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Golden Ideas Of Kejriwal In Helping Poor

Kejriwal is of the view that Mr. Modi is wasting Rs.75000 crores on buying bullet train for India and as per his calculation fare of Train from Mumbai to Ahmadabad will be around Rs.75000 which even rich cannot afford. He has  said that even plane fare is cheaper and hence it will be absolute wastage to spend on introducing bullet train in country.

( Please Read Views of Kejriwal and Watch Video on news of Bullet Train, then you will understand my comments )

It is advisable that Mr Kejriwal start using bicycle and give order to all Delhi people to use bicycle only. In this way poor Delhites will use no petrol, no fare, no pollution and finally face no traffic jam or will not suffer any disease caused b dust , fuel and chemical fumes coming out of vehicles and factories. Poor people which constitutes 90 percent of India's population can't use high value cars and AC buses and cannot afford High fare trains like Rajdhani express and hence all these should be banned .
If Kejriwal is made Railway Minister or made PM of this country, he will immediately stop and ban trains like Rajdhani express, Shatabdi express, Doranto express like high fare high speed trains and introduce only passenger trains which will serve only poor. He will stop making of AC class or first class coaches, or sleeping coaches which are used by only rich people . There will be only Third class sitting arrangements in trains which poor can afford. If it so happens , I think rich persons like Ambani will also try to become poor and rich persons like Adani or Tatas will stop making flattery to Modi. It is Kejriwal brand socialists or communist type approach. Great salute to golden ideas of Mr. Kejriwal.

If computers are removed from all offices, country will save lacs of crores of rupees which Kejriwal like Chief Minister or probable Prime Minister can use for poor.

If Delhi government bans construction of high value flats and permits only low value Indira Awas costing Rs20000 to Rs50000 under Indira Awas Yojna , I assume country will not have housing problem and dream of house for all will be fulfilled . Keriwal's name will be written in golden words in Indian history.

If Kejriwal stops India's spending through Bhabha Research Centre and other Satellite manufacturing units for making satellite for journey to Moon and Mars planet, I think Kejriwal will be able to provide free bicycle to every Indian and he will be able to finish gap between rich and poor. Entire country will become uniform and no one will be rich like Ambani whom Kejriwal hate and whom he curse 365 days.

In India , poor people cannot afford food for their families and country is spending billions of rupees in manufacturing high value mobiles, computes, , luxury cars, AC buses, five star hotels, industries manufacturing costly toys, tofees, biscuits, sauce, jams etc. If Kejriwal bans and cancels license of all these industries, I think all poor of this country will have affordable and adequate bread to eat. All rich people like Ambani , Adani and Tatas will prefer farming only.

In our country more than 90 percent of population cannot afford buying ornaments made of diamond, gold and silver. Country spend billions of rupees every year in mining of these costly metals and spend huge volume of hard earned foreign currency in importing these items. Traders dealing in jewellery are becoming millionaire and are spreading in all corners of the country. If Kejriwal stop use of diamond, gold and silver, country will be in a position to stop wastage of money in these items  and can spend thus saved money on poor whom Kejriwal is inclined to serve. He should allow only clay made utensils in all houses. It will create employment in villages and people will not migrate to towns and cities for earning livelihood. People wearing ornaments made of diamond, gold or silver will be booked under POTA.

Kejriwal abuses Modi because he wears costly suits while going abroad. He use to say that country is run by Suit-boot ki sarkar. On the contrary Kejriwal being a Chief Minister of India wears only simple shirt and simple pent. If Kejriwal gives order to all Delhites to wear only Pyjama, kurta or dhoti or maximum a shirt and pent as long as he is CM of Delhi and gives similar orders to all Indian when he become PM of this country, country will save billions of rupees and Mr. Modi will stop wearing Suits and Boots.

After all Indians dress is only Dhoti. Kejriwal should declare Dhoti as National dress and issue directive for all to wear uniform dhoti. Really it will crate a situation like Heaven on Earth. It will not only save billions of rupees for our country, it will finish the difference between rich and poor for ever. In long run he may further save by making Under garments as National dress.

Above mentioned are few tips for Mr. Kejriwal who wants crude form of socialism and want to finish will capitalists like Ambani, Adani, Tatas who are yesman of Modi.

Kejriwal will create a history if he makes some of Tempo driver or and some of Rickshaw puller as MLA and MPs and finally made one of them as PM of this country. Kejriwal should suggest quota for tempo drivers and rickshaw pullers . And if he gives tickets to them and even to some of slum dwellers , I think it will be great service to common men and to downtrodden class of this country who are totally deprived of enjoying power of politics for decades. People from all class of society will start worshipping Mr. Kejriwal and he will become another incarnation of God . It will help bringing all Modi-opponents on one platform and the task of Kejriwal becoming Pm of this country will become easier.

