should go to Kejriwal and for all bad happenings, blame goes to Modi.

Now if his odd-even policy for car effective from first  of January fails, Mr. Kejriwal will again blame Mr. Modi for playing foul game through Home Ministry.

Only God may save Modi from bad wishes of his opponents. I may simply quote an old proverb for Mr. Kejriwal , "Bad carpenter quarrels with his tools". Mr. Kejriwal will create an atmosphere of anarchy and that of disobedience. Growth will face impediments and mud slinging process will get high priority during rule of Kejriwal in Delhi.

Fortunately Modi is silent on all accusations made against him by Mr. Kejriwal. It is one sided attack which continues since Kejriwal came to power and since Mr. Modi became PM of or country. Mr.Manmohan Singh was main target when he was PM of this country.

After all Mr. Kejriwal is head of a Union Territory Delhi and he always challenges Mr. Modi who is head of entire country . He should understand that Mr. Modi is elected by same electoral process as he is elected. He should understand that Mr. Modi enjoys majority in Parliament as he enjoys in Delhi state Assembly. He has got no right to abuse Mr. Modi and use abusive language all the time.

I blame media also which focus on only Delhi and Mr. Kejriwal who abuses Pm of this country and totally ignore other 28 states . Media also focus on their TRP. It will be better if Kejriwal focus on work needed for people of Delhi state and let Mr. Modi work for entire country. And media should try to focus good work done by state government and that done by central  government and should give only ten percent of their time on negative news.

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