If Kejriwal execute all above mentioned suggestions, I think he will not need to waste his valued energy in implementation of Odd-Even or car pooling plans to stop pollution. entire road of Delhi and entire country will be free of cars, vehicles and factories . Instead of going by car or by pooling car with other colleagues , Kejriwal and his ministers should use bicycle or maximum E-rickshaws, it will motivate others also to discard car and other vehicles for ever. 

God bless him . Entire plan of bullet train made by Modi will automatically get punctured. Kejriwal , if he becomes PM of this country will further help in saving money on purchase of arms, ammunitions, planes, helicopters and missiles from foreign countries because he will prefer distributing freely available stones to all Indians for self protection and in needed for fighting against neighbouring enemies.

Kejriwal knows very well that poor  students of this country have to spend lacs of rupees in getting educations in colleges of higher studies in India and abroad for getting degrees like B. E, B. Tech, MBA , MCA  . Hundreds of crores of rupees have been wasted by these colleges whereas poor people living in various villages of this country are unable to afford even primary and high school education. Schools and colleges in our country are not having proper infrastructure and teaching facilities whereas rich students are spending lacs of rupees in getting higher education. It is purely injustice to Indian poors.

Actually Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is an engineer passed from IIT, prestigious engineering college of the country. Otherwise he could have banned spending lacs of rupees in construction of colleges and institutes of higher education as long as all poor people of entire country are able to get simple school and college education . India does not need costly education which only children of Ambani and Adani can afford. 

I submit hereunder link of Message given by Kejriwal to stop wastage of money on bullet trains proposed by present PM Mr. Modi.

Read Golden Views of Kejriwal on Bullet Train plan of Mr. Narendra Modi PM

New Delhi, July 20: The former Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) founder Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday came up with a bizarre calculation about bullet train fares. In a 44-second video clipping, he is shown as speaking that the "Ahemdabad to Mumbai one way ticket fare on bullet train will be Rs 75,000 per person."

In the video given above , he is sitting with the AAP leader Manish Sisodia.
He says in  the video, that Ahemdabad to Mumbai one way ticket on bullet train is Rs 75,000:

Read more at:

Mr. Subbu Rao gives following Comments on Facebook
The 534 km long Mumbai Ahmedabad bullet train corridor built for super speed of 500 to 550 km/ hr trains will ply trains at maximum speed of 350 km/ hr at an average speed of 300 km/ hr .

The starting point of this service will be Bandra Kurla Complex with stops at Thane , Virar , Dahanu , Vapi , Valsad , Surat , Bharuch , Vadodara , Anand and Ahmedabad . The train track will be extended to Pune with Lonavala as an intermediatory station . The total track length then will be 650 km .

The tracks will be 5 feet 6 inches ( 1676 mm ) broad gauge wide and will be run on electrification 25 KV AC overhead lines . The carriage will be widest .

Feasibility study was conducted first by Laloo in 2009-10 through a consortium of international specialists viz RITES , TALFEN and SYSTRA .

Modi appointed Japanese International Co-operative Agency ( JICA ) and SNCF to prepare the feasibility study and report .

There will be 32 services a day between Ahmedabad and Mumbai carrying an average 40000 passengers per day at Rs 2800 per ticket .

The total investment will be Rs 90000 crore out of which Japan will be investing Rs 72000 crore over the next 7 years , the time required for the completion of the project . India will be providing land for the tracks , stations , depots , workshops and yards which totally will cost India Rs 18000 crore .

Japan will recover the loan of Rs 72000 crore in 50 years @ half percent interest . Total interest amount being Rs 18000 crore to be paid in 50 years after the commencement of services .

Rs 2800 per passenger × 40000 passengers per day × 365 days × 50 years = Rs 2,044,000,000,000 = Rs 204400 crore . 50% of this collection will go to operation and fuel costs and 50% will be used for repaying Japanese loans .

Moreover profit can be achieved through ads , rents to kiosks and others and freight .
India will benefit from logistics and technology transfer as well as jobs to crores once the quadrilateral super speed project is fully functional .

Planes will stop flying once petroleum fuel is drained out but bullet trains will never stop plying and moreover its eco friendly .

Way to the future in India will start soon

Also Read following information which deals with gains from bullet trains

India’s first bullet train corridor, between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, could turn out to be the cheapest high-speed train service in the world.

The Japanese team working on its feasibility study has worked out its “fare box revenue” model, according to which the bullet train fare will be just one-and-a-half times more than the AC-I fares of other trains on the same route.

According to this model, the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train fare works out to about Rs 2,800, calculated on the basis of the current AC-I train fare of Rs 1,895. Currently, trains on this route take about eight hours for the 534-km journey. The bullet train is expected to take less than two hours.

- See more at:

Link To Indian Express Which explains Possible Rail Fare by Bullet Train

Bullet train projects can be a $51 bn gold mine for India's MSME sector, says a report-First Post

If the government makes 30 percent mandatory sourcing from Micro Small and Medium Enterprises for these projects, it can create a $51 billion window of opportunities for the sector, according to the report by domestic agency Smera Ratings.

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